4-Year-Old Mare Killed at Tampa Today

According to Equibase, Andrea’s Worry was pulled up “in some distress” in the 2nd at Tampa Bay this afternoon, and was “vanned off.” In fact, I can confirm, the 4-year-old mare is dead, euthanized for her injuries.

This, as ever, is horseracing.

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  1. Regardless of the terminology of a female horse being called a filly or a mare at the age of four-years-old, she was abused to death by racing. She was not a mature horse by any means. She is one among many other dead horses that make up the tip of the iceberg of horses exploited by people abusing and brutalizing horses for racing and betting.

  2. In “some” distress, huh?
    Maybe “some” of these chartwriters will be forced to practice “some” actual integrity in their creative fiction writing when the laughably-titled HISA goes into effect…
    Just kidding! Ha ha: the whole HISA boondoggle of industry-sponsored, crammed-through legislation COULD have required tracks to report actual outcomes — you know, the daily parade of mangled horses killed immediately due to their horrific injuries — but that’s too much top-secret, classified, industry-insider information that tends to upset the public, so it won’t.
    And, since HISA won’t actually save any horses’ lives, they’re 0 for 2 in their stupid name.

    • The I in HISA is supposed to stand for Integrity so that is another layer of falsehoods perpetrated by an already morally depraved community. There is no Integrity a.k.a. honesty in the horseracing community. Their trademark is lying and cheating and duping anyone that can be duped, while continuing to kill horses and using a creative mathematical formula to deny and deflect the facts of their deviant business.

  3. She was right up front…started bobbling around the turn. Announcer says Andrea’s Worry out of the race. I guess she will no.longer be a worry for Andrea,right??

  4. Bonnie, Our Claire Bear ran at Parx today race 2 in the slop. I did not see the race. She came in next to last. I know you like to keep track of her wellbeing

  5. HISA is just another public ruse because there are no reforms, no changes that will stop the abuse and dying.
    Just as the CHRB yet again chose profit over the well-being of racehorses by tabling a change to jockey fines as a stronger deterrent to stop beating racehorses.
    Instead they are just going to keep on beating them and beating them……with slap on the fine wrists that are laughable and yet another public ruse.
    The fines pretty much condone the whipping and beating while racehorses are in pain, suffering, and/or tired.
    These are not people who care about their “family member” these are apologists who defend the abuse as Jenine Sahadi and Doug O’Neill did and of course the pro-horse racing CHRB agreed with them completely dismissing the outraged public who wants the beatings to stop including large fines to deter the beaters.
    The Jockey Club hired an attorney to be present to argue that beating racehorses is just fine by them.
    Given the chance to actually care about racehorses’ they fail them every step of the way and they don’t care.
    You can’t possibly care while you watch a suffering racehorse getting beaten and continue to protect the beaters.
    LIke I’ve always maintained there are only 3 categories of racehorse apologists: 1. abusers 2. enablers of the abuse 3. both.
    This is a pathetic, outdated public abattoir that slowly tortures racehorses on a daily basis until they have no more to give – not physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.
    The Kill Lists are facts and so are all the crippled and dumped racehorses standing in kill pens begging for their life.

    • It’s a fact that horseracing abuses horses to death literally, but the industry also hides all of the deaths. Therefore, the Kill Lists are incomplete.

      • Excuse me, I should have said, “They hide SOME of the deaths, so not ALL killed horses make it on the Kill Lists” making the Kill Lists incomplete.

  6. I was just wondering how you confirmed this so quickly? I checked Twitter, and all I can find is a few people asking about her. As you state, the chart merely notes, “vanned off.” If it was on Facebook, I wouldn’t know, I don’t use that site. Were you able to contact & confirm with someone at the track, or her owner or trainer? I wouldn’t expect to know this for sure, until your FOIA reports are posted in the future. Thank you.
    RIP, Andrea’s Worry

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