“Fatal Injury, Euthanized on Track” at Charles Town

Magicians Diva in the 3rd at Charles Town last night, in the words of the chartwriter: “MAGICIANS DIVA angled to the inside to set the early pace, but was pulled up with a fatal injury approaching the five sixteenths pole and had to be euthanized on the track.” She had just turned four, and this was her third time under the whip.


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  1. This insane EVIL must be stopped!
    End Pari-Mutuel betting on horses! End this constant cycle of inhumane treatment of horses!
    Horses forced to be confined in stalls for 23 hours a day and forced to run on a track to the point of injuries and death is an evil practice. It’s inhumane! It must be stopped. Stop the funding! The public doesn’t need this depraved abuse of horses!

  2. The barbaric Grand National will be run today in less than 2 hours over at Aintree. A steeplechase race much anticipated in the UK. Another barbaric dangerous “race” that has horrid repercussions and ungodly hurdles and consequences.

  3. Son of a bitch… one of the horses legs just snapped off . I hate England. Steeplechase is BARBARIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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