Baffert-Trained 2-Year-Old Dead at Los Alamitos

The CHRB has disclosed the death – pneumonia – of Bob Baffert-trained Noodles at Los Alamitos Saturday. Noodles was just two and was in the process of being prepped for his first race. He is the 29th (that we know about) dead horse at a California open-to-the-public track (i.e., not including private training facilities) this year.

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  1. NOODLES – this post is for you.
    You were purchased for $450,000 by Three Amigos who is Baffert’s longest running client Mike Pegram and his 2 buddies.
    Barely 2, by 20 days, you were sent out to the track for your first official work, which meant that you were broke and in training at 1.5 years old – a baby barely out of your broodmare birth canal.
    That, in and of itself, is horrific.
    Then you were sent out to the track for another couple of workouts, every 7 days, with the last one on 4/29/2021.
    It’s highly suspicious that Baffert didn’t post another official work in 4 weeks and seems to indicate that something horrible was wrong with you, that you couldn’t stand up to his brutality, through no fault of your own.
    Perhaps you became a liability and with an equine insurance policy most likely in place it was time to get a refund and you were probably sent out to the track to die.
    What a better place for a Trainer to send a racehorse out to die than at the kill pit called Los Alamitos where little to no scrutiny, especially during training hours, will protect Baffert and his sinister plan for you.
    Now to the enablers – all the apologists and pro-horse racing entities.
    Here is a “Trainer” who has a long history of doping violations, slap on the wrist fines, repeated suspicious activity connected directly to racing commissions, constantly getting-off of serious doping matters, has a readily available book of excuses, gets the red carpet treatment despite all of this unacceptable activity.
    As if that weren’t enough he was involved with one of the biggest horse racing scandals in history, Justify, that eventually led to nothing with a 40 million dollar payout.
    If that weren’t enough this deeply corrupt business has a split-sample sitting somewhere in an office with total lack of transparency on the care, custody, and control of such an important post-race sample.
    The Derby was on May 5 so it’s now almost 3 weeks and this sample is in the Twilight Zone while millions of people wagered on a product that has zippo integrity.
    It’s highly possible that the Racing Commissioner with whom he’s buddies with can be switching out that sample very easily or somebody working for this corrupt individual and will ensure that they get Baffert exonerated yet again because there’s no reason on this planet that such an important sample should have a turn around time of 48 hours and should have been released prior to the Preakness.
    What’s crazy about all of this blatant corruption, that makes the Whitey Bulger gang look like child’s play, is that the gamblers are the only ones holding Baffert accountable by launching a lawsuit which will require a myriad of paperwork including this process.
    This is the deeply corrupt business called horse racing where the biggest losers are racehorses like NOODLES and they are the only ones I feel sorry for, but will multiple doping cheater and racehorse killer Baffert every be brought to justice?

    • Craig Robertson, Bob Baffert’s attorney, stands to gain financially out of all this corruption involving the daily routine abuse of horses and the Pari-Mutuel gambling that goes with it. So, having a two-year-old die at Los Alamitos is just part of the game for these FILTHY rich DEGENERATES!!!

  2. Bob Baffert is the Jeffrey Epstein of horse racing.
    The victims are all innocent, voiceless and/or disadvantaged victims.
    The power is way out of balance just what these sociopathic predators require to facilitate the circumstances to rape and pillage their victims.
    They don’t only rape them physically, but emotionally and mentally – scared for life.
    With Epstein it was young girls and with Baffert it’s racehorses.
    The similarities are endless only Epstein finally got his just deserts – will Baffert ever get his?

  3. Poor Noodles must have really been suffering. Horses hide their pain so well, but careful attention to their behavior, condition, symptoms can generally prevent such dire outcomes. Then again, if you’re a so-called super-trainer who’s become the recent laughingstock of the world, and your game is under unprecedented attack nationally — in part because of your own shady, sleazy actions — it’s kinda hard to expect your staff to devote the necessary attention to something like looking after the welfare of one lousy throw-away thoroughbred.
    Isn’t that right, Slimebob?

  4. Gina, Wanda and Kelly, Thank you so much for posting this and other comments in the past which shed so much light on what happens in the racing industry. Honestly, so many people depend upon the intimate knowledge of people like yourselves about how things go down in horseracing. I sure do. I only wish that the major news outlets would publish comments like yours on print media as well as TV and radio outlets. I wish that you, Gina, could be interviewed live. To tell what you have seen and what you know. I realize that the sports writers are mostly all in the same company as people like Baffert, and that he is just among the worst of the owners. But, hopefully, explanations like yours will help those of us who care about these animals to tell the uninformed public what really goes on.
    Sometimes, I cut and paste information about the truth in horseracing, taken from Pat Battuello’s writings, or Joy Aten’s comments, and put bits and pieces that I think people will read, short excerpts, on my Facebook page. I find that even my great animal rights friends don’t know as much as he and you do, are horrified, and they always remark about the heartbreaking suffering inflicted upon these enslaved horses. They tell others and some show up at protests partly because of this information.And they share it with others. Everything you explain is helpful is what I am trying to say.

