Drosselmagic Killed in 74th Race

I have been able to confirm that Drosselmagic, an “injured, vanned off” in the 10th at Parx Monday, is dead. He was eight years old, and this was his 74th time under the whip. 74th. That poor, poor boy.


  1. Yeah, but it’s Derby Death Week, so every kill is gonna get even less attention from the ever-transparent, highly-credible racing press than it normally would. Racing’s “reporters” are busy covering drink recipes, stupid hats and racist anthems to write about any of the animal cruelty they’re supporting.

    • The Derby is their poster event, their publicity stunt to show the public what a great enterprise racing is and how much the horse athletes are appreciated and cared for!!
      We know the average person has no clue about the horse abuse, the suffering, the cheating, lying, and coverups. And the media plays right along with this myth.
      When will this facade be exposed?!

      • I believe the whole smarmy industry has already been exposed, thanks in large part to this site. And those trying to keep this corrupt, horse killing shitshow alive are only continuing to expose themselves and each other. Every time there’s another high-profile breakdown (or a new doping indictment, or another slaughter revelation, or more creepy dudes getting photographed using dead equines as furniture, or…), they’re sealing their own, already-sealed fate.
        Tick-tock goes racing’s clock, and it’s bye-bye, blood sport:)

  2. Horseracing must be banned to stop this routine killing of horses!!!!!

  3. Pennsylvania’s horseracing industry receives almost $250 million in corporate welfare every year – over $3 billion since the subsidies began in 2005. It is far and away the most subsidized industry in PA. And this for a business that, as measured by demand (wagers, attendance), has been in steep decline for decades. What’s worse, this massive taxpayer bailout of a decidedly nonessential industry – there are roughly 10,000 racing jobs in an overall state workforce of six million – has all come at the expense of public education – our children and young adults. To help put this in proper perspective, the per horse subsidy is nearly three times the per student subsidy (for those in the State System of Higher Education).

    You can read more on the petition…and PLEASE SIGN! TY!


  4. This list is horrific, but so is the knowledge that so many more horses never were saved from racing’s ultimate retirement plan: the slaughterhouse.

  5. A group of Barbaro fans had raised several thousand dollars to try to purchase and save this boy, but no…the owner wouldn’t hear of it. He had to run him into the ground and this is the result. Greed over compassion once again.

    • Today,coincidentally is Barbaro’s birthdate and the passing of his sire Dynaformer.

    • The whole thing is a mf’r shitshow. The WHOLE thing.The WHOLE thing. These sleazy lowlife’s need to go get a REAL job and WORK. Oh, but they wouldn’t want THAT (a real job).Like actual work…rather than being a lazy ass,and make money torturing animals.

  6. My heart is so broken still for this beautiful animal. We were so close, just 500 away from having someone claim this horse giving him a wonderful retirement at Equine Advocates in Chatham, NY. But no, the rotten S O B trainer Roy Houghton would not give him up nor let us buy him. He kept racing Drosselmagic and racing Drosselmagic and racing Drosselmagic till the inevitable happened, he was injured coming out of the gate, and bam, oh, let’s euthanize him. How much insurance money did you get Roy. You rotten S O B. But you know what, Karma is a bitch and Roy YOU WILL PAY! SHAME ON YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID. AND HOW MANY OTHER HORSES ARE YOU ROY HOUGHTON GOING TO DO THIS TO. YOU WILL PAY.

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