Of Course: Multiplier Dead; Back-To-Back Kills for Santa Anita

They tried. Oh, how they desperately tried. Having kills on back-to-back days, especially after all their talk of “success,” was just unthinkable. So, a broken ankle, which is almost invariably a death sentence for a racehorse, was to be “stabilized,” with the promise of a surgical fix disseminated. But I and most of you here reading knew it was but a matter of time. Just announced: Multiplier, an “injured, vanned off” in the 3rd at Santa Anita yesterday, has been euthanized. He was six years old.

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  1. Horseracing nation has him listed as deceased. Another magnificent creature ruined by lousy outdated no moral compass.

    • I cannot take this. Horse racing lazy,leeches….you ARE the face of the devil, pure unthinkable evil. You lazy leeches sniffed out a BEAUTIFUL Life. He was just a teenager for God’s sake. He had his whole life in front of him. The horse racing industry is gonna be gone you F’n lazy slugs. Greed and sloth..thy name is horse racing.

  2. MULTIPLIER a multiple graded stakes winner of $598,100 shipped all over the country from coast to coast by predominantly, serial racehorse killer, Peter Miller.
    Multiplier ran in the Belmont and Preakness stakes a force to be reckoned with, but like most racehorses he could not overcome the daily forceful brutality, torture, abuse and inhumane treatment most likely bestowed upon him in order to keep filling races, the wagering coffers, and to flip a buck.
    I bet you that if we had access to his vet/treatment records it would show us a horse that had pre-existing conditions that became chronic and so serious he could no longer perform at the upper levels.
    After Peter Miller maliciously and gratuitously mangled him it was time to get rid of him like a piece of trash where he was dropped into the claiming ranks for more rounds of abuse.
    Not even over $500,000 is enough for this morally deprived killing business to give him the grassy paddock that he so deserves that they all deserve.
    This is heartbreaking for me because these geldings who run their ass-off for an ungrateful evil low life parasitic scum bag serial racehorse killer like Peter Miller only to be dumped into claiming for more abuse sickens me.
    MULTIPLIER you will not die in vain because I will continue to be a voice for victims like you and I hope that you rain down a living hell onto the bastards who did this to you!
    Ms. Belinda Stronach you are an enabler and facilitator of racehorses dying on the tracks that you own and you are an equally disgusting human being who continues to defend this unacceptable killing business.
    Isn’t it funny how all the apologists go silent when one of the champions die or spew out the usual accolades?

    • Funnier, still, how they clam-up before they’re even asked. Two of the trade rags at least acknowledged Multiplier’s breakdown in their coverage of the (triumphant and thrilling) Tokyo City Cup at the Santa Anita Death Track. But not Paulick Report. No way, Ray. They just regurgitated a press release from the SADT, then called it a day. And, shockingly, it contained not a single hint that a fifth horse had even been IN that race.

      Hey, Paulick staffers: y’all might want to up the wattage on that bulb you’re pretending to shine. It’s pretty dim.

  3. Some “sport,” where both the rookies and the rainmakers and all in between are maimed and killed. Please, please let’s get this horror show to go the way of dog racing.

  4. This brutally inhumane exploiting and killing of horses is horrendously UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!! It is UNACCEPTABLE to allow this egregious abuse of horses to continue!!!!!! The people of the State of California, as well as all other states with horseracing, need to stand up to this heinous abuse and killing of horses!!!!!!!!

  5. There is not a doubt in my mind Andrew Lerner KNEW damn well Multiplier had physical injuries and pain. You can’t tell me as his trainer he was clueless. What a lovely little job you picked as a grown man.PATHETIC. Here’s an idea..you trainers, grooms, idiot talking heads, go run YOUR fat asses around a circle,and we’ll bet money on you lazy losers. Hey…now THAT sounds fun.

    • No doubt he knew, but so did his main “trainer” multiple serial theriocide killer Peter Miller.
      Also, lots of people don’t realize that the innocent owner is not so innocent.
      Most of them know damn well what’s going on and, in fact, consent to dumping the horse.
      Peter Miller had him the most and was the one who knew because he dumped him when Multiplier could no longer perform at the upper levels.
      Peter Miller and Gary Barber et al knew that MULTIPLIER had his better days behind him, knew that he probably had serious pre-existing conditions and instead of doing the right thing by the horse, retiring a multiple graded stakes winner of over $500,000 they would rather make $50,000 on claiming and send him to somebody else.
      I would love to see the day where we could haul people like Peter Miller and Gary Barber into a court of law to fry their fucking asses and throw them in jail on Felony Animal Cruelty charges where they belong.
      Doesn’t horse racing have it all sealed up when it comes to abusing and killing their racehorses?
      There is no other setting in this country where a person can repeatedly kill animals in their care and not answer to anybody – zippo repercussions.
      The claiming game is heavily supported by the HBPA and tracks because they don’t want horses leaving the business so they can fill races and their wagering coffers.
      This is a horrific business full of parasitic slime balls and any apologist is the same although the degrees to which they maim, claim and kill can vary.

