“Open Fracture, Ligament Severely Torn, Euthanized on Ambulance”

The details – courtesy of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission – on Miss Eau de Vie, killed racing at Turfway January 15: “open, comminuted spiral fracture of the medial third metatarsal bone in the RH limb; suspensory ligament severely torn, with
attached bone fragments – euthanized on the ambulance.” She was just two years old.

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  1. Wow, those proud Kentucky horse racing geniuses have really jumped in with both (fractured) feet on this whole transparency thing, haven’t they? More than three months after the fact, and they finally admit to one of their many on-track kills.
    Then again, a couple years ago, we’d never have heard a single word about Eau de Vie’s horrifying death — nor of any of their hundreds of others. Because I’m pretty sure Kentucky’s official state motto is, “See Something, Say Nothing,” when it comes to all things horse-killing. Or is it, “Don’t Ask, Because We Won’t Tell”? I don’t remember which.
    Either way, I suppose they should be applauded for all their newfound integrity. Nice work, KY!

  2. This barbaric brutality to horses needs to be stopped! I can only imagine how much this young Thoroughbred filly, MISS EAU DE VIE, exploited for racing was forced to suffer on so many levels. This torture is sickening! The so-called trainer, Michael J. Maker, should be in jail along with all of his enablers!!!!

    • Wanda, the dear little babies have NO business being anywhere even near a track!!!!!!!!!

      • Bonnie, I agree wholeheartedly with you that these young horses should NOT be anywhere near a racetrack!!!!! This is egregious animal abuse!!! It is so NOT essential and NOT necessary!!!!!! These animal abusers belong in prison!!!!

  3. Mike Maker is a multiple doping violator who kills lots of racehorses some under suspicious circumstances.
    He cripples and claims racehorses on a regular basis.
    Damage one – get another.
    He does this with zippo remorse and repercussions.
    MISS EAU DE VIE – we will continue to be a voice for poor fillies like you who suffered and died under the custody of a brutal racehorse killer Mike Maker.

  4. A mere two years old and already torn apart and euthanized because of THE EVILS of horse racing? When will these unconscious people evolve enough to realize what EVIL TORTURE they are propagating with the unnatural practice of HORSE RACING? “FORGIVE THEM, FATHER, FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THE DO”!

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