Ramon Vazquez Beats the Hell Out of His Horse at Oaklawn

The “Essex Handicap” at Oaklawn yesterday was worth a cool $500,000, with the difference between 1st and 2nd $200,000. With that in mind, take a look at the beating jockey Ramon Vazquez administered to his mount, Rated R Superstar, down the stretch (Rated R is the 3 horse):

Folks, if this isn’t animal cruelty then what, pray tell, is?


  1. If someone walking in the park was doing this to their dog, the public outcry would be horrendous and he would have the animal taken away. But this – this is “just horse racing”.
    By the way, I have personally seen people in the private sector treat their horses in exactly the same way, with one “lady” applying two whips simultaneously in an attempt to force her horse to cross a creek.
    Bits, whips, chains, and spurs, all for an animal as gentle and sensitive as the horse.

    • Not only are horses subjected to horrific abuse and torture and beatings by these assholes,possibly the most evil abuse they are subjected to is being locked up in prison (stall) for 23 hours a day. I hope everyone who draws a paycheck off of this heinous abuse rots in hell for eternity.

  2. WTF is the matter with that ignorant jockey – kick the living shit right out of him – what a total waste of skin that f*cker is – animal abuse beyond belief!!!

  3. These jockeys should be whipped the same way, and then let them be the judge as to whether or not it’s cruelty!

  4. OMG, what a cruel jockey! I wish the horse could turn the whip around and beat the jockey senseless!! Total animal abuse to such a wonderful athlete and I’m not talking about the jockey! I pray that there would be some sort of punishment for the idiot rider!

  5. Blatant animal cruelty, abuse, inhumane treatment that is deliberate and malicious intent on causing pain – lots of pain with no remorse for the “object” underneath any of them because they all do it.
    Not only do they all do it, but they are supported, condoned, and enabled by racing commissions and/or all apologists.
    It’s all rotten to the core and, equally worse, is the fact that it is a widespread systemic mentality that will be met with little to no repercussions.
    This repulsive business strips all animal protection laws away from racehorses and places it in the hands of the pro-horse racing, mostly racehorse owner themselves – Stewards on racing commissions and boards.
    Everybody is there to use, abuse, dope, beat, dump and kill racehorses.
    They are also there to convince the public that all of this is okay.
    It’s not okay and anybody with even one ounce of compassion or civility would want this to shut down ASAP.
    Just knowing this should be enough to realize that no reforms, no changes will ever stop this because it’s ingrained into the system and is REQUIRED to keep sore and tired racehorses going to flip a buck for a bunch of ungrateful bastards.

  6. The owners of the horses are the ones who should be whipped as well for allowing the stupid jockeys to whip the horses unmercifully just for $$$$! SICK PEOPLE! Poor horses!!! It would be interesting to see how well the horses respond in a race without the whipping. In my opinion, THAT would show the real ability of the rider and the heart of the horse! I wish the horses would buck the riders off when they are whipped!

  7. This is clearly animal abuse and proves that horse racing must be banned. No civilized society can tolerate animal cruelty and exploitation. Time to evolve, humans.

  8. What the hell boycott this abuse of a majestic animal!
    Put the owner and trainer in place of the horse and let’s see how they like the abuse!!! Let’s boycott all horse races til this beating is stopped !!!!!

  9. He should be reported and not allowed to ride ever again. All that whipping with zero result.

  10. No one really paid attention to the horses being whipped because they were busy watching where the horses were positioned. So sad. But it’s true. Whipping should be outlawed. Take the whips away. The horse industry needs an overhaul.

  11. I’m heartened that a lot of horse racing fans are even disgusted by this. I did read one comment on twitter where the person said it was a $500,000 purse, and the horse should’ve been hit 50 times.

    • Whipping a horse does alot of muscle damage to that area over time. I saw a video of it one time, it was horrible.

  12. Absolutely barbaric totally cruel and unnecessary suffering to theses beautiful and sensitive animals it needs to stop stop know

  13. Horseracing is a vile, corrupt, cruel “sport.” Like all exploitative “sports,” it should be outlawed.

  14. I would like to lay into him with a whip and see how much he likes it. Cruel piece of crap. What a excuse these people are for humanity. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior.

