Two Kills This Morning at Finger Lakes

There were two – yes, two – training kills this morning at Finger Lakes. 6-year-old Schwarbertown broke his pastern. For 5-year-old Sister Alexa, it was the fetlock. They are dead horses 30 and 31 in NY this year. Both notices, incidentally, included “rider not injured,” as if this is even important. Sorry, it’s not.


  1. The riders have a choice. The horses have no choice.
    This is very sad.

  2. The riders have to vomit their guts out to make weight in many cases. It is a deplorable part of the HorseracingisAnimalCruelty world. How badly does one want to be a part of the abuse and killing of racehorses to make an eating disorder a part of his/her life as well? Horseracing is Animal Cruelty everyday!!!!
    You both died in servitude to the most disgusting and evil people of our society!!!

  3. Two kills in one day, at one track? Sounds about right. That’s why we should be so thankful to New York state regulators. Really. They alone(!) provide immediate public racehorse death data. And, in doing so, they’re giving us a baseline for how much all the other states’ tracks deny/hide/cover up most of their own kills.
    Just imagine if all U.S. tracks were forced to use a single, similar system for publicly recording horse deaths. That would at least be a start toward their laughable goal of displaying “Integrity,” though. So I don’t expect such a remotely honest accounting system to pop up out of HISA. (Instead, they’ll all just bitch about the new, federal “medication” restrictions — as the actual breakdown rate continues to soar higher each and every year.)
    Ah, good times in the Sport of Kings.

  4. Finger Lakes is a hell hole for racehorses and Gov. Cuomo sent them millions to keep their doors open.

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