It’s More Than Just the Killing

At Los Alamitos in March, there were 19 horses “scratched” by the vet prior to their races for being injured, 10 for being sick, and 7 for being “unsound.” Also:

3/5: “A refund was ordered in the fourth race as #6 St. Reno injured itself [‘itself,’ not ‘himself’] during the loading procedure and was declared on the advice of [the vet].”

3/13: “The claim of Seventh Wave was voided after Dr. Beck placed the gelding on the vet’s list as unsound.”

3/13: “The claim of Mongolian Sunrise was voided after the mare was placed on the vet’s list for bleeding.”

3/19: “#2 Jaydann Bus was injured in the gate and scratched.”

3/26: “A claim deposited prior to the third race for #3 Musically was voided as the horse was unsound in the left foreleg while in the detention barn.”

3/27: “A refund was ordered in the sixth race when #4 In Deep Thought became fractious during the loading procedure, flipped in its starting gate stall, and was declared on the advice of vet.”

3/28: “A refund was ordered in the first race as #5 Elemental flipped while behind the starting gate and was scratched on the advice of vet.”

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  1. WHAT is Los Alamos doing to horses that is rendering them “unfit” to race? Are they being STARVED? DRUGGED? PHYSICALY ABUSED and NEGLECTED? Are HORSES just THINGS Los Alamos DISCARDS like EVERYDAY garbage? It wasn’t so long ago that HUMAN SLAVES were STARVED AND WHIPPED INTO COMPLIANCE. The evidence speaks for itself. The race track in Los Alamos should be SHUT DOWN NOW!

  2. This ONGOING ABUSE needs to be stopped!
    This ONGOING ABUSE eventually leads to a KILLED HORSE! Some horses will be KILLED sooner and some horses will be KILLED later. This cycle of criminal animal abuse must be stopped! Regardless of how much money in the form of government subsidies is poured into this criminal activity and how much that money would benefit so many thousands of people not engaged in the ABUSE AND KILLING OF THOROUGHBREDS AND QUARTER HORSES, this abuse and killing of horses exploited for racing must be stopped!
    Horseracing is animal abuse! It must be recognized by every state government that horseracing is UNACCEPTABLE to our communities as a whole. Abusing and killing horses is unacceptable!

  3. The disgusting fact that the vet had to scratch these horses for being injured, sick, or unsound because their “loving” connections were going to send them out to race regardless says so much about the people involved in horse racing. I suppose apologists will say that these horses love to race so much that they all but dragged themselves to that track.

    • So true, Rebecca. Los Alamitos is a despicable hell hole for horses! I sometimes imagine what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at Los Alamitos or any horseracing track. It has to be constant trauma for the horses. Injured, sick and unsound horses forced to be tacked up for a race and only scratched because someone with at least an ounce of common sense and the authority to speak up for that horse, and that one, and that one, and that one and so many other horses did their “job” as a veterinarian.
      This violence against horses is enough to give a first-hand observer Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Anyone that can engage in this violence against horses should be behind bars and that includes Ed Allred.

      • For a vet at this death track to actually scratch a horse, that horse must have had a VERY obvious problem. We’ve seen all too often that if these racing parasites can get away with it, they will send an unfit horse to the track without a second thought. Or a first thought, for that matter.

        • Rebecca, thank heavens they had enough moral compass to scratch the horses instead of “oh well”

  4. Back around 2005, working as an Associate Steward with the CHRB, we were getting lots of complaints about Los Al both from outsiders AND insiders.
    That’s how bad it was because for insiders of this industry to complain about abuse it has to be really bad.
    Many of the outsiders were previous involved with horse racing and what they witnessed at this track was so bad that they called it in AFTER they left the business.
    Some examples of complaints were that racehorses were sent to suffer back in their stalls with broken legs, were denied vet care, some sent to the underground tracks with serious injuries that were doped up with illegal drugs and forced to run, some were sold to other countries, but when I attempted to get the names of those racehorses to follow-up they refused to furnish any names.
    Plus at the time there was no mandatory reporting and the industry took full advantage of that.
    A common thread all led to the owner Doc Allred who set a common practice of abusing and killing racehorses according to the complaints.
    In the stable area, it was described by former industry insiders as a “culture of abuse and killing” with no accountability whatsoever.
    Some even called the state abuse hotline to complain, but was told the horse racing was self-governed so they couldn’t respond to the complaints.
    Some even went so far to say that Allred actually enjoyed his private “snuff show” and he actually lived in his luxury living quarters on the upper floor of Los Al where he could watch everything.
    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing at the time and although I didn’t stay long enough to substantiate these claims I happen to believe them.
    Considering the most current posts on this site, coupled with what I knew, it all seems plausible.

    • It stands to reason that if this psychopathic Allred didn’t enjoy the abuse and killing of horses, he wouldn’t continue to allow it to go on and on and on. For decades now, he has perpetrated and perpetuated this horror show. Horseracing being categorized as a “sport” by our society (our society?) is a blood sport of causing extremely brutal suffering to horses just as shooting and killing upland game is a blood sport for people who like to shoot animals with guns for meat or trophies (Boone & Crockett, P&Y). The animals are wounded in the most gruesome ways and these bloodsport people take photos of their killed animals and smile.
      This hideous abuse of wild animals is really the same mentality of brutality and cruelty to horses in horseracing.

      • Wanda. Remember Cecil the lion death and the aftermath all over the world???

        • Nancy, I do remember. There are so many animals that are killed by poachers and “licensed” so-called hunters that either you never hear about or the news might report it once, maybe twice, and then nothing.
          There was a group of creeps that shot an elephant and the animal suffered horribly for a long while before dying. The creeps were all proud of themselves. It was on YouTube. It was obvious that they enjoyed killing the elephant. It was an absolute senseless killing of an animal that wasn’t hurting anyone.

          • Thank you Wanda for your response. Alot of us are on the same page always.

      • Y’all should see how hard they’re working to try to get Wendy Mitchell OFF the CHRB. It’s a concerted effort by all those in the industry — and, I’m fairly certain Doc Allred is leading the charge. Commissioner Mitchell was the first to stand up against Doc’s equine bloodbath. Imagine that — suggesting that Los Al should take a lousy couple days off (or even one day) to help them figure out why they kill so many horses. The nerve of her!
        She also sided with her non-dinosaur colleagues on the Board, Commissioners Gonzales and Davis, in trying to enhance whipping and doping restrictions that the Good Old Neanderthal Boys’ Club of the CHRB didn’t find palatable as (*ahem) “regulators.” But to those in this sick biz, her votes only translate to a desire to “destroy California racing.”
        Funny, right? It’s clear these sadists don’t need the CHRB to destroy their animal cruelty livelihoods; California voters are about to do that for them:)

        • That the voters of California will vote at some in the future against the approval of horseracing and the inherent abuse, brutality, cruelty, death and deliberate killing of racehorses is definitely something to look forward to, Kelly.

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