  15. The abuse is sickening and deserves condemnation. How is it that jockeys think if you whip the horse mercilessly that the horse will perform better? Sounds like an oxymoron. Whipping should be banned unless the jockeys want to volunteer to be whipped to see how it feels It is pure evil and it needs to stop. How will this happen? Who can stop it or charge the jockeys with abuse? Doubt anyone involved with racing cares if the horse is whipped to death. This evil should be shown on TV news!

  16. Having read nearly all of the former steeplechase jockey, Dick Francis’s novels, i can safely say that in nearly all of his books he makes mention of animal abuse in one way or another, whether it was his intention or not, I do not know.
    Currently reading a book he wrote in 2006 titled ‘Under Orders’ and here is an excerpt (page 13) –
    “Useless jockey, flogged my horse half to death just to get a third place …Damn idiot got himself banned for four days. I’ll give him excessive use of the whip on his bloody arse if he does that again.”
    And this another quote from page 13.
    “Such a shame about that Sandcastle colt…didn’t you hear, bought for half a million at Newmarket sales last October as a yearling, put his foot in a rabbit hole yesterday morning and broke his hock so badly he had to be put down.”
    When the unbeaten famous Australian mare, Black Caviar was whipped in a race, her trainer Peter Moody said to the jockey when he dismounted words on the following lines “if you hit her again, I’ll hit you when you get back”. This was reported in the Australian media at the time.
    And yet, the horse-racing industry is forever bleating that the whip doesn’t hurt the horse…?
    Currently in my state of New South Wales, a private member’s bill by Mark Pearson MP has been presented to the NSW Parliament in relation to the welfare of the racehorse. The use of whips, spurs, tongue ties, blinkers are just some of the issues discussed and of course, slaughter. The members of Parliament will be voting on this bill in the not too distant future. Politicians are voted in to represent the wishes of the people and it’s my belief that most people do not wish for these horses to be so brutally treated. So, it will be interesting to see if these politicians have a conscience.

  17. There is no “humanity “ in the humans that promote this. If there must be “horse racing “ then, let the horses grow to at least 6 years old and ban the whip! It would lessen the “ throw away “ horses and reduce many broken legs,etc…

  18. This shit is super fucked up. Poor horses! Horse racing should and needs to be illegal!

  19. In the 6th at Tampa today the #4 horse Halel hadn’t raced since November with just two workouts since, and changed trainers broke down badly around the first turn. It’s still up an the website too. The horse should not have been on the track 

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  20. If there are not any guidelines about how a jockey uses his/her crop there should be. The owner of this horse obviously does not care at all about that horse and should be fined for cruel and unusual punishment. If an owner selects a jockey that has a reputation for doing something that causes the owner a fee, the jockey will get a bad rep and start loosing out on rides.

  21. Brutality is just that.The one hitting the hide off the horse
    is hard to watch. No more whips, spurs etc. allowed. I’d sure
    like to whip the tar on that jockey. CRIMINAL!!

  22. He needs to be prosecuted for cruelty.

    The horse racing industry should not be exempt from cruelty charges.

    My family used to own and race horses at the track – but, never allowed cruelty to enter into this entire process.

    They are no longer in this “business”. We also know that this behavior in “training” is allowed on a daily basis.

    It’s all about money – not about the extraordinary horses.

  23. The Will to Run is not on display here. Instead the skill to inflict brutal pain, to beat it out of the horse, spotlights the cruelty of this Business! NOT A SPORT!

  24. This is a CRIME AGAINST LIFE itself. Only the psychopathic wealthy could get away with such low-life, trashy, murderous, criminal behavior. ALL of YOU and you know who you are, hang filthy heads in shame… You BASTARDS!!!!


    Gary Bennett

  25. In European racing, there is a limit to the number of whip strikes; its, like, 5 or something. I think the US should adopt that policy.
    Also, I follow many lower level claiming races, and always shout at the t.v. when a horse is last, would never catch up, and the frustrated jock takes his frustration out on the horse.

    • Five strikes is five too many. No horse deserves to be hit with a whip for ANY reason.

  26. I don’t watch horse racing any longer because of the cruelty done to these magnificent horses.The true athletes are the horses not the jockeys! This is abuse! The business of race horsing needs to be changed or stopped altogether!

