Dead: Dads Honor at Belmont, Cin Cin Cowboy at Finger Lakes

Two more kills to report for NY. Sunday, 2-year-old Dads Honor, says the Gaming Commission, “sustained LF leg injury while breezing” at Belmont – euthanized on track. Yesterday, in the 8th at Finger Lakes, 4-year-old Cin Cin Cowboy “took a bad step,” breaking both RF sesamoids. Again, euthanized on track. (The chartwriter merely said, “vanned off,” failing to mention that the horse never made it off alive.)

The NYS racing industry, which is being subsidized (at the expense of schoolchildren) to the tune of $250 million a year, has now killed (at least) 35 horses this year.

Governor Cuomo: phone/contact/social media
Lt. Governor Hochul: twitter; facebook
Senate Leaders
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  1. Last race of the day at a major dump that should be paved over and rest in peace.

  2. Cin Cin Cowboy & Dads Honor – 2 more voiceless victims of this pathetically and morally deprived killing business.
    Stop the funding – stop the madness.
    I pledge to make another round f emails & calls.

  3. I urge all New Yorkers to contact their elected officials and advocate for the health and well-being of racehorses!

  4. Imagine a world without the Triple Crown races. Imagine no more constant factory farming of Thoroughbred horses for extreme exploitation for the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes (New York).
    Imagine the immoral and corrupt individuals involved in horseracing in prison for Felony Animal Cruelty.

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