A Pair of California Kills Yesterday – One at Santa Anita, One at Golden Gate

In reviewing the charts this morning, the following notes were particularly ominous:

At Santa Anita, “AGAMEMNON…was injured inside the sixteenth pole and vanned off.”

At Golden Gate, “BIG WISH…went wrong crossing the finish line and was vanned off.” (Another horse, Street Dancing, was “vanned off” in this same race.)

Knowing the writing styles at these two tracks, I figured both were dead. And they are, as confirmed by the CHRB.

Dead athletes every day – this is horseracing.

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  1. Equivocator (4) in Race 2 at Golden Gate Fields appeared to break down soon after he crossed finish line.

    • Bob, EQUIVOCATOR was raced on May 31, 2021 in Race #2 at Golden Gate Fields. The chartwriter’s notes on Equibase said he had “no rally in the stretch run” among other things. There was no mention of the horse breaking down in any way which is no surprise for horseracing. Anything after the finish line isn’t mentioned at all in the chartwriter’s notes.

      • Chartwriters lie by ommission to help cover up carnage for their employer and their industry, as you well know, Wanda. I think what Bob is suggesting is that Golden Gate Fields may have actually hosted THREE Memorial Day racing kills. But the CHRB won’t record and report the others, because, hey, they’re the CHRB.

        • Right, Kelly. I didn’t see anything about EQUIVOCATOR being vanned off after the finish line. Who knows what happened to him other than the people on the racetrack doing the dirty work, the connections and the members of the CHRB? You mentioned that Golden Gate Fields was, more or less, hiding the numbers of horses being killed. I believe EQUIVOCATOR could be one of those. A thank-you to Bob for pointing out this one horse! Even though the chart says he finished Fifth (out of six horses in this race) and “won” $450 of the purse money, it appears that he was just out for the FORCED run thanks, but no thanks, thanks to the immoral and corrupt individuals involved in horseracing.

          • Patrick’s probably already sent one of his unfailingly polite queries to GGF officials (and the CHRB) about the nature of Equivocator’s gallop-out (fall-out?) on Memorial Day. Whether either will bother with a reply? Who knows?

          • Being willing to throw away a horse’s life for $450 is yet another example of the vileness of this industry, and sadly, they’ve done the same thing for less.

  2. Weird how Super-Safe Santa Anita is having another “spike” in racing kills, now that the public has been let back in to witness all the carnage. When no one was around to see and record their daily horror show — except for the ones who enabled the deaths, and they ain’t talking — they were boasting about their “Fatality-Free Racing.”
    Soooo, once again, the SADT proves its victims are no safer than they were in their admitted disaster season of 2019. But they sure spent a lot of time, effort, and money on tricking the public into believing their REFORMS are saving horses’ lives. Wonder why the California Horse Racing Board hasn’t figured this out?
    Oh, and don’t even get me started on Golden Gate Fields; their killing so-called spike never ended. Even in the LaLa Make-Believe Land of the uber-credible CHRB.

  3. Upon review of both AGAMEMNON and BIG WISH PP’s it’s the usual pattern.
    Sporadic performances with ones that clearly show a racehorse struggling to get through a race.
    I bet that their vet/treatment records would be solid evidence that both racehorses were being treated for the same injuries that were continually masked with dope to keep them flipping a buck.
    Send them up just one more time to risk their life for some bucks – why not?
    There will be zippo repercussions for any racehorse dying because this business operates with total impunity.
    Of course the CHRB, yet again, has gone AWOL when it comes to enacting Bill 469.
    In actuality, this Bill empowered pro-horse racing people instead of protecting racehorses which was how it was presented to the public – another big red herring.
    Oh and how about Ms. Belinda Stronach who has complete power when it comes to the welfare of racehorses on her track?
    She so boldly and verbally vowed to bring in a plethora of safety measures to prevent racehorses from dying in order to run the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita to placate both the public and the CHRB.
    MONGOLIAN GROOM exposed them for what they are – a killing business and not even 12 vets could see he was obviously lame or perhaps they did see it, but was overruled?
    To this day, the real story was never sorted out and on they went to kill more racehorses.
    Now, they are holding a 2 y.o. IN TRAINING sales show with the UNDER TACK show on June 21st.
    We know that this is where these poor babies really start to die or get maimed for life and we know that they start into hard training at about 1.5 years old – a baby in diapers.
    If Ms. Stronach truly cared for racehorses, as she claims, then this show would be cancelled.
    It’s a sure thing that at least 1 baby racehorse will die and possibly more.
    For those baby racehorses who endure the brutality of these 2 year-old-in-training shows many will subsequently die on the tracks because the overexertion on an underdeveloped muscoskeletal system remains with them for life and is an accident just waiting to happen.
    It seems clear that Ms. Stronach cares about her wagering coffers way more than any racehorse dying, but don’t they all?