  27. No other jockey surrounding him found it necessary to beat the hell of his horse. He’s a POS

  28. Such cruelty cannot be allowed. It is heartbreaking to watch. Those poor creatures.

  29. The sad thing is when their racing days are over they can wind-up in a can as dog food. Since I have an audience of caring people I want to say “no one wants to die” that includes intelligent, caring, sensitive pigs, sheep, cows, chickens and yes even fish. Look it up, read about them as food, needless experiments. They are all sensitive, love their young, feel fright, pain, etc. I think about all the animals on this planet every day and knowing what is happening on factory farms, fur industry, puppy mills etc, is painful. I’m glad many of the dog racing sites have been put out of business, now it’s time for the horses. Sorry for my rant but so many people say they are animal lovers (including my friends) because they love their dog or cat. They are all the same.

    • You are so right, Sandra. A human with a loving and caring heart, would NEVER hurt or kill an animal..

    • I agree with you one hundred percent. I meet and talk to a lot of people who think animals are rather senseless creatures who don’t feel much of anything when it comes to pain and terror. These people are disconnected from the reality of it.

  30. This jockey needs to be whipped. Whipping must be eliminated from racing because it is nothing but animal cruelty. Shame on the owners for permitting such cruelty.

  31. Absolutely disgusting. This should be stopped straight away. Why is blatant animal cruelty allowed? Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves and stop thinking of the money they can make .

  32. This shouldn’t be happening to these gentle creatures…I would love to take to these pieces of shit humans with their own whips as they are the ones deserving of such treatment … STOP horse racing NOW!

  33. Just as bad, if not worse: There are others mercilessly beating horses as brutally as possible in what appears to be the most tender part of the flanks–NOT the rear ends (although even if being whipped further back on rumps does not excuse the cruel intention to inflict pain). If (1) a jockey, owner, trainer, or other could be charged with felony animal abuse violations, prosecuted, and convicted with fines, restraining-order penalties, and a “hot and a cot” for a few years, that might be one way to stop racing. OR (2), in some areas, there are laws (recourse) about witnessing traumatic events and suffering post-traumatic syndrome impacts that allows charges to be brought against the perpetrators for damages. Just watching such pain-inflicting behavior should be evidence enough to convince any judge or jury.

  34. Blatant animal abuse. Yet we see the comments of fans, bettors, the racing-employed – defending the whipping, excusing the whipping. Typical of all of them. And not a bit surprising.

    Have you ever noticed on pro-racing sites where readers can “react” and comment? On the articles about the massive racehorse-doping scheme (Servis, Navarro, etc) or about the sentence Robinson received…or when a broodmare is euthanized because of the “infirmities of old age” and she’s only 20…or any other pieces that incriminates the industry – on those incriminating articles, very few react and very few comment – they just ignore. I don’t know, is it just apathy? Or are they embarrassed? Or maybe acknowledging those pieces would bring more attention to the abuse that’s right in front of our faces? Whatever it is, we see it.

    • Joy, you are spot on, they just don’t want to acknowledge it because it would bring attention to the wrongdoings they are inflicting upon these innocent horses. They kid themselves when they think that they can deceive the public (for decades they’ve got away with it but not any more), so they go into damage control big time. Ah yes, we most certainly do see it and, globally, many more people and entities are seeing it, too. Racing’s social licence is hanging by a thread and the global racing industry is in denial. How bloody pathetic that is.

  35. But do u know what is on the end of a whip?? foam… so while in my opinion the whip was overused here it does not hurt. Vazquez was using the 360 whip which doesn’t have an edge bc it is a cylinder, one with an edge if missangled can hurt so the cylinder popper eliminates this possibility. Not excusing overuse but just keep this in mind

    • If the whip doesn’t hurt and isn’t a noxious stimuli, then why aren’t you excusing its overuse? If it does nothing to a tiring horse, why not strike the horse unlimited times? It’s perfectly safe, correct? – doesn’t hurt – doesn’t demand the horse give more than he’s already giving – doesn’t further fatigue him – doesn’t overload his musculoskeletal system – jockeys using this whip should just whip away. Why not?

    • Not you again. I wish you would stop coming in this site and vomiting your ignorance all over. If whips don’t hurt, then what is the point in using them? It is a documented fact that horses have more nerve endings under their skin than humans, so they will feel blows more severely. There have been videos, pictures, and testimony from people who work on the track about the welts and even open wounds left by whips. And what about the never ending rhetoric about loving those horses like children and admiring them for the amazing athletes they are – is that why those pint sized putzes have to beat the ever-loving shit out of them at every opportunity?
      You really think those whips don’t hurt? I dare you to let one of those jockeys lay into you with an overhead swing like they do those horses, and if you really want to know the pain those horses feel, let him take a solid swing at your balls, then come back here and say that foam flogger doesn’t hurt.

