Whipped Right Before Breaking Down

In the 6th at Mountaineer last night, Sir Kowboy “took a bad step,” was “pulled up” and eventually “vanned off.” Immediately before that “bad step,” however, he was being whipped – hard. Here’s another thing: the offending abuser, Andrew Ramgeet, doubles as SK’s owner. Yes, owner. And one more thing: Ramgeet (in white below) also had SK “For Sale” (cheap: $4,000) prior to. But they love them like children, right? (I’ll update once I definitively learn of SK’s fate – though you can probably guess what that is.)

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  1. This race was also won by a 10yo horse who had previously been disqualified from a win due to having a positive drug test.
    Good ol racing.

  2. Reminds us of a race several years ago at a 1/2 mile bull ring in Tillamook that due to an earlier horse breaking down & a rider having been injured. The trainer of that particular horse was allowed to ride her own horse in the race for her owner who was a different person. At the time there was a shortage of jockeys. All these races were run contrary to the so called rules where a jockey cannot be an owner or a trainer! All 3 facets of the horse in training are supposed to be separate people due to possible collusion of races. So much for rule enforcement!

    • I don’t understand how that’s collusion. In harness racing it’s very common that the owner is also driver and/or trainer.

  3. Mountaineer (Casino,) Racetrack (and Resort) just needs to be DEFUNDED and shutdown! Stop the subsidies to horseracing! Stop the INHUMANE PRACTICE of horses being used as gambling chips for a morally depraved industry. SIR KOWBOY was AGGRESSIVELY FORCED TO GALLOP FAST while carrying the weight of the saddle and his SADISTIC RIDER/OWNER so that racetrack owners could have more money from WAGERING HANDLE revenue. Maybe the sadistic, money-grubbing owner of SIR KOWBOY could get a tiny slice of the racino pie after beating his horse into submission and disabling injury. Andrew Ramgeet, you could have sold your horse on eBay for $4,000 and spared the horse the inherent cruelty and routine abuse of being forced to gallop FAST down a scumball racetrack.

      • Thank you, Rebecca. I stand corrected. I had second thoughts about saying eBay. I was thinking of Craigslist, but that is full of fake ads and weird situations. The point is the horse could have been sold to someone as a backyard pasture pet and pleasure riding or something that would NOT be AGGRESSIVE FORCE to the horse. Giving the horse a chance at life free of abuse would be the right thing to do. But no, this is horseracing; routine abuse and inhumane treatment of horses for gambling bets,etc.

        • Craigslist is hell for animals – so many horror stories from that place. I’ve never been able to understand why you have to show competence before being licensed to operate a machine but do not have to prove some level of intelligence before being allowed to own a living sentient being.
          Of course if that were the case, 85% of humanity would be prohibited from owning animals, and rightly so.

  4. Dog racing has almost been defeated in the States. Florida which had the most tracks is shut down. Horse racing will be tougher as it is run by the vile elite with lots of money to burn. It is just one more venue that tortures and murders animals. Proud to be an ethical vegan and proud to stand up for every animal.

    • I think part of the difference is that everyone knows dogs. Most people in the US have never met a horse.

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