  4. This is and has been for a long time Not a ‘sport’. But a display of money hungry men with horses suffering and dying.


    • Elysee, I agree with you wholeheartedly that horseracing should be ILLEGAL and that it should be punishable by fines and imprisonment!!!!


  5. Omg that’s so sad! I really hate when horses die and all people who help them have my full support 😌😀

  6. Horseracing needs to end once and for all! It’s clear what a ruthless and abusive sham it has become! It’s heartbreaking — much appreciation to this website for all the information and dedication to helping make this happen.

  7. I hope & pray this ends like greyhound racing (even though it hasn’t completely ended…)…

  8. I do not believe horses were born for racing , and when bad things are done to make them run faster, that is the bad part, LOOK at their feet, and the terrible product used top of that, and now some of these people are giving these horses DRUGS. STOP mistreating these fine horses!!!!!!

  9. You are wrong again. Street Dancing is alive and standing in her stall. She had surgery on her ankle and is recovering. The surgery went well. I don’t know which CHRB you confirmed with that she was euthanized. You should check your facts.

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    • Oh boy! Wonder what her future and prognosis will be? Cuz there’s sooooo many people knocking down the door to take on a young horse who’s already had “ankle surgery”. 🙄

    • You, Melody Conlon, should take your own advice and check it out that Patrick reported that STREET DANCING was vanned off. If she did have a broken ankle, that makes sense to be vanned off. Nowhere in this post does it say that STREET DANCING was confirmed dead or anything else; just that STREET DANCING WAS VANNED OFF! You might try checking the facts yourself, Melody.

    • Not trying to pile on here, Melody, dear. Most of us understand what it’s like to mix up one of several injured-or-worse racehorses — especially at Stronach slaughterhouses like Golden Gate Fields. So, I get it and forgive your mistake.
      But the real problem you may have is when the CHRB and GGF “investigators” come a’callin’ for you, asking why you supplied HW with top-secret intel that there was (at least) TWO separate Memorial Day BREAKDOWNS in THE SAME RACE (on their super-safe, bouncy, cushiony, Tapeta surface.) Your accidental admission won’t help their claims of “Racing Safety,” will it?
      Oh, and I hope Street Dancing defies the odds, survives surgery recovery, and is retired far away from any track. AND that Mr. Franko won’t try to do some asinine thing like turn her into a broodmare or something:(

        • Grrrr. That’s probably why Golden Gate Fields’ uber-credible chartwriter decided to put “LOST ACTION, VANNED OFF” on her permanent record, rather than one of the only two truthful descriptions he/she could have written:
          1. “INJURED, VANNED OFF”
          (Or, as Melody has so generously shared with us,)
          2. “BROKE DOWN, VANNED OFF”

          Smart thinking, right? This way, when her babies start snapping bones and crumpling to the ground on camera in about four years or so, racing creeps will all facepalm themselves in utter befuddlement and ask, “How could this be happening?! Their super-durable, not-fragile-at-all dam didn’t give us the first clue THIS would be coming…Oh well. Next!”

            • Pretty good name for a Bay Area hip-hop band: “Brokedown Broodies feat Street Dancing”

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