    • Wow, thank you, Martha! I’m honored to be included in the same conversation as Gina; she’s an anti-racing dynamo, and I appreciate every word she writes. She’s got the hard-won experience in the industry that makes her the real deal. Mine is only indirect, but what I saw not-so-far from the tracks for five years was enough to convince me that Patrick is right on point about every single aspect of this sick game. These horses are, quite literally, bred to be killed. And killed young.
      So, thank YOU for helping to get the word out. It’s working! Each new revelation, like poor Noodles’ brutal death — and poor Slimebob’s “victimization” (“Boo-hoo! It’s cancel culture! It’s jealousy! It’s sabotage! I’m not a conspiracy therapist, but they’re out to get me…Um, er, I mean…it’s Otomax!”) — is making the animal-loving public take a renewed, hard(er) look at this whole, cruel anti-sport. And there’s really only one conclusion that can be drawn when the facts are presented openly:
      Racing itself has GOT TO GO. (And they can take their hero with them on their way out;)

    • Thank you for your kind words, Martha. I appreciate your comments as well. I am impressed by your sharing information on your Facebook page and that your efforts are working to inform and influence people. The more that people know how horseracing people operate, the better. The more that people know how much ABUSE and NEGLECT that these so-called horsemen inflict upon their four-legged sentient being slaves, the sooner horseracing can be DEFUNDED in the states that subsidize this horror show! Keep up the good work, Martha, and thanks again!

  5. It never ceases to disgust me that these parasites have horses die of such preventable and treatable problems. It’s not like pneumonia is something a horse suddenly gets one morning and dies within hours of it. The signs are there if these human wastes would pull their heads out of their asses long enough to look. I can’t even imagine this poor horse forced to train while being so sick, and just a baby, too.
    There’s a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals. Believe it.

    • Can you believe that “licensed” veterinarians (private, track and State) could overlook the fact that this two-year-old Thoroughbred had pneumonia?!?! When human beings have pneumonia, they either die or get immediate hospitalization and a bed in the INTENSIVE CARE UNIT. Pneumonia is such a serious condition. How can the State of California allow the veterinarian/s responsible for the death of NOODLES to continue to be licensed???

      • Oh boy, Wanda, you took the words out of my mouth!

        Also, you are very welcome!

        Announcement: We opponents of racing will be among many others on Saturday June 5, 11-2, carrying a sign and protesting in front of the Belmont Race Track. Am so looking forward to seeing many fellow opponents of this murderous and cruel industry.

  6. There are so many amazing people commenting on this site who wants this business to shut down like I do.
    So because I don’t want to miss one name I will, instead, say THANK-YOU TO EVERYBODY.
    Also, I do appreciate all of you who know that I’m a former insider who shares my knowledge with one goal in mind: to educate the unsuspecting public on behalf of the racehorses.
    That said, every single one of you, who don’t have direct experience, are critical in this fight against a super power business with lots of money to pay for public relations firms and to pay-off key individuals.
    Also, horse racing has had a “Get out of jail free card” for years as they continue to operate with total impunity while breaking just about every Felony Animal Cruelty law in this country.
    We all have a role to play and we are all equally important and the racehorses need us so badly.
    From this critical site HRW to all of you peaceful protestors, but we are finally gaining sportswriters and media attention, plus the general public is now realizing just how bad this business is.
    This morning I read over a statement put out by the pro-slime-Bob-Baffert corrupt and killing machine that protects their golden boy to no end which states that they will not deny BB due process of law so they will not suspend him until the racing jurisdiction, Kentucky, suspends him based on the split-sample result.
    Well – how convenient is that?
    This sample, that has pretty much gone AWOL, is probably being switched out as we speak because horse racing knows that this will spell disaster and potentially millions in lawsuits from gamblers.
    They would rather protect a doping, cheating, lying racehorse killer than face the truth and this precisely why all of these so-called “Trainers” (Baffert, Asmussen, Pletcher, Lukas, Maker, Rodriquez etc. etc.) continue to cheat and kill with zippo repercussions.
    I predict the split-sample will come back negative clearing Baffert, but I hope I’m wrong.
    Nevertheless, back to the corrupt CHRB, there are 2 other racing jurisdictions, KY & NY, who have temporarily suspended Baffert from having stalls or entering races.
    So why doesn’t the CHRB do the same thing?
    They can still give Baffert due process of law because they haven’t suspended him, but just stop him from killing more racehorses.
    Obviously, that has come too late for NOODLES and even after this death they STILL won’t temporarily suspend him from racing in California because slime ball Bob can also count on his fan club at the CHRB.

  7. You would think as intelligent as Bob Baffert is, or we think he is, would have known if something was wrong with Noodles, a 2 yr. old he was training on Saturday and died! Surely a horse’s health isn’t their main concern!

    • The man is too stupid to not get caught multiple times for drug violations. It’s not intelligence, it’s simply the knowledge that nothing is going to happen to him no matter what he does because racing is allowed to govern their own cheaters. He may as well wear a shirt that says “I did it!” for all the good it’s going to do.

  8. Bob baffert is a remedial class kind of guy who relies on racketeering to make money instead of being an entrepreneur. Its not by any stretch of the imagination that I imagine world wide betting coups being run by baffert and associates. They are making so much of money that paying fines and returning stakes money when they get caught doping does not bother them.

    • Allen, Thank you! The racketeering is real. Baffert and associates have established a pattern of this type of behavior. That is part of why I refer to Bob Baffert and associates as degenerates meaning they are immoral and corrupt individuals. That definitely includes the attorneys and the racing commissioners.

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