    • If the end of this 360 whip is made of foam (and I don’t believe that for a minute) then why don’t the jockeys hop on a horse with a swimming pool foam noodle and whack, whack, whack away? Mmm…nice and light, cheap as chips and going for $2 here in Australia at K-mart.
      No, the jockeys use whips with a solid shaft and the force they use to inflict pain upon the horse is sickeningly cruel. The horse goes into flight mode in an attempt to escape the pain (both physically and psychologically), he keeps up the momentum despite being seriously fatigued in the final stage of the horse race. The intention by the jockey to inflict pain upon the animal is undeniably evident i.e. ‘actus reus’ and, in my experience, in any court of law that is regarded as indisputable evidence for the prosecution.

    • Jose Flores,
      The DISPLAY of out of control BRUTALITY by Ramon Vazquez is what is so disturbing. It has nothing to do with whip construction. That beating says all anybody needs to know about racing – win at any cost! And if the cost is a terrified near exhausted horse dropping to the dirt, so be it.

      PS And, Mr Flores, you know this incident is receiving attention because it was a $500,000 race. If you are grounded in reality, you also know the beating of the plentiful “cheap claimers” is ignored .

  36. I agree 100% with all the comments, but stopping this is up to the sport to change, and they are stopping it. Not as quick as we hoped. However, we must realize that the JOCKEY is the lowest employee in the OWNER – TRAINER – BETTING PUBLIC order. Jockeys make their money by the commission, so they cannot afford to lose rides because an Owner or Trainer is upset that he didn’t do everything allowed by the rules to win! Don’t always blame the JOCKEY because if the sport allows the whipping; the JOCKEY has to do whatever they can (allowed by the track) to win money as there is a lot of money spread between every position. The wagering public also gets upset if a Jockey does not try everything available to him to get the highest position possible as their cash is at risk. Get on the racetracks to change the rules and there will not be any whipping. SIMPLY GET AFTER THE RACETRACKS.

    • Jockeys get paid per mount whether they cash or not and in most jurisdictions they get the same percentage as the trainer. That aside, your argument comes back to abuse for money.

    • Jockeys don’t need to be told to beat the shit out of a horse. I’ve seen videos of jockeys kicking horses in the belly, wrenching their ears, and one who, irritated at his mount “acting up”, actually smashed him in the face with the HANDLE of the whip. (If it had been the business end, that would have been fine, since you racing apologists keep telling us that whips don’t hurt). I don’t know if it’s a “little man complex” or just the way they are, but jockeys are perfectly comfortable with flagging a horse down the entire length of track.
      And if the jockeys really had a problem with the abuse, they could speak up, refuse to ride for the trainers who want them to whip the horses excessively. I know you will argue that they would lose money that way, but aren’t morals more important than money?

    • To FansHorseRacing:
      You say, “Get on the racetracks to change the rules and there will not be any whipping. SIMPLY GET AFTER THE RACETRACKS.”
      1) That is a falsehood. The people that own racetracks are in this business of putting on races and awarding purse money to attract owners and trainers of horses. The more horses that are entered into these races, the more betting opportunities there are. Each horse in a race is a betting opportunity. Gamblers bet and the racetracks boast of their WAGERING HANDLE. The racetracks and the racing commissioners don’t care if horses are whipped. They just want the money.
      2) There are rules about whipping.
      3) When a jockey breaks the whipping rules, the punishment is equivalent to no punishment at all. They are still allowed to ride.
      4) You sound delusional when you say there will be no whipping.
      5) Whipping is as much a part of horse racing as the horses, the jockeys and the WAGERING HANDLE.

      • Hey, Wanda thanks for the feedback. I will correct you on the future of the sport. Santa Anita has already eliminated whipping, and since the change, their handle is up. The races look entirely different with the rule change, and other tracks will take notice. It won’t be long until the sport changes.

        • We just viewed Santa Anita races the other day. They still use whips but are somewhat limited in their use compared to say Oaklawn whose riders use their whips heavily. We used to gallop horses on the track We NEVER used a whip on ANY horse & still achieved the fastest time of the day workouts! Much to the surprise of the barbarian horse people we were stuck dealing with to be able to ride horses. We have seen young horses beat the daylights out of to be forced to gallop on our now thankfully redeveloped 1 mile track. With our young horse we galloped on the track we never used a whip or spurs to have him gallop willingly on the track! We also never used a whip when teaching horses to be ridden & galloped for the 1st time either!

