So Bad They Won’t Let Us See It

First things first: In the 9th at Aqueduct yesterday, Kiss Me Dave “fell fatally.” Dead. She was just two; this was her very first race. Vile enough. But the chartwriter had more to say: “MAYBE I KNOW was just off the rail coming up to a prostrate rider…lost its own pilot trying to hop off over him…. TELLAPERFECTTALE worked its way into the two path…avoiding a fallen rival and jockey….”

“its” (not “her”)
“fallen rival”

Then this: “Following a Stewards’ Inquiry focusing on an incident on the turn, the result was allowed to stand and the race was declared official.” Well thank heavens the “incident” – a dead horse, I remind – did not affect the “result.” How sad that these racing people have allowed their innate human compassion to be blunted by $2 bets.

Equally sad are the fans who, in the wake of these deaths, express their sentiments. One from yesterday is fully indicative of the delusional (and/or callous) mindset. A Dr. Lourdes Abellera – “racing fan (11 countries, 27 racetracks), animal welfare advocate [emphasis added], civil engineering professor, UCLA PhD alumna” – wrote the following on Twitter: “Rest easy, Kiss Me Dave [crying face]. Condolences to the connections.” Detestable. By the way, I’d show the replay but alas, this:

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  1. I saw this comment on the Thoroughbredchampions site from a BaroqueAgain1: “ As sad as this is, I’m grateful (GRATEFUL?!) that only (ONLY?!) Dave was lost. 2 other horses fell over him (HER, you idiot!) when he fell in front of them.”
    BaroqueAgain1- you’re a sicko. Why would you be grateful that ONLY 1 horse died in such a horrific way?! Why should ANY horse die for this bloodsport?! Not to mention- though it’s a small deterrent to me- 2 humans were also hurt because of this! And this is enjoyment to you to continue to watch?! Sick minded people in this world that gain enjoyment from watching animals get hurt.
    And you supporters of racing have the gall to badmouth the protestors at Golden Gate, when atrocious things like this happen to both horses and humans?! Well at least they have a moral compass, a conscience, and a heart!

  2. This removal of the video of a horse going down on the track during a race is what I expect them to do. The people who want to hide a horse being fatally injured during a race have most likely seen many, many horses go down fatally. It is a morally depraved gambling game. The horses are pawns in this vile business. The people involved are depriving the horses a kind and happy life by keeping them as slaves in this morally depraved business.

  3. According to the PR, two jockeys were taken to the hospital. The 2 horses that had to avoid the fallen baby were ok. Kiss me Dave was passed away before the vets arrived. So with that being said,.the baby saved the connections from having to spend their money on the pink concotion.

    • Nancy – just FYI- in my state the track pays to euthanize if the horse not the connections. Not sure bout NY, but I believe the tracks pay pretty much everywhere

  4. Happen to see this race by chance on tv. The poor filly took a nose dive into the dirt. I can’t get the image out of my mind. 😢

    • Some of these horrors are so traumatizing to witness — never mind, for the moment, what it’s like for the poor, unwilling participants(!) — that they caused me nightmares for years. And those haunting, gruesome, sickening ones that accidentally appear on-screen are just a tiny portion of all the ones that happen in reality; racing’s TV production departments are masters of Carnage Concealment. In fact, I believe it’s their true, number one priority: “You didn’t just see what you think you saw. Didn’t happen, so just shut up and place your bets.”

  5. To those involved in any way in horse (and dog) racing from owner to jockey and betters who believe in a God should remember their bible learning as a kid. In most areas of the Bible you will hear how vengeful our Gid can be. Read the book of Nahum and you will find the quotation that our God is a vengeful and angry God and he will smite those who have erred against his word. A few of his words mention kindness and what he will do to those who are cruel.

    If they really believe and not just turn up just for the bonus points each week should remember this and know that nobody can escape his judgement – ever. Be afraid because we will all reach that point and should be prepared- and I speak as an agnostic not a firebrand preacher.

  6. Can you imagine what the people on the scene see…? I can only imagine what the “first responders” to this brutality and deadly incident see. It makes me wonder how the veterinarians who see this gruesome killing of a young 2-year-old Thoroughbred filly feel when they have to do the necropsy. How can they not be repulsed at this ugly, morally depraved gambling game of abusing horses to literal death???
    KISS ME DAVE, a Thoroughbred filly, born on April 18, 2018 and died (killed by racing) on March 20, 2021.

    • I always wonder how our state vet can deal with this day in and day out, year after year after year.

  7. I’m sorry to say this, but I’d rather the jockey died than the horse. The jockey chose to ride in the race, the innocent horse didn’t, instead was forced to run, forced to try and win and ended up paying the ultimate price.

  8. This IS just TOO PAINFUL TO KNOW! Only two years old? Dead as a result of her only and first race? What THE HELL ARE THEY SUBJECTING HORSES TO AT THIS VENUE?

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