3-Year-Old Dead at Los Alamitos

According to the chart, Steamy had a relatively uneventful run in the 8th at Los Alamitos Friday (except for finishing last, that is). Turns out, she was injured somewhere along the way and is now dead – this according to the CHRB. Steamy was but three years old. She is the 28th dead racehorse in California this year.

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  1. The super-credible CHRB must have been especially torn about whether to admit this poor filly’s death at Los Al Horse Hell. Raced six nights ago, but not killed until two nights ago, then only reported this morning as a Racing Death. Must have been one hell of a lot of suffering she went through while they all hemmed and hawed about how to record her injuries.
    Oh, and, as if that’s not enough torture for this innocent baby to have suffered, Steamy was bred and owned by none other than Mr. Los Al Horse Hell himself, Doc Allred. Ol’ Ed is apparently trying to break down as many of his own investments as that of his fellow horse”men,” because his horses seem to end up on the Cali Kill List a whole lot these days.
    So all of this begs the question: Is Dr. Ed Allred also a baker and a candlestick maker? Because he sure as hell is proving himself to be a butcher.

  2. Owner of Los Al Doc Allred has been a butcher for many years and why stop now?
    He runs his own little butcher shop at Los Al, has a whole bunch of well-paid attorneys sitting on his board.
    Runs and controls the CHRB to make sure he isn’t shut down no matter how many die.
    Hell, why send your horses to slaughter when you can just do it there?
    I’m surprised he hasn’t set a confectionary stand up selling horse meat.
    That would be no problem either.

  3. Beyond cruelty DELIBERATE PROLONGED cruelty to a dying horse that was injured at a racetrack and left to die slowly in agony (unseen by the general public) is the most disgusting kind of horse racing abuse. If only these people could live as a race horse just once in their selfish lives, perhaps they would have some compassion FOR AN INJURED, DYING animal made to wait in excruciating pain for their selfish convenience. SHAME ON THEM!. Without the race this poor creature of god wouldn’t have been injured in the first place.

  4. Hardly any information regarding this poor little girl, as though she barely existed, which to the racing industry, she didn’t. Left to suffer for four days while her loving connections decided what to do with her, then her life was just ended.
    If there is a special place in Hell for people who abuse children and animals, then those in the racing industry deserve every minute of it.

  5. If it’s true what has been said about the owner of Los Alamitos Race Course (and it sounds logical enough to be true), that he enjoys watching horses suffer in excruciating pain and agony, Ed Allred deliberately and intentionally caused this young innocent filly to suffer and suffer longer than what would be considered “necessary” by some for a lack of a better term. All of this egregious abuse is unnecessary. It is for the entertainment of a percentage of the human population. These sick creeps including Allred need to de-funded, defrocked, detained and locked up for the rest of his sick, perverted life!!!! All of them should not be allowed to continue this killing spree!!!

  6. How can anyone be so sick and cruel to enjoy the abuse, pain, and suffering of horses? I agree with everything stated by Wanda Diamond. All the guilty perpetrators must be punished. Horse racing must be abolished!

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