In 69th Race, Rich E Z “Takes Bad Step,” Euthanized at Hawthorne

The 7th at Hawthorne yesterday: “RICH E Z saved ground around the first turn, raced off the pace on the inside up the backstretch, took a bad step and was pulled up near the half mile pole and was humanely euthanized on track.”

Rich was three days shy of his eighth birthday; this was his 69th turn under the whip. Made, used, killed by the American horseracing industry.

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  1. This killing of an innocent horse is so despicable. These incorrigible psychopathic horse-killing monsters must be shutdown for good! Take the profit out of it. No horse abusing and killing operation like this should ever be funded by taxpayers’ dollars!

  2. I also oppose the use of taxpayers’ dollars to support this killing operation of horses. Let us put an end to horse racing!

  3. RICH E Z – yet another victim of the parasites in horse racing.
    They just run them until they drop dead or get claimed.
    There are no good endings for most of them because the system is set-up to support and condone the ongoing abuse of racehorses in order to fill their gambling coffers.
    The corruption never ends and the racehorses pay the price.
    Some recent examples of corruption is the 1. Teflon Bob case whereby a “Trainer” can dope and cheat his way into the highest levels of racing for years, putting countless others out of business, and not have any serious consequences. This would be equivalent to permitting Lance Armstrong to compete knowing that he’s involved with blood doping which is precisely why he wins. 2. Phoenix Thoroughbreds. Started buying million dollar racehorses back in 2017 and now has a Kentucky Oaks contender. Turns out Phoenix TB’s millions in profits comes from ripping people off from all over the world via a company called OneCoin. They were laundering their money via horse racing and while most other countries are banning their operations and, in fact, are looking to freeze any racehorse earnings to return money, American horse racing is going to let them proceed with their Kentucky Oaks contender. Imagine that?
    This business supports flat out dopers, cheaters, and criminals while the racehorses pay the price.
    It’s long overdue for our politicians to stop funding this criminal enterprise and give the millions in casino profits back to our communities to educate our children.

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