“Was Walked Into Ambulance” After Suffering “Catastrophic Injuries to Both Front Legs”

I’ll say this about whoever writes the chart for Penn National: He/she will on occasion criticize jockeys (and others) for what the writer thinks is bad form (e.g., whipping a hopelessly beaten horse in the stretch). Here is the note for Brandywines Secret in the 3rd there yesterday: “took a bad step approaching the wire, suffered catastrophic injuries to both front legs then was walked into the horse ambulance.”

Now, two things: I have not yet confirmed that the 7-year-old mare is dead – though I’m sure she is – and I can’t say for certain that the writer was being derisive, but it sounds that way to me. More important, if true that this poor animal had two broken legs and was not euthanized right there on the track, licenses should be stripped and racing at Penn National should be suspended.

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  1. Here again is a brief description of a racehorse with injuries that are not clearly stated. Catastrophic injuries to both front legs could mean the cannon bones were broken, but the details are left out. So we’re left to guess or assume, rather than know. Whether the chartwriter was being sarcastic or not, we can guess or assume. I assume that chartwriting is a paid position; he or she should be less vague and more forthcoming with the facts. It also seems to me that saying this mare “walked” into the “ambulance” is intended to mislead people. If taken at face value, some people might be under the impression that this mare, BRANDYWINES SECRET, might not be as badly injured as she most likely is. It sounds confusing to a point. I think the chartwriter gets paid to create confusion to those who are less savvy to this demented, rotten to the core, world of morally depraved humans exploiting horses to literal death.

    • Lack of transparency.Again? I do believe this industry is just fighting for survival.P.R. people trying desperately to invent a less tragic phrase for a tragic event. “Dragged”,”Pushed” and “Forced” onto the “Horse Slaughter Truck” day after day does not sound as civilized as walked onto the ambulance of her own free will. Come on chart writers,what kind of “FAKE NEWS” are you “SLINGING” here. “THIS SOME BOOSHIT” man.

  2. Is anyone honestly surprised that the morally bankrupt racing industry would force a horse with two broken front legs to ambulate on their own into the ambulance just to save face? Just another example of their “out of sight, out of mind” mentality that if the public didn’t see it, it didn’t happen.
    And again with the “ bad step” rhetoric. How can a horse step wrong on a soft, leveled dirt surface? Racing across a random field full of rocks and holes is one thing, but with all the safety regulations and track surface renovations the racing industry is constantly waving around, why do so many horses continue to suffer from “bad steps”?
    It couldn’t possibly be the incessant pounding on immature bone structures, right? No, of course not.

  3. Why is it becoming increasingly common for these deadly injuries to occur after the finish line? Are the jockeys throwing the horses off balance after the wire? 4 horses in the last 2 months have succumbed after the finish. Something tells me the jockeys should be held accountable as well.

    • Everyone involved should be held accountable. Jockeys are only part of the whole racing picture.

    • Autumn, it might appear that way as you’ve described
      but the answer to your second question is, No. Having researched and investigated hundreds of racehorse deaths since 2008 in my home state in Australia, it is not uncommon for a horse to break down past the finish line. I’m never satisfied that a horse has survived a race until he has run well past the finish line. A horse can break down –
      not long after jumping out of the gates (often pelvic or hind injuries)
      during the first, middle or final stages of a race
      In 2017, i co-authored a study on racehorse deaths with Sydney university and one of the findings was that the horse more often than not broke down in the final stage of the race. This is when the horse is fatigued, under stress and being whipped to go faster. Needless to say, some horses are carrying pre-existing injuries/conditions when placed in the gates. An excellent example of this is Anthony Van Dyck who broke down in last year’s world renowned Melbourne Cup. Owned by Coolmore and trained by Aidan O’Brien. I noticed something was up with him in final stage after the home turn, saw all the signs of a breakdown but camera immediately came off. If you google AVD you’ll find that a few days ago Racing Victoria released its investigation into his death and there’s very interesting information in this report as to what went on with AVD prior to doing his absolute best in his heartbreaking final race.
      It is noteworthy that it was only because AVD was a valuable horse running in a world famous race that the truth as to his pre-race condition has been made public.
      Every day in the global horseracing industry, horses are being sent out to race when they’re carrying pre-existing injuries/conditions and many break down and die.

  4. Silly chartwriter. Hasn’t he/she memorized the priorities of racing officials yet? Everyone knows you gotta use your so-called writing and language skills to understate, minimize, obfuscate and straight-up Lie ‘n Deny the daily horror-show injuries incurred at dumpy, horse-killing shitholes like Penn.

    Next time, Mr./Ms. Accidental Journalist, just put “Walked off” — like your wiser colleagues do at the ELITE dumpy, horse-killing shitholes. Doesn’t matter that the victim stumbled, hobbled, limped and dragged her body as far as you could make her go in time for the all-important next race. It also doesn’t matter to anyone who still participates in this sick carnagefest what horrendous, nauseating atrocities they constantly witness. They’ll all be back to watch it happen again. And again, and again, til they’re all dead — or the PA taxpayers and elected officials wise up and take away your welfare funding scheme — whichever comes first.
    So, just LIE. It probably won’t help you generate those New Fans you’re always seeking.
    But, hey, at least the public won’t think of you as soulless horse-killing monsters. Not every single day, anyway;)

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