“Injured Badly, Fell, Euthanized” at Parx

The 8th at Parx yesterday afternoon, in the words of the chartwriter: “O’KRAM raced off the pace inside, moved up three wide on the backside, then was injured badly, fell nearing the far turn and was euthanized.”

“then was injured badly…fell…euthanized”

O’Kram was five; ’twas his 43rd time under the whip.


  1. O’KRAM was owned and trained by Carlos J. Milian and the jockey was Edwin Rivera. What did the chartwriter leave out when the phrase “…was injured badly…” was used??? This abuse of horses cannot be reformed. Abuse is abuse.

  2. Nooooo!!!!! Nancy, one of our gray geldings , you and I , are soooo fond of. 😢😢😭 O’Kram, you dear sweet boy,you shouldn’t have died from this abusive “industry”. It’s a killing industry

  3. I bet that the owner/trainer was well aware that O’Kram had pre-existing conditions that they kept on treating (joint injections, pain killers, etc.) and sent him out to race anyways.
    Every day these racehorses are forced into a game of Russian Roulette and they are always the losers.
    The abusers like Carlos J. Milian can always count on the system, the enablers, to keep all of the vet/treatment records a secret so that the public doesn’t know anything.
    O’Kram yet another victim of this vile killing business.

  4. My patience is OVER. There was a TEN yr old, named Financial Freedom, racing tonight at Penn. I CANNOT bring myself to look into the result. Is it any wonder I love animals more than people?

  5. The entire horse racing scene in Pennsylvania is supported by casino profits.
    PA racing has received 3 billion from the state that was diverted from community essential services such as education. Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Scathing Piece on PA Horseracing HRW March 26, 2021.
    This money has been given and continues to be given to the “horsemen groups.” AKA HBPA.
    The HBPA sits at the bargaining table with our politicians and these unworthy subsidies are given without the presence of community representatives.
    These meetings are conducted “in secret” with total lack of transparency and then the public is informed AFTER THE FACT when everything is already in place.
    If they disclose the information, which sometimes they do, nobody in the community wants to financially support horse racing, but they temper the situation by claiming it’s only temporary.
    It never is because they continually require handouts and has every metric in horse racing decreases they require the handouts to correspondingly increase.
    O’KRAM and all the others are voiceless victims of this entire vile killing business and everybody in it.
    It’s long overdue to STOP the subsidies to horse racing and if you haven’t done so already please phone and write Gov. Wolf’s office to support his proposal.

  6. I love the horses more than the bad people who abuse them and cause their deaths. There should be a special punishment for these so-called “humans”.

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