    • When horses are dropped in class, it isn’t rocket science that something is wrong. Horses are prone to injuries when they are forced to do something beyond their physical capabilities. It is no secret that the racing industry uses horses for whatever they can use them for. Owners and trainers are uncaring and can hurt horses knowingly and unknowingly. Mostly they hurt horses willfully and knowingly. They can all lie and pretend that they cared. If they truly cared about their horses as horses, they would not subject them to the EVERY DAY ABUSES OF HORSERACING.
      The owners are responsible for paying the costs of ownership and therefore it is laughable for any owner to claim to be innocent. They know if the veterinarian sends them a bill. What person would not at least read what services were rendered and charged for on the veterinarian’s bill…? It would be more believeable if the owners and trainers admitted they just didn’t want to throw money away on necessary services. Or to put it another way, they prioritize the racehorses as an “investment” and don’t want to “throw their money down a rat hole” as the saying goes. So that is how much they care about their horses. Actions speak louder than words. Their lies are nauseating! This whole thing is disgusting and disturbing!

  6. If you watch the replay,the 5 horses were about 3quarter down to the finish.Multiplier in back for most of the race. You could tell that he was not running on an even keel,but the jackmaster kept him going even tho he should have just let him come in 5th or eased him.The bobbling started and a head bow so you just knew it would not be a happy ending.

  7. If you haven’t yet, please join the Horseracing Wrongs Action Group on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/887149342065006 Today’s action is to reach out to Governor Newsom and California Legislators to demand they Ban Horseracing!

    Reaching out through phone calls, emails and social media does make a difference! Together, we can End Horseracing!

    Thank you all for your support. – Nicole Arciello

    • Nicole, Business is business and love is BS. If we point out the difference a few extra bucks would make in their budget rather than padding tracks and venues, it may help make a difference. These politicians have to know the sadness a broken down beautiful horse but money talks. Your regulars here appreciate your everending quest for victory which we do our darndest to win.

  8. As I am not on any social media… I did though look at Bo Derek’s Twitter last night..she said a few weeks ago,something about the new safety measures…blah,blah,blah. Well, Miss Bo,you are WRONG! Your A-hole state of Ca., still sucks,and is still a serial killer. Could we possibly get YOUR opining’s?

  9. I don’t feel sorry for the connections, I feel sorry for the horse. I think they would have not euthanized horses if they were colts or fillies. I hope I’m wrong but a gelding isn’t worth much to the connections because they can ‘t breed. Also was this trainer an assistant to the inhuman sociopathic Jerry Hollendordfer? That sociopath was making horses train 0 to 60, breezes that would put horrible strain on any horse.

    Ankles can be fixed , but only if the connections see more dollar signs. I doubt these reports about ” we couldn’t save him ” nonsense , no sympathy for the connections.

    • In racing, all horses (of all ages and regardless of being male, castrated or not, or female) are treated as a disposable commodity. It depends on the extent of the injury/injuries, the circumstances of the owners/trainers, etc. as to how long they will keep the horse alive with a broken ankle/fetlock joint/pastern. Evidently, it wasn’t convenient to haul the horse off the track and let him suffer and die somewhere else. It is demented what racing participants do to the horses. Horseracing is despicable!

      • They had to count him as a racing death. That must have been “agonizing” for The Stronach Group at Santa Anita and not because the horse(s) suffered but because the broken ankle/death of MY CHILD SBUD & the broken ankle/death of MULTIPLIER made the racing news: Los Angeles Times/ Sports/ Eighth horse dies at Santa Anita since the start of the season by John Cherwa, (BACK TO BACK KILLS).

    • What a disgusting phrase – “sympathy for the connections”. Who feels sorry for a murderer when their victim dies? It’s simply one parasite acknowledging that another parasite has lost one of its blood supplies.

      • Right, Rebecca. When they deliberately caused the disabling injury and death of MULTIPLIER, they lost a gambling chip.

    • Carolus, in horseracing the term connections refers to the owners, trainers, veterinarians, jockeys, jockeys’ agents and bloodstock agents. They “manage” the “racing career” of the horses, especially the owners and trainers.

  10. DELIBERATE CRUELTY IS NOT FORGIVABLE! EVOLVE AND GET RID OF HORSE SLAVERY ONCE AND FOR ALL! End horse-racing. It is not a SPORT! It is the torture of a living being by the heartless..

  11. It was recently reported The Deputy, 24 yrs old, and winner of the 2000 Santa Anita Derby as well as other graded stakes was purchased from a feedlot in Texas . He was sent to Remember Me Rescue.
    He earned over $800,000 in 10 starts . His last start was the 2000 Kentucky Derby where he bowed a tendon and was “retired”.
    He was syndicated to stand @Margaux Farm in Ky. Evidently he was not a “success” in the breeding shed because he wound up at farms in Michigan and Iowa. He was then “bought cheaply” in Iowa and transported to the kill pen in Texas north of Dallas..
    He started his racing “career” in England, having been foaled in Ireland in 2007.
    This is part of The Deputy’s story which was about to end on a Mexican slaughterhouse floor, skinny, neglected and forgotten.
    How sad and irresponsible is that?!

    PS The Deputy was purchased from the kill pen by Barry Irwin of Team Valor ( owner for all 5 of his US starts ) after the horse’s pathetic situation was made public.!!

