Multi-Horse “Spill” Kills At Least One at Mahoning

The 6th at Mahoning yesterday: “TO WIN avoided a spill past the five sixteenths pole…. BIG TRUCK allowed to settle, fell over a fallen rival just past the five sixteenths pole…. HAKMAN also fell over a fallen rival past the five sixteenths pole and was euthanized. STARTDFROMDABOTTOM fell just past the five sixteenths….”

Must have been an ugly scene indeed. (I’d show it but the cowards at Mahoning have declared the race “unavailable” for replay.) The one (confirmed) dead horse, Hakman, was three, and this was his 10th time under the whip.

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  1. Just the fact that this race and the outcome was documented is enough for me. I don’t need to see the video to know that it really happened. I believe the reason why they don’t want to show the video is at least partly because the more people that see it, the more they’re going to talk about it and be more horrified and remember it longer. If people who aren’t familiar with the horrors of racing don’t see the video and have never seen horses go down in a race, they won’t really know just how horrible horseracing is and be more apt to think in a delusional manner that this bloodsport is “the sport of kings” and that it’s socially acceptable. Horseracing is only “socially acceptable” to the greedy, abusive, barbaric psychopathic, sociopathic groups of people who get some sort of demented thrill from seeing horses suffer in some way, shape or form. Also, the uninformed or gullible people who have not been involved in horseracing first-hand and have no idea how widespread the abuse and killing of racehorses is in reality might think that horseracing is “socially acceptable” but the truth is that horseracing is morally depraved and unacceptable.

  2. All the worst human traits are concentrated in this ugly business. We see the result of this up front on a daily basis. And it is just as horrific behind the scene. But most of the horror is covered up by these fine upstanding people!!
    And as we see, replays of the carnage are hidden. The truth is concealed because they know what they are doing is an affront to human decency.

  3. The folks at Mahoning may not have wanted to show video of the carnage, but the genius marketers at Darley (TB syndicate) still used this hell-race as a chance to promote their, um, victory:

    “…Morestride takes command in the stretch to win the Howard B. Noonan Stakes by two lengths at Mahoning Valley Race Course!” We’re then invited to “read more about (his) sharp win…(!)”

    But, of course, nothing at all is said about half the field being wiped out in a crash of horses and injured-or-worse jockeys. Just a plug for breeding more would-be champions of shitty, low-level “stakes” races (at shitty, low-level tracks like Mahoning) before their whole U.S. industry collapses.

    • Thanks for the industry biz update, Kelly. I’m sure the people who have money invested in breeding more disposable gambling chips won’t really care that there was carnage in a low-end Stakes race. It’s so sad that there are people who are so greedy and uncaring about the abuse they inflict on their horses in an attempt to profit from the suffering of the horses. In some way though, it’s almost laughable at how ridiculous they are about the attempt to make a nightmare sound like a dream of sorts.

      • Know what you mean about “laughable.” Once you start down the rabbit hole of racehorse marketing research, the most obscene contradictions emerge. And the creeps don’t even realize they’re exposing themselves as the monsters they are. EVERY breakdown race will result in some enterprising jackass who’s eager to share his/her GOOD NEWS with “investors.”
        How can we not laugh at that?

        • Right, Kelly. It really is creepy because they are committing such heinous acts against horses in their pursuit of profit. The racetrack doesn’t want the masses to know about their abuse, brutality, cruelty and carnage but the stallion owners think it will be to their advantage to highlight the fact that their horse won in such a train-wreck of a race. So stupid!

  4. Sending a sentient being to participate in an activity that can have this type of outcome is pure abuse. You have to be a special type of evil to enjoy watching horses cartwheel over each other and crash to the track from a forced full run.

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