Only in Horseracing…

The following two statements appear on the just-released Stewards Report for the Willowdale Steeplechase that was conducted in Pennsylvania May 8 (emphases mine):

“Go as You Please was pulled up before the 8th fence, lame.”

“Management is commended for a beautifully prepared course, a well organized event, and excellent, injury-free racing.”

This is horseracing.


  1. A person would have to be an idiot to believe that line about “injury-free” racing. “GO AS YOU PLEASE was pulled up before the 8th fence, lame.”
    What part of lame can anyone not understand is an injury??? There are many different kinds of injuries and going lame is not injury-free. Even if this particular horse had an unsoundness before the start of the race and was being treated with bute, it’s still a type of injury. If a horse has navicular disease, it doesn’t appear obvious as long as the horse is not being used for riding. I don’t know what type of lameness GO AS YOU PLEASE is suffering from, but any kind of lameness is painful to the horse. WHY would these people care???

  2. It must have come on like a lightening strike because we all know that those “loving connections” would never send one of their “children” out to the track with a known injury.
    And so what if the surroundings looked great? Did you know that the Germans planted trees and flowers around some of the gas chambers? It didn’t change what the building was there for or the end result.

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