2-Year-Old Filly Killed at Golden Gate

While we wait for news on Multiplier’s fate after being “vanned off” yesterday at Santa Anita, there is a confirmed kill to report. Yesterday, at the Stronach Group’s other California track, Golden Gate Fields, Lady of the House “went wrong soon after the start, was pulled up and was vanned off.” “Went wrong,” of course, is one of racing’s go-to euphemisms for dead, and indeed she is. Lady was two years old, and this was her 8th time under the whip. For Golden Gate, this is dead horse #10; for all California tracks, #25. Reform is a lie; you can’t fix wicked.

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  1. The devil will always be the devil and, likewise, horseracing will always be abuse to horses that leads to negative consequences for the horses. Reform is absolutely a lie. Actions speak louder than words. The words of The Stronach Group and all others in their social group of using horses for racing and gambling to create revenue for themselves are deceitful and deceptive on purpose. The fact is they continue to deliberately cause injuries to horses. Regardless of what so-called safety reforms they can pretend to use, horses exploited for racing are still being killed by the very people that make these false claims of safety. If anyone in racing was honestly concerned about safety for their horses, they would quickly get out of racing and provide a proper home for their horses. That is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN at the risk of The Stronach Group or any racing association, board or commission losing their source of income. They are in the business of killing horses for profit. Horseracing will always be horse-killing.

  2. Perfect assessment, Patrick: “While we wait for news on Multiplier’s fate…”
    Looks like the Stronachs (and the CHRB) are gonna straight-up refuse to admit to all of their racing deaths in California this weekend. To do so might suggest that you were right all along about their so-called safety reforms, and that’s not a good look for them. (Two horse kills just sounds so much more pleasant than three, doesn’t it?)
    Meantime, though, they’ll keep breaking down babies for fun and profit.

    • Kelly, it did not look good on the replay…he is last of the pack close to the finish the bobbling started and head bow
      The outrider racing toward him as the race continued merrily along.

      • Thank you; I won’t watch. Either way, the CHRB washes its hands of him the second he’s hauled off Santa Anita grounds. So, I’m afraid it’s Tap the Wire all over again, only from the SADT, and not Los Al Horse Hell.

  3. LADY OF THE HOUSE – raced 4 times as a baby, just a 2 y.o. baby and therein lies the major issue.
    These 4 races resulted in heavy pounding on an underdeveloped muscoskeletal system let alone the mental/emotional turmoil and abuse.
    LOTH should have been frolicking in a grassy paddock not forced into this horrific business that stripped her of just about anything natural.
    Then another 3 races and then the fatal race in which she went down in the dirt hard – took a nose dive.
    Golden Gate Fields owner The Stronach Group and CEO Ms. Stronach’s safety measures obviously mean nothing because racehorses are dying on all their tracks from the west to east coast.

  4. When will this abuse ever ever stop. A god damn 2 year old belongs at home not anywhere near a race track. The people involved in this are all animal abusers – this is deplorable in any sense. These track should all be shut down and stop the slaughter of these horses – OMG how incredibly tragic.

  5. The “sport” of racing horses is a senseless carnage of noble, INNOCENT creatures. Horse racing.is a devil’s abuse of another LIVING being. a HORSE IS NOT an inanimate object. It is one of God’s beautiful creates. It feels pain. It loves and mourns the loss of a mate just like humans do. A horse is NOT A disposable replaceable robot SLAVE. THE CRUEL PRACTICE OF HORSE RACING is not a SPORT for the poor HORSE who suffers and dies an agonizing death because of human abuse. WAKE UP PEOPLE and put an end to “Horse Racing”. once and for all! Horse racing is NOT a sport. It is the MURDER of one living being by another for fun and profit. Horses die during horse races because of TORTURE!

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