    • DAMN sad and irresponsible, Rose, but typical, right? The Deputy was purposefully bred for use in the horseracing industry – and after using his body for wallets and egos, those who benefitted from his labors washed their hands of him and didn’t give him another thought…if they HAD, he would have never ended up in a killpen. His breeder wasn’t checking up on him. His racing owners were not checking up on him. His racing trainers were not checking up on him. What happened is what always happens when racing’s “beloved athletes” end up in a killpen, are noticed and held for ransom – Jane Q. Public sets the rescue in motion (that said, those horses are the lucky ones – they at least have a chance for salvation unlike the thousands of others who never make it to a Facebook page).

      So in the case of The Deputy, former connections dipped into “The Bank Account of The Deputy” – they took a tiny fraction of the money HIS labors earned to buy his life. As is also typical in these cases of rescued racehorses, the public is now being asked to fund his remaining years. Crazy, isn’t it? – the horse made all that money having HIS life risked and he wasn’t provided with a safe and loving home after?!?

      Those who paid his meager “bail” SHOULD have paid his meager bail – it’s nothing to drop to the ground and kiss their feet about. No one thanks us, nor SHOULD they, for giving our horses a lifelong home and funding their care…it’s called BEING RESPONSIBLE.

      • Well said, Joy! Thank you for stating the obvious about BEING RESPONSIBLE. It’s criminal what these people in racing do every day! It’s disgraceful!


  12. And I can’t imagine The Deputy’s owners, Barry Irwin et al, didn’t have a stake in his breeding potential when he was sent to Margaux Farm. Plus, Margaux paid for the horse or was he “free to a good home”!!? Also, they knew he was not successful and therefore were aware he was sold to some farm in Michigan. These people are “business savvy” and understood the situation for the horse was the beginning of the downward spiral for an unsuccessful stallion, much like the claiming game. But, they were finished with him at that point.
    It is obvious the original owners bailed the horse because of the bad publicity. Nothing more nothing less.

    PS It looks like the horse was in pretty bad shape because the rescue commented he would be restored to health! Nobody knows how that poor horse suffered during his “silent” years, the years when he was not lining pockets. He is the poster horse for countless others…shame upon shame on this ugly business.

    • THE DEPUTY former multiple stakes champion of earnings of over $817,270 back in 2000 (equivalent to about 2 million today) not including the million-dollar breeding shares that Irwin and Barber reportedly made was in such neglectful condition that the kill truck didn’t want to load him to Canada – fact.
      It was full as most are, but he would have probably gone down in the truck before reaching the border (due to weakness from starvation) where the vet issues the required paperwork to cross.
      Most dumped racehorses end up in Idaho and are usually transported just north to Calgary Canada where one of the largest horse slaughter plants are located.
      Either way some people ensured that it went public knowing that Irwin and Barber would be shamed into bailing out THE DEPUTY whom they should have taken care of in the first place.
      If they didn’t he would have been saved – I can assure you of that.
      Ms. Jenine Sahadi – “Trainer” of THE DEPUTY posted a short video clip on Twitter wishing him a Happy Birthday via FaceTime and stating how much she loved the horse!
      She sure as hell didn’t post any videos while he was being starved on farms or being sent to a kill pen.
      How’s that from a typical delusional apologist who actually defends the beating of racehorses claiming that the whip is soft?
      I swear these people are in desperate need of mental health therapy.
      We’ve found 3 former racehorses in kill pens in the last 2 weeks, notified their former connections, and contacted the tracks (Delta Downs, Fairgrounds, Keeneland) where they last raced.
      We provided time-stamped lip tatoos, racehorse names, where they were located and they were supposed to get back to us with a number for one of their aftercare resources – they didn’t.
      We requested their bail money, transport and/or a place to put them and they never provided anything not even one dime to get them out of harms way.
      They couldn’t give a hoot about a racehorse going to slaughter they only care when their flipping a buck for them and are also a conduit for their casino millions and/or taxpayers money.

      • That’s right, Gina – the only reason The Deputy is safe is because the (opportunistic) kill buyer made it known he had him in his possession. NO ONE from racing gave him a home when they were done using him. And NO ONE from racing was following him, checking up on him, ensuring he wouldn’t go to slaughter. It was pure luck he ended up with a KB who puts racehorses on social media for the purpose of selling them for exorbitant amounts. And his “success” in racing saved him – because the racing-employed only help with bail if the horse was a big money earner and/or well-known name. The thousands of others? – racing could not care less – so it’s left to us to scramble to help the “cheap” unknowns. No different from the racing press that (sometimes) “mourns” the breakdowns and deaths of the “big horses” but doesn’t utter a peep about the others.

      • The killbuyer knows which horses are most likely not able to make the long ride on the truck loaded with horses to the Canadian (or Mexican) border and beyond to the slaughterhouse.
        From what I’ve read, a killbuyer sold a pony for $50 to a woman and said it would cost him that much to have him scraped off the bottom of the truck bed or floor. One can imagine what a nightmare it is for the horses as well as the ponies that are much shorter than horses.

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