Saratoga Ushers In the Season With – What Else? – a Kill

After 21 kills last year – equaling its all-time high – Saratoga Race Course has picked up where it left off. This morning, Mister Bobby “collapsed and died” while training. “Collapsed and died,” that is – at the tender age of five. For the New York Racing Association, they of the “best proven safety practices,” this makes 24 kills already this year. Reform is a ruse; safe racing is a lie. Horseracing kills – always has, always will.


  1. There is nothing about racing that makes it safe for the horses.
    R.I.P. MISTER BOBBY. 💔💔💔💔💔 You died in servitude to greedy, selfish people. You did not deserve the abuse you got from these psychopathic social degenerates!


  2. Of all the barns I’ve been in and the horses I’ve been around, I don’t remember any horse under the age of thirty collapsing and dying. We’re there accidents? Yes. But it wasn’t like two or three horses a week were snapping legs or suffering fatal head traumas or simply falling to the dirt. It’s mind-blowing, not to mention irritating and disgusting, that SO MANY horse die in a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis and not only is racing still allowed to continue unchecked and ungoverned by the outside world, but there are people who are fighting tooth and nail to defend it and keep it propped up on handouts. Their moral compass must point squarely up their asses.

    • In 35 years, I never saw horses just drop dead or suffer the amount of injury and illness that occurs regularly in horseracing either. Never had a horse break a leg. Well said, Rebecca.

  3. And it will until people quit funding this “industry” with their money

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