Three More Dead in California – “Reform” Is a Ruse; “Safety” Is a Lie

The CHRB has just released the names of three more dead racehorses in California:

Thursday, a yet-to-be-named 2 (or 3)-year-old died at Golden Gate – “accident,” they’re calling it.

Saturday, Call Sign Lucky was killed training at Los Alamitos. He was two and had been put to the whip 7 times.

Same day, Velocemente was felled in the 10th race at Golden Gate. No surprise there, as she was a “went wrong” on the chart. Velocemente was also two, and this was her very first time under the whip.

These are victims 21, 22, and 23 on the California racing year.

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  1. Horseracing is so abusive that horses die from their forced participation in this ugly gambling event.

  2. So the highly-credible, super-transparent CHRB has admitted three more kills. Bear in mind that means these three died on track property. No telling how many others were whisked away, fatally injured, to be disposed of in anonymity.
    – Their loving connections certainly aren’t gonna fess up. They’re too busy manufacturing the illusion that all of THEIR racehorses get quietly retired to loving homes.
    – The tracks’ officials aren’t gonna voluntarily admit one of their off-property kills: last time that happened, it was Los Al’s track announcer, Michael Wrona, who innocently let it slip on Twitter that Tap the Wire was D-E-A-D, almost a year ago. (Bet Ol’ Doc Allred made sure Mr. Wrona won’t be making THAT mistake ever again.) But his little slip-up doesn’t matter to the CHRB, anyway (see above). Because, even though we all saw how poor Tap’s leg was broken in a Los Al RACE (which he “won”), and everyone saw the horror, the CHRB insists his death did not happen. Not racing, not training, not even “other.” To the super-scientific CHRB, Tap the Wire will live forever.

    Oh, and don’t you all find it ironic that the Stronach-owned Golden Gate Fields is SUING some peaceful protesters for disrupting their killing show…but then they admit to killing TWO more horses in a weekend?
    Good luck in court, GGF!

    • Sure there is! If your racehorse gets killed, your secret is safe with the CHRB.

  3. Why doesn’t someone out there use the sabo idea of shoes in the fire to fix all the tracks. You can’t kill horses if you have no track or facilities to race on……time to fight back I think….obviously words don’t work so well. Perhaps a little action. They organized an underground in Europe to stop the Nazis ……don’t really see much difference here. We need an underground movement to stand up for horses. They’ve been used to death by humans for as long as we’ve been around. Time for a change.

  4. These people have no conscience. You can get away with just about anything in Man’s world, but not in God’s world. Divine justice.

  5. Human greed on full display. Is there no bottom to the depths of this evil? There will never be peace on earth until there is peace for all, especially these innocent victims. Horse racing must go, it is not manageable or redeemable.

  6. The immoral aspect of horse racing should be apparent to all of us from maiming to dumping to killing.
    The records are all there and they are indisputable facts that are all so heartbreaking.
    However, one major area that continually gets overlooked is the environmental impact of horse racing.
    You have about 1200 racehorses crammed into minimal square footage – each one shitting about 10 times per day so that’s about 12,000 piles of excrement per day that needs to go somewhere and where does it go?
    Well in Florida it gets put into “stacks” which, over the years with increased volume, has put a tremendous amount of pressure on the holding ponds and is a major contribution to tears resulting in leaks according to environmental groups and scientists reviewing this potential disaster.
    That’s why they are currently dumping tons of human and livestock excrement into Tampa Bay probably killing sea life and their beaches with long term effects most likely.
    This is the only solution they can come up with to avoid a total breech of the levy which would dump tons of toxic waste into their residential neighborhoods.
    So although horse racing isn’t the main cause it sure as hell contributed to it since Gulfstream Park, Tampa Bay Downs and the various thoroughbred training centers like Palm Beach Meadows all have about 1200 racehorses stabled there and it all amounts to a tremendous amount of racehorse excrement that gets stored.
    This vile business not only kills racehorses, but they steal from our communities by diverting millions in casino profits directly into their own coffers such as The Stronach Group, and they are a major contributor to methane gas and livestock excrement.
    Both racehorses, our communities and our precious environment are forced to pay for this unnecessary dirty, rotten, corrupt gambling venue.
    It has got to go because if some drastic changes are not made on this planet there will be no planet for human life to sustain itself and we are well on the way there.

  7. There’s zero accountability for the brutality that is inflicted on two-, three-, four-year old BABIES in this industry: the ends justify the means, with the ends being MONEY! The horses are all expendable vis-a-vis this scenario that has no consequences for the perpetrators. If these were ‘HUMAN’ babies they would all be in jail and out of business. There are no words to describe the horror that these animals are subjected to.

  8. Horses that are just 2 and 3 years old don’t just “die” by “accident” especially when there are so many “accidents” every day of the week, every day of the month and every day of the year, year after year after year. Horse racing that kills, and tosses the injured and dying to the side like discarded toilet paper is full of SHIT! This isn’t a SPORT! It is a heartless, ruthless BUSINESS that must and will be ENDED NOW! PEOPLE in government in a civilized society MUST bring this BARBARIC abuse of life to an end!

  9. This is disgusting and completely unacceptable. We must stop this disregard for life.

  10. This is depravedly despicable — shameful, embarrassing — unconscionably cruel — we all know the facts of horrific abuse & killings of Horses, yet these races continue — The year is 2021 — how can anyone educated, enlightened ALLOW such events to carry on — Governor Newsom can DO something BUT he does not give a damn.

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