All This Done to a 2-Year-Old Baby

I have the details on the death of Mountain Bear at Turfway February 5, courtesy of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission:

RH limb: Multiple fractures in P1, MTIII lateral condylar fracture; severe soft tissue damage, including tearing of the deep and superficial flexor tendons, palmar annular ligaments, and sesamoidian ligaments; fetlock joint was luxated. Stomach: Severe chronic ulceration. Liver: Suppurative hepatitis. Lungs: Mild to moderate edema.”

All that to a 2-year-old baby. Vile. Horseracing.

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  1. This innocent young horse is listed on Equibase as having Ben Colebrook as his trainer. This person is no trainer!!! He is an animal abuser!!!
    Anything this degenerate person did to this horse was not horsemanship!!!! It was ABUSE & NEGLECT!!!!

  2. And I really hate to ask — but what was the cause of death?
    Was it all of these afflictions combined, or one specific cause?

    • A Google search of edema in lungs of racehorses brought up a lot of information on EIPH, Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage. As we know, the main cause of death was being used and abused as a racehorse. I don’t know the chronological order of each affliction this particular young horse had, but the bleeding lungs and broken bones would be horrific!!! I have wondered about racehorses and the condition of their livers with the drugs that are given to them and that the horses are dehydrated. Racing horses is EVIL!!! Everything they demand of the horses and everything they do to the horses in horseracing is a recipe for disaster!!!

  3. If one read this and didn’t know racing was involved, one would think Mountain Bear was beaten, poisoned, and possibly drowned, from this long list of conditions and injuries. As with all these horses, there is not a single human standing between the abuser and the victim. As we all know reading Patrick’s diligent information sharing, the rules in this industry are of no protection either. Quite the opposite, the show must go on, and bring in the vans and the syringes, and onto the next machine (victim) in this money-making scheme.

  4. If a person treated their 2 yr. old child that way, they would be locked up!

    • And after being locked up, they would receive their just reward. Child abuse is not tolerated in prison. It should be the same for animal abuse.

  5. This is all too, too painful! How can anyone with any humanity treat an animal of any age (only 2 years old) with such cruel, heartless indecency! How could let anyone allow a person of such low CONSCIOUSNESS as BEN COLEBROOK, (TRAINER????) even near one of GOD’S CREATURES? Any EVOLVED person would not tolerate such cruelty! I call upon every decent racing fan to WAKE UP! Are you all so UNCONSCIOUS that you cannot see what you are supporting? HORSERACING ISN’T a “SPORT”. It’s CRUEL, GODLESS ABUSE of a poor, poor, poor innocent SLAVE! WHEN WILL YOU WAKE UP–YOU GODLESS, unconscious people? LOOK at what you have done innocent baby- a horse slave that is already painfully dead because of your shallow acceptance of a horse-slave’s abuse. Poor, poor baby–already tortured to death before even having known the joys of freedom and love I can only pray for you to WAKE UP and put an end to HORSE RACING TORTURE.

  6. Another example of the greed and savagery of the human sons of Satan.

    The prehominids who evolved into Homo sapiens should have been met with huge and hungry carnivores who could have saved the planet from their destruction.

  7. These were not conditions that “just happened” – all of this was caused by the systematic abuse done daily at these tracks. What the Hell was being pumped into that poor baby to give her hepatitis of the liver and edema of the lungs?!

  8. Gastric ulcers and hepatitis – Mountain Bear must have been miserable. Yet still made to train and race. I can’t begin to imagine his suffering every freaking day. DAMN these monsters.

    • If they started him out at 18 months of age for race training, that means this victim, MOUNTAIN BEAR, a gelding, suffered miserably for half of his short life. He was foaled February 11, 2018 and died/killed on February 5, 2021. He was owned by Sumaya U.S. Stable. Their listing on Equibase has them at over $7 Million in so-called earnings. It looks like they have lots of experience at exploiting innocent horses. When I say exploiting, I mean abusing, brutalizing and torturing a baby horse, many of them, for purse money and for wagering money. MOUNTAIN BEAR didn’t have a chance. His whole life was a nightmare that he could never wake up from. This abuse of horses is beyond unacceptable!!!!

  9. MOUNTAIN BEAR was forced to endure extreme pain and suffering that would be chargeable offences in any other setting in this country.
    First of all, the majority of bone injuries in racehorses are in the front limbs and it’s rare to have such extensive injuries on his RH – right HIND limb although all are horrific.
    Further, the luxation of his fetlock joint (ankle) and the total and complete shattering of his supporting structures (tendons and ligaments) coupled with the RH limb can usually indicate that he literally stepped in a hole at a high rate of speed.
    This doesn’t omit the possibility that he had serious pre-existing bone conditions because we know he had chronic ulcers and hepatitis all of which would have shown in basic blood work results and certainly would have exhibited symptoms that any horseperson could see.
    So one can assume that he wasn’t receiving even the most basic care and diagnostics.
    Ulcers are preventative with ulcer medication and given the fact that almost all racehorses have ulcers it’s negligence to not provide this medication same with hepatitis.
    In the least, MB shouldn’t even had been in training let alone racing due to his age and under developed muscoskeletal system, but was denied easily accessible medication and care.
    MB’s final minutes would have been horrifying for him and any of you apologists who continue to participate and defend these repeated kills really need to get your head examined.

    • MOUNTAIN BEAR (KY) had mild to moderate edema of the lungs, but for how long? Did the trainer a.k.a. horse abusing degenerate know anything about the condition of this young gelding’s lungs? If so, did they send him out to die on purpose? They sent him out to run on the track on purpose. What did anyone think would happen to a young horse with so many ailments (stomach ulcers, liver/hepatitis, lungs/edema)? What kind of set up is/was in place at Turfway in Kentucky to have “veterinarians” that would allow a sick horse to go out on the track and be forced to run while carrying the weight of a whip-wielding jockey?

      • Wanda, a short and succinct response to your valid concerns?
        They don’t care.
        They are operating with total impunity and every single one of them knows that there will be zippo repercussions for egregious racehorse abuse punishable by law in any other setting.
        Just think about what it would be like on our highways if drunk drivers were allowed to drive with zippo repercussions when they kill somebody?
        Obviously, they would go out and do it again and again, more people would die and the same for horse racing.
        That’s equivalent to what’s going on here.

  10. Horse racing–another animal exploitation that attracts of the dregs of society. Yes, the horse was a mere baby who suffered and died because of human greed and callousness.

    May everyone involved with her pain and untimely death get what they deserve however it may come.

  11. I agree with Wanda Diamond that horse tracing is evil. I cannot understand how the owners of the horses can allow their horses to be exploited and suffer so much until they die. This is so evil and horrible. It is totally inexcusable!

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