“For the Horses”: Remembering Maryland’s Dead

Our Horseracing Wrongs Maryland coordinators, Jennifer Sully and Peter Herrera, created this video commemorating the horses who died at Maryland tracks in 2020.

Thank you, Jennifer and Peter.

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  1. This will get shut down when enough protesters show up at the tracks. The internet won’t get it done. Let me know about any protests at the tracks in W.V. or western Pennsylvania.

    • Hi Karen, It’s a collective effort. First, the research, investigation and resulting data that we do here on these pages. Then advocacy and action. And there are multiple ways to do that. Protesting is very important! We sponsor protests across the country (in 2019 we had 150 activists at the Belmont Stakes). Online actions which we provide daily (Monday – Friday) on the Horseracing Wrongs Action Group on Facebook. There, we post Action Alerts and encourage advocates to tweet, email and call governors, legislators and media to educate about the cruelty and death that is horseracing while stating the ultimate goal – a ban on horseracing in that state and across the US.

      Protesting educates the masses, and as those protests grow as many more people join. And the online actions educate and also empower more people to take action to make a difference.

      Thank you for being a voice for the horses and if you would like to organize a protest near you, please reach out to me at nicole@horseracingwrongs.com and please join our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/887149342065006

      I look forward to working with you and everyone who reads and comments to give the horses a voice, and make a difference. To think that just a few years ago the horses were suffering in silence, now because of people like you they not. I believe that the horses know we are fighting for them, and as we grow and I meet more people like you every day, I know that the horses will win! They will be free of this exploitation, abuse and suffering and live happy lives as nature intended.

      Nicole Arciello, Executive Director, Horseracing Wrongs

  2. Thank you for the video and the poem and the tribute to the 40 horses that were killed on Maryland racetracks. Of course, there are so many more horses killed and the lists of injuries are always horrific!!!!!! The everyday abuse of horses exploited for racing leads to pain and suffering for the horses and must be recognized as the egregious abuse that it is!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you live in Maryland, DC, Delaware or Virginia, you can submit a request to Maryland Governor Larry Hogan online. To end horseracing is to better the quality of life!!! Nobody needs this psychopathic behavior and activity of abusing horses for racing and wagering!!!!!!

  3. Patrick and Nicole, i have had this idea for awhile. The ASPCA have those heartwrenching TV commercials shown frequently. You have had the billboards to introduce the public to HRW. Would it be too much for a commercial made for TV showing some of the sides we see daily? You have a video that is very poweful. Could that be seen as a commercial, or is it too much.I don’t know what it would take to make it happen? Thanks for listening

    • Hi Nancy, We are planning for more billboards this year across the country and I’m also in the beginning stages of planning a type of public service announcement that will go live online this year. A commercial is a great idea, but the cost would be too much without a direct call-to-action like asking people to vote on a ballot measure to ban horseracing. And the cost is millions. And I say this with the optimism that we will get there! The more we can be in the media and continue to educate, the closer we are to bills, ballot measures, commercials and a ban on horseracing! Thank you for joining us here and be sure to join our Horseracing Wrongs Action Group on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/887149342065006

      And feel free to reach out to me anytime at nicole@horseracingwrongs.com.

      For the horses!

      • Nicole, thank you for your response. A public service announcement would be great. The normal person as we know thinks the horseracing industry as all bourbon and roses. You and HRW have my continued support all ways!! Thank you again.

        • Perfect about the billboards, Nicole! People need to be shocked into realizing what racing does. If a picture of Arms Runner with his snapped leg, trying to run on and stay upright, was on a billboard, I bet you would get a whole lot of people on anti racing’s side!

  4. Thank-you Jennifer and Peter.
    What a beautiful tribute to those racehorses whose lives were snuffed-out by horse racing.
    A huge shout out to all those peaceful demonstrators.
    As Nicole pointed out, it will take a collective effort, with everybody contributing what they can and to drown out the public relation voices of the pro-horse racing mob to finally put an end to their many perpetrated myths.
    Thank-you Patrick for providing the facts that are undisputed as Kill List after Kill List clearly shows.
    Above all else, thanks to the racehorses who reveal, every day, just how brutal some members of the human species can be.
    You all will not die in vain as long as I’m around.

  5. Just a BEAUTIFUL tribute for these innocent Angels. Thank you, Jennifer & Peter. Thank you so much. We will prevail.

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