Smiling Angelo Killed at Mountaineer

Smiling Angelo in the 8th at Mountaineer last night, as relayed by the chartwriter: “sent hard, set the pace to upper stretch taking a bad step nearing the sixteenth pole pulling up being euthanized on the track.” And that is that. Smiling was six, and this was his 16th time under the whip, but first on the East Coast, having been previously raced in California and Arizona. Shipped across the country – to die.

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  1. Another killing dump that should be paved over to benefit the people of that state. What was this.their 2nd day open for the season??? Congratulations

  2. That was disgusting! At the very least, the jockey could have jumped off and given the horse, SMILING ANGELO, the relief of not having to carry that extra weight and so forth. I’m still wondering why they killed him when he was still standing up on the racetrack carrying the jockey on his back.

  3. I think that this is one of the most disgusting videos I have ever seen. The horse appeared to be injured. But if I was the owner of the horse I would get him the medical care he needs and put him on my ranch to recover and rest. I think he did not have to die. These are horrible and selfish people involved in the practice of horse racing.

    • Jan, so many racehorse owners don’t have farms or ranches to retire their racing slaves to. In fact, many racing owners know nothing about horses – they only know what their trainer tells them about horses…ie, that it’s normal to live in a stall 23 hours a day and that the horses are “pampered” because they (if they’re lucky) have a Jolly Ball and get an occasional peppermint. Oh and they’re BATHED (I promise – that’s the idiocy coming from those in racing and fans). There are also the fractional owners – a large group of individuals each pay a small amount to “own a piece” of a racehorse. So which owner takes the horse home when he’s injured? – NONE of them – because those folks don’t know the difference between a mare and a gelding and they certainly don’t have the farm, the knowledge nor the means to care for a horse.

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