Another Kill at Turf

I have confirmed that Tammy’s Window was euthanized (sesamoids) after being “vanned off” in the 8th at Turf April 14. She had just turned seven.

This is horseracing.


  1. I don’t know anything about USA racing but I expect it’s as horrible as the British’sport’

    Who decides it’s ok to beat animals to death so that people can have a day out or a bet. What sort of people think it is acceptable.

    In England people get dressed up for these disgusting activities. The more I find out about ‘horse racing ‘ the more horrendous I find it to be.

    • In the USA, horseracing is said to be “self-governing” so basically all kinds of abuse and cheating go unchecked. Trainers cheat with using drugs at unacceptable levels, etc. The racing commissioners are in on the cheating, the corruption. There have been investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation because of horrendous illegal doping schemes. There are rules about whipping and jockeys can be fined for giving their whip to another jockey, etc. It’s a joke because the jockeys are allowed to continue to ride in races during the period of time that they are suspended. What is punishment about that!?! The whole horseracing industry is despicable because of the abuses to the horses and the dumping of unwanted horses in the slaughter pipeline.

  2. Hey Nancy….Our Claire Bear just came in dead last by a MiLE, race 2 Parx. You can even tell by her stride,this baby girl is not sound.

      • Oh,….but, they “ love them like family”. What a load of CRAP these people are!!!!

    • Bonnie & Nancy,
      How are they not being investigated by anyone? Can someone contact the Attorney General of Pennsylvania to, at the very least, bring attention to this abuse of a Thoroughbred racehorse?

  3. “Member of the family”, a declaration often made by racing “connections” about their racing slaves, the darling mare Tammy’s Window (see a photo in my FB post about her) was actually named after her first trainer’s brother’s spouse – Dennis O’Neill’s wife. Doug O’Neill raced her 18 times (July 2016 to January 2018) – then she was claimed.

    In her downward spiral in the claiming ranks, she endured the stress of multiple claims (at one time trained by Peter Miller of Arms Runner “fame”) until she ended up at the dump Turf Paradise. There, Tammy’s Window was killed racing for a cheap $6250 tag.

    Think O’Neill and fam know Tammy’s Window is dead? – my bet is like another of his “specially named” racehorses (Dr. Mohrbacher) who had died, they haven’t a clue.

    “Family members”? Right.

    • And even if they knew, I doubt they could care less. Just another “family member” killed “doing something she loved”, right?

      • Right, and exactly my point. They don’t know because they don’t care. Out of sight & out of mind for their family members and namesakes.

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