It’s More Than Death: The Sick, Unsound, Injured, and Lame of Golden Gate

Last month at Golden Gate, according to the Stewards Minutes (all emphases mine): 41 horses were “scratched” (by vet) from races for being sick; 13 for being injured; and 4 for being “unsound.” That’s 58 horses. But those were just the scratches. In addition:

3/5: “Claim submitted by Blaine Wright for the gelding Conquest Lemonraid was deemed void after state vet reported him lame in RF leg; returned to barn of Pablo De Jesus.”

3/5: “Claim submitted by Jonathan Wong for the gelding Upo was deemed void after state vet reported him lame in LH leg; returned to barn of Isidro Tamayo.”

3/7: “Claim submitted by Mark Glatt for the mare Miss Indefatigable was deemed void after state vet reported her lame; returned to barn of Blaine Wright.”

3/14: “Claim submitted by Victor Trujillo for the mare Splashing was voided by the Stewards after they were notified that she was unsound in RH leg; placed on Vet’s List; returned to Reid France’s barn.”

3/25: “Alma Spirit was unruly while the assistant starters attempted to get her loaded in the gate. [She] eventually flipped over and fell on her back causing the Stewards…to scratch her. This resulted in the loss of the rolling super high five wager and a seven minute delay in off time for the race.”

The loss of a wager and a delay – what a terrible inconvenience.

3/26: “Claim submitted by Frank Lucareli for Tiz The Standard was deemed void after state vet reported her lame in RF leg; returned to barn of Bill McLean.”

3/26: “Claim submitted by Jonathan Wong for Lucky Ms Jones was deemed void after state vet reported the mare lame; returned to barn of Steve Sherman.”

3/27: “Claim submitted by Andy Mathis for the gelding Luck’s Royal Flush was deemed void after state vet reported him lame in RF leg; returned to barn of Jeff Bonde.”

And finally, 3/28: “Jockey Catalino Martinez, who rode Pour On The Cole in the third race on March 27, is suspended three racing days for violation of CHRB Rule ‘Use of Riding Crop – used more than six times in a race.’ The ruling was issued after Martinez appeared in the Stewards office and said he just plain forgot in the heat of battle. The leader in the race was tiring and Martinez felt his mount had a chance to overtake that rival and win the race.”

“Just plain forgot in the heat of battle” – You can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Darlene Brabant, thank God for a good long as these poor animals are owned by greedy owners the vet can’t save them.

  2. May I remind readers that Golden Gate is owned by The Stronach Group.
    It was formerly called “Magna Entertainment,” and when they went bankrupt the name was changed.
    Frank Stronach started the whole thing, but the baton has now been passed to daughter Ms. Belinda Stronach.
    Whether it’s a change of business names, a change of personnel, or editing out the snuff show at Stronach-owned tracks nothing has never changed for the racehorses.
    They will always be just profit slaves, objects to be used, abused, dumped and killed – mere disposable gambling chips to flip a buck for wagering profits and no matter how caring or distant Ms. Stronach attempts to make herself she is facilitating the massive pain, suffering, and/or killing of racehorses.
    It’s important to note that this happens on every single track throughout North America.
    Yet again, another horrific maim and Kill List that accurately reflects just how vile this business is.
    This Killing Show has no place in a civilized society and it must be shut down.

  3. Sad part is, I could almost guarantee that these horses are running on painkillers, that are actually legal. So, even after that, if they are noticeably lame, one can imagine how incredibly CRIPPLED these poor horses truly are!

  4. Who knew being fed carrots, mints and getting kissed by humans could result in such lameness and unsoundness!?!?
    If only these people could comprehend what empathy and kindness really means!!!

  5. When will these unconscious manikins (horse people) with no hearts for the suffering of animals understand horses love like we do. They grieve like we do. They feel pain like we do. And they get sick and die when they are starved like we do. Will “horse people” ever become sensitized to a horse’s pain?

  6. I’m being haunted by what I saw in Glen Falls, NY this past November when I went there to look at a colonial that was falling apart. Unlike the picture in the listing of an absentee realtor with a Long Island phone number, the house was on a tiny lot packed full of metal junk. Three horses were crammed in with the junk and had absolutely no space to turn around. No one was there and I couldn’t see any food or water for the separated living horses. It was blustery and bitter cold. I was so shocked that living creatures were left behind like pieces of metal in an over-filled junkyard that I couldn’t absorbed the full meaning of it until I started to read Patrick’s Horse racing wrongs automated emails. . I’m 86-years-old and these seemingly abandoned living beings is the worst I’ve ever seen. Man’s historically abused slaves (horses) deserve better than being tossed into a junkyard to die a cruel, painful death.

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