And Another Death at Belmont…

No sooner had I posted about kills 34 and 35 on the NY Racing year than the Gaming Commission added number 36. Sunday, a yet-to-be-named 2-year-old suffered an “adverse reaction to treatment for infection [and] died in [his/her Belmont] stall.”

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  1. Again, 2 years old!!
    And number 36 in NYS in only not quite 5 months!
    Tell that to those who call for “reforms”. They don’t stop the killing.

  2. I pray someone was with this 2 yr. old horse when he/she died but he/she was probably alone in the stall. You’d think whoever administered the medicine would at least stay around to see how the horse responded!

  3. Not only outright and blatant ABUSE of racehorses leads to the death of racehorses but also GROSS NEGLIGENCE by the horse’s groom, trainer, veterinarian(s) and owner(s) caused the death of this young, yet-to-be-named baby Thoroughbred. This is so UNACCEPTABLE!!!!
    It is past the time to stop the subsidies to horseracing!!!! I also believe that the veterinarian and the trainer in this case should be charged with Gross Negligence.

  4. Why am I so suspicious about that “adverse reaction to treatment for infection”? Lord only knows what vile substances they had already forced into the veins of a baby they hadn’t even named.

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