Yet Another Kill at Belmont – #12 for NYRA

At Belmont yesterday, Big Luther “sustained open fractures” (broke the skin, that is) while training and, of course, is dead. He was three years old and coming off his first race (last, 32 lengths back, by the way). Sound familiar? It should, for this is pretty much the same thing I wrote yesterday. So, I’ll repeat myself further.

New York is a racino state, meaning that 80% of horseracing – all seven harness tracks and Aqueduct and Finger Lakes – would disappear virtually overnight without the corporate welfare gushing in from slot machines – money that should be going back to the state for education. Please consider contacting the below. Tell them to support schoolchildren, not animal killers.

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Senate Majority Leader Cousins: 518-455-2715; email; twitter
Senate Minority Leader Ortt: 518-455-2024; email
Assembly Speaker Heastie: 518-455-3791; email; twitter
Assembly Minority Leader Barclay: 518-455-3751; email; twitter
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  1. Thirty-two lengths back in his first race and the torture just keeps coming until this YOUNG horse, BIG LUTHER, is suffering unbearable injuries and pain. Belmont Park racing officials and these sorry excuses for “horsemen” can be real proud of themselves for killing one more of their latest victims.

    • BIG LUTHER was sold at auction for $120,000 as a yearling. He earned $525 as a three-year-old. Todd Pletcher was his “trainer” and he is “supposed” to be a “good” trainer, as in really knows what he’s doing to have so many “winners” of Grade One and Grade Two races. He should be in jail for abusing horses to death. He deliberately and willfully caused the pain, suffering and injuries that lead to the death of BIG LUTHER, not to mention so many other horses. I don’t have a running list of all the horses that Todd Pletcher is responsible for killing. Just drink your Grey Goose vodka already and get ready for the next horse to go down.

  2. BIG LUTHER – yet another victim of multiple doping violator and multiple racehorse killer TODD PLETCHER.
    Todd has been killing racehorses for years just like Baffert, Asmussen, Mike Maker, D. Wayne Lukas, Linda Rice, Patricia Farro etc. etc.
    He’s also in good company on the list for being inducted into the Racing Hall of (Sh)ame where all the “Trainers” are all-white, mature men who get unprecedented privileges in the racist, sexist, horse racing business while doping and killing racehorses.
    BIG LUTHER was a non-performer right from the start, as mentioned, last by lengths in his debut probably due to a pre-existing condition that was, most likely, masked with powerful dope such as Mepivacaine for which he’s received doping violations for.
    Folks, this dope is a anaesthetic that completely numbs out any nerve feelings in the affected area so the horse will not feel their serious injury so that they can be sent out to the track to die – more or less – with an equine insurance policy most likely in place for the purchase price of $120,000.
    A nice tidy way of getting rid of a horse that doesn’t boost your ego or wallets.
    Incidentally, it’s been reported by Irish animal welfare groups that “Trainer” Gordon Elliott who was found sitting on top of a dead racehorse that he killed is ACTIVELY training his 300 racehorses via the trainer put in place.
    He’s still living in his house on the farm grounds, active on his cell phone, seen watching the horses train, and he has NO restrictions in place on his license other than the fact that he was suspended.
    This is all public wallpaper, merely words, that placates the outraged public, but is meaningless in its implementation just like here in America and all over.
    These doping violators who kill lots of racehorses are revered by this business because they keep sore and suffering racehorse’s going to fill the wagering coffers and appease the owners. .
    The all-white males in charge of horse racing were probably laughing right along with Gordon Elliott as he sat on top of the dead racehorse, but spewed a different story out of their mouths true to horse racing form.

  3. I agree with the other comments. The only way to put an end to these human monsters who are responsible for killing these horses is to end horse racing!

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