        • The horse racing public relations department must be desperate. In order to have a person (or group of people) identified as FansHorseRacing, and/or Fans of Horse Racing, comment such nonsensical and delusional statements about the use of whips on a site that advocates the end of all government subsidies and all government “approval” of the dirty business of horseracing and killing in the United States, you have to be kidding yourself. The next thing you know you will be telling us that horses love to be locked up in a stall for 23 hours a day only to be forced to run on a track carrying the weight of a rider until eventually their bones break or their heart and lungs breakdown and they bleed to death from the inside out.

        • Horse racing is a killing business so let’s get that straight right out of the gate.
          It hasn’t eliminated whipping neither at Santa Anita or at other tracks.
          Horse racing always seems to lie when it comes to their handle which is not independently checked.
          Again, like everything else horse racing does it’s self-regulated and awfully coincidental that their handle always seems to go up when they are trying to deliberately ignore the horrific killings and to make a statement.
          I don’t believe one word of it.
          Any attempt at changing is always driven by public demand never driven by the moral thing to do.
          On that note, there are no reforms or changes that horse racing can do because it’s full of blood and life sucking parasites who feed of their hosts – the racehorses.
          It’s enabled by every single apologist and steward on racing commissions.
          That will never change.

          • SA has banned whipping, per FOHR? – and there you go folks…a complete and total untruth that is easily fact-checked. With a laughable claim like that, presented as a fact, it tells one all they need to know about the credibility of just another apologist hiding behind FOHR.

            That said, whips are the least of racehorses’ worries. A life without the crippling effects of the POUNDING and CONCUSSION they endure (TY, Barry Irwin, for those terms you used in describing the “very hard experience” of being a racehorse) will be had for too few. And of course, crippled or not, they all will be begging for a home, most before even reaching an equine’s prime age. Because as we see everyday, bred for racing, used in racing but never supported for life nor provided a forever home by racing.

            Ah but they love them like their own children…

        • Hey, FOHR, “Santa Anita has already eliminated whipping”? – I have to admit I don’t dislike when apologists such as yourself claim such lies and make themselves look REALLY stupid while doing so.

          (Jockey) Albarado, charged and convicted woman-abuser, whipped a filly at Santa Anita this past Saturday. In his interview, he joked that he struck her and “hoped she still loved him”. Why wouldn’t she? – those soft little pool noodles! – no pain, no trauma, no worries, Albarado!

          BUT, “Albarado later received a three-day suspension for his ride in the race because he raised his arm above his shoulder while striking the filly, contrary to California’s revised whip rules.” (per the LA Times).

          Santa Anita reportedly scrubbed the interview with Albarado (and therefore his comment about whipping) from its archive.

          TELLING, isn’t it? ALL of it.

          • He said that as a joke in regard to the dumb rules. Of course there was no pain, no trauma, and no worries, because you’re right, the whip is like a pool noodle. That’s why the rules are dumb.

          • Oh those “dumb rules”, Steve M.! And all those “dumb rules” (and potential for MORE) are certainly why the “National Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, together with state affiliates in Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and West Virginia (Mountaineer) have filed a federal civil suit in an attempt to put the brakes on the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act (HISA)”! – can’t have a national, independent oversight of the horseracing industry! Hell, it’s been the fox minding the henhouse all these glorious years…why mess with the good thing racing’s got going. You know, like Monmouth’s and the We Support Horseracing gang’s sweetheart Jorge Navarro – can’t have those drug-wielding, horse-killing racing favorites thrown out and tossed in the slammer…

            Who knew woman-abuser Albarado was such a comedian? – SA should have let his “funny” stand.


  38. To the other comments, don’t we treat all animals with cruelty, unless you are a vegetarian. Have you seen the lives Cows have or Pigs. What about the people who go fishing and take a fish through pain to get him to the boat so they can throw the injured fish back to the water. Let’s face it other them home pets we treat animals terribly. Now if we take the 1,000’s of horses out of racing by closing it down where do all the horses go? Don’t think farms will take them all, we can’t even get former racing horses adopted. If you think being in the wild will help them forget it. The people who slaughter them now will go get them in the wild. The horse is food in other countries. Although there are plenty of improvements the sport can make closing it down is not the answer. We should treat all animals humanly so I hope everyone commenting here will become a vegetarian to save all animals.

