Practically Unbelievable: Monticello Harness at 5 Kills Already This Year

Twice An Angel, the Gaming Commission reports, broke down in the 3rd at Monticello yesterday. Dead. She was seven years old. For Monticello, this is the 5th kill on the year – an ungodly number for a harness track over a full 12 months, let alone three.

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  1. My mistake, thinking that harness racing was safe. NO horseracing is, all evil runs it, period!!!!!!

    • So true. I used to think Quarter Horse racing was safer, if only because they tend to be more solid and stout than their obscenely fragile TB counterparts. Turns out, it’s just as deadly — if not more so, with the poor things crashing and burning, face-planting and fragmenting at even faster speeds, almost like they’ve been thrown from a tall building.
      Oops! Hope I didn’t give these racing assholes any brilliant ideas for a new “sport” they can bet on:(

      • LOL, Kelly….you made me laugh so hard. Isn’t that the TRUTH!!!!!!! Kelly, that baby girl quarter horse last year was the WORST. They are ALL tortured.

  2. It is time to stop this abuse and killing of horse racing by abolishing this cruel sport.

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