Da Chrome Killed at Pimlico

I can confirm that Da Chrome, a “lame, vanned off” in the 7th at Pimlico yesterday, was in fact euthanized. Da Chrome was three; ’twas his 7th time under the whip.

The replay cuts away as Da Chrome was being pulled up, but watch how the others are being whipped – in the mud – down the stretch…


  1. Every day the horror story continues. There is major rain in the Northeast corridor so they just keep all running. Rain hail sleet or snow to the starting gate they go. DaChrome was a California Chrome baby

  2. So, everybody saw (and is talking about) yesterday’s two “elite” breakdowns. When is the racing press going to acknowledge that they’re getting WORSE, not better; more frequent, more ghastly, and more public.
    WE know those in racing can’t stop killing; now everybody else knows it too. But any word on this from the trade publications? Not that I can find: “The Jockey Club says the equine fatality rate is dropping. So, yeah. We’ll just run with that. LALALALALALA.”

  3. In this same race the 2 bolted to the right down the stretch and unseated the rider. That’s why you don’t see the 2 anymore. He ran into the fence. 

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    • That’s the racing press, all right. They’re so busy trying to hide the carnage in their so-called “coverage” of any fatal event, they forget that social media is here now to reveal ALL of it.

  4. No horse deserves this abuse and inhumane treatment!!! R.I.P. DA CHROME 💔💔💔💔💔

  5. Were there 2 “elite” breakdowns yesterday?
    Where and what are the names of the racehorses?

    • Just speaking of Belmont’s (Playthatfunnymusic) and Pimlico’s (Da Chrome). I said “elite” because they took place at the bigger, “safer” tracks, where they like to pretend they’ve risen beyond these pesky incidents. We all know they kill just as many horses as the dumpy little shithole tracks — they just won’t admit it. Especially during the “elite” Triple Crown season;(

      • And heaven knows what the condition is of Wicked Prankster??? (#2 horse)

      • This is such a good point Kelly about the “elite” tracks (according to their standards) when really it’s just another killing ring.
        I was often confronted by horse racing apologists who claim that abuse and dying doesn’t happen on the big tracks and/or big money racehorses with big name Trainers never end up in claiming.
        They perpetrate this myth that somehow money insulates certain racehorses from abuse, dumping & dying.
        Laughable. We all know that this is simply untrue and just another delusion designed to convince the public that all is well in horse racing.
        There are so many examples that are regularly listed herein, but THE DEPUTY is just one example that clearly shows that no amount of money, that a racehorse earns, is enough for these parasites.
        We made sure he didn’t board the slaughter bound truck NOT horse racing contrary to their lies.

        • Kelly and Gina, your comments are spot on.

          Regarding “elite” tracks, there was an article a while back on a pro-racing site – I believe the individual’s last name was Pricci or something close…anyway, I rarely comment on pro-racing articles (I just get blocked 😏) but on this particular one I did.

          So a response I received to my comment about the cruel daily lives of racehorses, the crippling, the killing, and the eventual discarding was a patronizing “oh I’m so sorry that all you ever saw were those infrequent happenings at a cheap track”. He went on to claim racehorses are (that typical) “treated like kings” at “his” track, Saratoga.

          Is that so? – well when CANTER founder Jo Anne Normile and I were given a backside tour there when she won the Dogwood Dominion Award, all we saw were horses isolated and confined – some standing tied with their front limbs in buckets of ice water – in barn after barn after barn. Looked just like the cheap track’s backside back in Michigan…except for the flower baskets hanging on those Saratoga barns.

          And of course, not only do horses at Saratoga get injured and die, they also get injured and die at those cheap tracks after their “elite” owners and trainers get them off their books.

          For the horses, the exploitation and cruelty is all the same – if it’s at Saratoga or Mountaineer or Turf Paradise, that’s just geography.

          • Anybody know what happened to Know It Now (American Pharoah) at Parx today? In the lead, bore out really wide and it almost looked like the jockey fell off. Hoping for no injuries.

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