“Country Chic Attire” – While Watching a Horse Get Killed

The promotional video for the Middleburg Spring Races, a steeplechase in Virginia:

From the “What to Wear” section: “Country Chic Attire – Stylish, But Comfortable!”

“Ladies – your feet are going to be walking all over a farm like setting while you visit with friends, see the horses in the paddock and shop for all sorts of fun hats and accessories. Flat and comfortable shoes are the order of the day. You will see everything from jeans and tweed to dresses, but, you’re not going to the Kentucky derby. Hats are always in order and it is a good idea to bring along a few items for layering—the races run sun, rain or snow!

“Gentlemen – Most men will be in sport coats and ties. Hats are always a good idea as are comfortable shoes and a bit of layering depending on the weather. Binoculars are excellent as well!”

Indeed, bring those binoculars so you can see things like this – from the 2021 edition held this past Saturday – up close and personal: “Georgie Hyphen was pulled up after the 4th fence with a fractured left radial. He was euthanized on the course.”

The final comments from the stewards: “The course was in excellent condition and the weather was perfect.”

Yes, a good time was had by all – except, of course, the dead horse. Vile. Simply vile.

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  1. As a fashionable, cultured lady who’s always on the cutting edge of societal trends, I, personally prefer to wear bright red to all these see-and-be-seen, upper-crust occasions.
    All you lowly peasants who fail to frequent the high-end horse racing tracks — and top-tier dog fighting events, cockfighting celebrations, and bull-torturing extravaganzas — are simply missing the point: My prestigious look serves the duel purpose of both drawing attention to my extraordinary sense of style, AND concealing almost all the animal blood that gets splashed my way as I celebrate my finely-honed cultural superiority.

    • Kelly, you nailed it!!!!! From personal experience, this is exactly how their trend of thinking runs.

  2. The weather was perfect for what? Watching horses being tortured to the point of broken bones and literal death? Well, they can’t blame the weather for the fact that a horse was injured fatally.

  3. Wear light colored clothing and tall boots (Wellies or Hunters or Dubarrys) because of grass, mud, manure and ticks. Bring a windbreaker – Barbour is great as is Burburry and the brands you can find at Dover Saddlery. A baseball cap is sufficient – other headgear is superfluous and would look silly at this event. Don’t wear skimpy outfits and bling. And wear long pants and long sleeves – there are bugs and brambles and you can risk a sunburn. Leave the bright colors and giant handbags home – in the country you want to blend in with nature. Put your keys and cards and phones in your pockets. Remember to bring sunglasses. Despite my dire tone here, it’s entirely possible to look great wearing what I’ve described – we horse people do it all the time! Oh, no running, cigarettes or discarding stuff in the bushes!

  4. It’s the same here in Britain wear you fancy hats and look pretty while we thrash the hoses to an inch of their lives.

  5. Insanity. Donning high-end attire to watch Bronze Age entertainment on the premise that to do so is indicative of elitism and sophistication. Horse racing is a bloodsport, the non progressive nature of which is completely misaligned with the trajectory requirements for a modern society. Very sad in more ways than one.

  6. These women are shallow, ignorant pigs. May Karma visit them and administer the just punishment they deserve for entertain themselves by watching torture.

  7. I guess since there’s nothing of substance on the inside, these people feel compelled to overcompensate by slapping on fancy duds.
    A painted outhouse is still an outhouse.

  8. 😭😭😭😭🐎💔💔💔💔
    RIP Georgie Hyphen 💔🌈

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