Two Days Before Preakness, a Kill at Pimlico

Two days before it hosts the second most important race on the U.S. calendar, Pimlico Race Course hosted – a kill. In the 1st yesterday afternoon, Vern H, says the chartwriter, “fell in mid stretch after sustaining a catastrophic injury and was euthanized on the track.” Neither the official MarylandRacing YouTube channel nor (even more glaringly) the track announcer acknowledged the fall/death. Vern was five years old, and this was his 14th time under the whip.

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  1. Wait for the Preakness Stakes. If a particular favorite horse goes down, thousands of people will know about it.
    # HorseracingisAnimalCruelty
    Only the slaughterhouses kill more horses than the racetracks. Racing horses is not a normal thing to do.

    • R.I.P. VERN H, you deserved love and good health. I’m sorry you got used and abused and trashed by racing degenerates instead of what every horse deserves, humane treatment.

  2. Why would they acknowledge the fall? It’s not like an intelligent, sentient being who had been exploited and abused for five years just had his life agonizingly ripped away, right? It’s “just horse racing”.
    How much does anyone want to bet me that his “loving connections” didn’t even notice he was gone from the barn that night? I wonder how quickly they shoved a new victim into his empty stall?

    • I would not bet the trainer and the groom did not notice VERN H was gone. I can’t say about the owner(s) of VERN H. I have no doubt that the people who tortured him first-hand know he’s gone. They may have had a nickname for him such as “rat,” in which case they would be having a party. They would be glad he’s gone, if they hated him that much. IF they cared about him, they would not be AGGRESSIVELY FORCING their horse to run to his death on a racetrack for $2 wagers. I agree with you that VERN H will be replaced with the next unfortunate horse that the degenerates in horseracing can run until the horse can’t run anymore.
      I would bet that the track announcer would have been fired and quickly replaced, if he peeped a word about the fact that VERN H went down on the racetrack during a race. (You know what to say and what not to say, if you know what’s “good for you” in this dirty, rotten gambling game.)

      • I was sitting right next to his owner/trainer (same person) at Pimlico on Thursday when it happened. She started crying and sprinted down to the track to go try and help her horse. It was really sad.

        • Thank you for sharing that, Gregory. I sincerely hope that she learns that forcing a horse to gallop FAST on a racetrack is a very bad idea. Also, the FORCED confinement to a stall 23 hours a day with no access to an outside corral, pen, run, paddock, pasture is not healthy for horses either. Horses are confined to stalls at racetracks for the convenience of human beings, but 23-hour-a-day confinement to a stall is not good for the horses. Both FORCED CONFINEMENT AND AGGRESSIVE FORCE TO MAKE A HORSE GALLOP FAST AND FASTER UNDER SADDLE AND RIDER are very bad ideas.

  3. Animal Entertainment is animal abuse in ANY FORM! There is no if‘s ands, or BUTS! Anyone who feels that putting an animal in a position to be starved, isolated, beaten and forced to entertain ignorant humans for greed, Should be in cages themselves! 🤬🤬🤬

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