Two Hard Whacks, a Break, Dead on the Track

In the 3rd at Charles Town last night, says Equibase, Weaving You Behind “was pulled up lame approaching the seven sixteenths pole and had to be euthanized on the track.” Just “had to be,” you know. The owner/trainer team of Nancy Camp and Sherry Jackson also had the 4-year-old “For Sale” (cheap: $5,000) prior to, and not for the first time (fifth straight race), mind you. Oh, how they love their horses.

Watch how the jockey, Gerald Almodovar, gives Weaving two hard whacks immediately before he broke down. Tell me again how this qualifies as “sport.”

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  1. Why is whipping a race horse even allowed? Should there not be regulations against it and punishment if it is used?

    • Whipping is a “natural” part of the total ABUSE and exploitation of the horses for gambling bets and financial gain in horseracing. The cold and callous use and abuse of horses for gambling bets and racing should not be allowed to be subsidized by our government.
      Since horseracing is not about true horsemanship, whipping is allowed as part of the total AGGRESSIVE FORCE to get horses to run fast enough to cross the finish line first, second or third. Some horses would not run fast enough to suit these greedy, money-grubbing, horse-abusing, horse-killing and barbaric sadists without the use of whips!

    • Whips are torture devices used to force a horse to run faster than is normal or comfortable, but since the racing industry insists that their horses “love to run” we are instead told that they a “guidance device” meant to keep the horse from veering right or left.
      However, if you were to use such a guidance device on your kids, or even your dog, you would be charged and sent to jail.
      There are pictures and videos available, as well as testimony from stable workers, of horses coming back from a race with welts or even bloody lines from the enthusiastic “guidance” doled out to get them across the finish line.
      I also find it interesting that whenever a jockey or trainer is being interviewed about a new type of whip that is “safer” or “gentler” they never offer to have their own ass smacked with it to prove it.

  2. Monmouth Park in New Jersey is banning the whip and there are a bunch of jockeys whining that they can’t go back to Monmouth. They could if they could win without whipping the hell out of the horses. The jockeys are sadistic money-grubbing, horse-abusing, little creeps that can ride a different horse the next time when a horse they are riding is injured and dead. The crap about safety is just that. It’s all crap.

  3. Since there is a lot of discussion these days about “systemic” issues and problems in our society, I would say , let’s extend the effort to remedy them to other living creatures as well. The abuse of race horses is systemic.

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