Downtown Boy Killed at Oaklawn

The 1st at Oaklawn Saturday was Downtown Boy’s first time under the whip – it was also his last. According to the chart, the 2-year-old was “pulled up in distress [and] vanned off.” In fact, he is dead. In fact, he was euthanized right there on the track. So, the only thing the “van” was toting was a thousand pounds of dead horse.

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  1. Nice folks in the the Sport of Kings, huh? It’s their biggest day of the year in Arkansas, but they KILL during the opener, then move right along to the next race.
    Not gonna let something like a horrifically-mangled animal getting put out of his racing-inflicted misery ruin all the FUN of your Special Day, are you, Oaklawn?

  2. Unfortunately, horses being injured and killed on the racetrack is nothing new in this bloodthirsty bloodsport. Registrations of Thoroughbreds in the USA have declined since 1986. Does that not tell us something? It indicates to me that at least some members of the public are against the constant abuse of Thoroughbreds being brutally exploited and whipped for purse money to the owners, trainers, jockeys, etc. It also indicates that maybe some people are against using and abusing Thoroughbreds for $2 bets. THIS KILLING OF INNOCENT HORSES MUST BE DEFUNDED and recognized as the heinous criminal activity that it most definitely is. End this bloodsport!!!

  3. Well, kudos I suppose that he wasn’t forced to endure an agonizing van ride to the barn in an attempt for the transparent racing industry to hide their ever-decreasing track deaths.

  4. Horse racing has become legalized animal abuse just for the fame and finances.
    These animals are not being treated humanely and disguarded if they don’t win races ,to auction house KILL PENS ,to face slauthering if not adopted

  5. I agree with Wanda Diamond that this cruel sport of horse racing should be ended!

    • Jan,
      Thank you! I agree with Patrick Battuello and many others who started this movement to end horseracing.

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