Suffers Injury – But Still Made to “Complete the Course”

Eskendulce is (was?) a 9-year-old racehorse. For the vast majority of his life, he has been confined (alone, to tiny 12×12 stalls, for over 23 hours a day), commodified (multiple owners and trainers, including the recently suspended Linda Rice), controlled (collars, chains, ties, bits), and cowed (whips). His reward for all those years of abuse? Well, yesterday at Thistledown, in his 65th turn under that whip, this, according to the chartwriter: “ESKENDULCE…offered a bid three wide into the stretch, suffered an injury late, completed the course and was vanned off.”

“Suffered an injury late” – but “completed the course.”

In completing – and finishing 3rd in the process – he “earned” $1,800 for his current people: jockey Erik Barbaran, trainer Nabu Morales, owner Premier Stables.

My heart weeps; my blood boils. This is horseracing.

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  1. I read every post you make. And every time I get nauseous, disgusted, angered, I hate people even more! All of these owners and jockeys and trainers should all die and go to hell!!! This abuse Hass to stop I only wish it would stop sooner rather than later!!! As long as animals are looked at as money I’m afraid that won’t happen!!!

  2. I suppose those racing apologist will offer the idiocy that this horse loved to run so much that he did so in spite of the pain he was in. The whip wielding jockey had nothing to do with it, I’m sure.
    If Eskendulce is still alive, it’s only because there is insurance money being quibbled over, or those parasites want enough of a time lapse between his injury and his death to try to prove it wasn’t actually race-related. They KNEW he had some sort of pre-existing condition, but they sent him out there anyway to scrape whatever pittance they could from him.
    These human stains are absolutely vomit-inducing.

  3. This is total animal abuse!! It would be great if all race horses were treated humanely without drugs or whips but horse racing is a money sport, the owners and trainers will do anything to win even if it causes death! Dispicable people!

  4. I check in to this site every so often. These stories are heart wrenching and thank God for angels like Patrick who grit their way through this day after day to expose the truth about the reality of horseracing. Perusing the comment section I must say, some of these comments make me feel embarrassed… They are filled with vulgar words and displays of hatred. Hatred continues to feed the horrors of the world. The best way to end horseracing and other things that cause suffering is to calmly inform, over and over and over until enough people know. There are many people who just simply don’t “know.”
    The ones that do “know” of the suffering they cause will reap their own reward. You can be completely assured that all wrong doings are accounted for, even if you do not witness it. Just keep a calm fortitude and keep spreading the word and this website.
    Thank you sir, for the tireless efforts that you put in to this. I know that it is working.

    • When confronted daily with the horrors of horse racing performed by people who not only know better but have made a career out of the suffering and misery of countless horses, you won’t find gentle words and well wishes here. This is the honest outrage of those of us who truly love horses (indeed, all animals) and are disgusted and horrified at the atrocities that go unpunished and even rewarded by people who can only be described as parasites.

  5. Damn parasites!! Yet they love them like family, right?? These excrements deserve to suffer at least as much as they make these beautiful horses suffer. To force an injured animal to complete the damn course for a measly $1800…Humans?? Not a chance!!

  6. How can anyone watch the blatant ABUSE of a JOCKEY AGGRESSIVELY FORCING a horse to gallop as fast as the horse can run to the point of an injury and then continue to force the horse to finish the race and not be negatively affected??? Do any of these “fans of horse racing” have any sense of moral right and wrong whatsoever???

  7. Multiple doping violator and racehorse killer LINDA RICE is operating in full force since her “suspension.”
    I almost wanted to forget that this is horse racing where the most evil racehorse abusing assholes and killers get to carry on with their practices at the detriment of the racehorses.
    We now know that LInda Rice’s attorney has APPEALED her suspension.
    We also know that it will take months maybe even 1 year before her appeal is heard compliments of the New York Gaming Commission.
    So she will be permitted to abuse, dope, claim, maim and kill racehorses.
    Since she most likely trains for people on the commission they took care of her like they do with all the dopers, cheaters and racehorse killers because they benefit from a system that is self-policed.
    So much for safety and reforms right?
    Just this one example alone clearly shows an industry that stands by the most corrupt participants knowing that she will probably kill another racehorse.
    So much for “loving them like family” when you send them right back to a known abuser and killer.

    • That sucks that even though she is guilty and we know it and they know it, that Linda Rice is allowed to continue as a licensed trainer after being suspended. It doesn’t really mean much when the racing and Pari-Mutuel gambling industry says a licensed trainer (or jockey) is suspended for xx days or weeks or months or years. Money talks, and sometimes it screams; money even breaks the sound barrier, according to what I read in a library book. All this is to the detriment of the horses, no doubt.

      • Pardon me, I should have said REVOKED, which is much different than suspended, according to the dictionary. The trainer’s license of Linda Rice was reported to have been REVOKED.

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