Filly Killed Training; 17th Death at Belmont This Year

The NYRA killing machine rolls right along. Buyer’s Remorse, a 4-year-old filly who had been put to the whip 12 times, was injured while training at Belmont Saturday and was subsequently euthanized. But the news was not all bad, says the Gaming Commission: “Rider was unharmed.” Another horse is killed – the 17th at Belmont this year, 23rd at a NYRA track – and we’re supposed to take solace in one of the human exploiters being okay? How detached are these people?

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  1. If the people in the NYRA weren’t detached, they wouldn’t be racing horses anyway. Racing and rodeo are not contests of horsemanship. They are events that involve brutality and abuse to the animals. The day that these barbaric events are shutdown cannot come too soon!!!!!!
    R.I.P. BUYER’S REMORSE 💔💔💔💔💔😔😿😿😿😿😿

  2. BUYER’S REMORSE – a $200,000 yearling purchase that was initially sent to Doug O’Neill.
    Changed hands 3 times in 12 starts.
    Last owner claimed and was training her for 2 weeks when she broke down and was euthanized.
    They are all responsible for her death every Trainer who has her and the guy betting $2.

  3. So much DEATH on THEIR hands. Each and EVERY one of them. This is the face of pure evil (horse racing).

  4. Exactly! They’re only interested in making money off of this cruel “sport”.

  5. It is a tragedy that this filly had to die, show a little respect for her! There is no excuse for the deaths of so many horses at race tracks!

  6. “How detached are these people”? Well, lets put it this way: If the retinas of eyes were as detached as these people there would be total blindness!!

  7. No homage being paid to the victim (the horse) that was purposely killed by it’s “safe” trainer. How crass can one be???

  8. I’m sorry to say this but I would have preferred that the rider had been harmed instead of another innocent, defenseless horse losing its life to satisfy its selfish, mindless, heartless so-called owner, trainer and jockey. But of course, these soul-less morons ‘love’ the horses just like family members….all I can say is: God help the families…..

  9. 12yr old runs for luck went down in parx tues he didnt look good running last top of stretch he fell probly heart attack he won last start in apr histailwas waving before he fell

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