      • Yes, you could consider that as whataboutism, but this is a viable discussion because I dislike people who take on a single cause. It may be important to them, but I think people should look at the worldwide issue. Nice to pick and choose where you will complain. I look at all animals as they should or shouldn’t have the same rights. As humans, we treat animals as a class below us. Before you look at horse racing, I encourage people to see what they think will happen to horses if not racing. If they are left on their own, they will be hunted, just like other animals. What is done to pigs, cows, chickens on farms is disgusting; why don’t we spend time trying to close down KFC etc.? Many animal species are near extinction because of the hunting that goes on for food, and other items animals provide for humans. Have you ever seen wicked Tuna where they catch Tuna just to be sold to the Japanese for $1,000’s and even Millions. Why do Tuna not have the same rights as horses? I acknowledge that Horse Racing has many bad people but significantly more great people who treat horses like they are part of the family. Let’s be consistent in our protest, and everyone be a vegetarian for the sake of all animals.

        • No, I don’t “consider” it to be a logical fallacy, it is a logical fallacy. By the way, I teach logic.

    • This is the prime example of WHY the GREEDY ass breeders need to stop forcibly creating more animals that can’t have a forever HOME. Take care of the lives that are ALREADY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Greed and sloth are EVIL sins.

      • Should farmers stop breeding pigs for our bacon and they GREEDY? Everyone needs to make a living and we all have ways of doing it. As with all businesses in the world if you don’t like something get people to stop doing it. If people stopped putting tons of money into sports through betting it would have to close because of business reasons.

        • Now I believe you’re just pretending to be ignorant. You know as well as everyone that handle is insufficient to support racing, it is subsidized in virtually every jurisdiction where it exists. Without the support of tax dollars it would cease to exist.

    • You can’t justify the wrong you support by pointing to other wrongs and trying to say they are worse. Just man up to the fact you support an industry that exploits, abuses, and kills horses for no other reason than money.

      • I think we are all naive not to think that everything done in this world is for money. Even the job you do is for money, or it wouldn’t exist. Many businesses make their living from less than perfect scenarios not involved with animals. We need to work on the game to make it better…no doubt, but that doesn’t mean you shut down an industry that supports hundreds of thousands of people’s livelihood. We must suggest constructively and move it forward one step at a time. Many tracks have banned whips, and it is not too far away until all have been banned.

    • We went vegan in 2004 & have not eaten any animal based product since. At 65 we have no medical problems or have to take any med.s as we feel most health problems are associated with animal based diets. When you see your family members all die of cardio issues & have had SEVERE side effects from med.s you do what is better for you & eliminate all animal based foods.

    • How can you DENY that it is Soooooooo cruel and evil to keep the horses locked in a tiny prison all day?!!!!!

  39. A whip by any definition is used to beat an animal. Think it doesn’t hurt. Well I would be happy to apply any style whip to the jerks back side so they can see how painless it is. And while we are discussing the abuse and death of these poor horses let me mention they are babies when they are started. How stupid to not even let them grow up. The greed is self evident when you have to overbreed and abuse baby horses and say it is painless. What in heck is the justification you use for that?

    • Hi Jennifer, you are absolutely correct; however, your perception may be off. Jockeys do not whip a horse to beat them for their pleasure; it is for money, the root of all evil, but is every person’s goal in free countries. As I mentioned in my previous post, Jockeys are demanded by Owners and Trainers to make them money in any way possible. So let’s keep offering constructive feedback and change the parts of the sport that need it.

      • Oh, I see what you are doing. You are trying to be the “voice of reason” against the madcap cries of outrage from the radical animal activists. People like you point to everything else and try to say that there is abuse in those areas too, as if somehow that excuses racing. IT DOES NOT. I’m perfectly aware of the horrific practices of the animal food industry, but the site is focused on horse racing and the atrocities committed there. The old bait-and-switch won’t work.
        And really, comparing a person going to work for money for living essentials with non-consenting horses being forced into training as the equine equivalent of toddlers and then into races for human entertainment and profit is so ridiculous that I can’t even believe you would use that.
        What parts of this “sport” could constructive feedback change? The irresponsible breeding of thousands of horses a year with absolutely NO plan for them beyond their few years of exploitation on the track or in the breeding shed? The constant confinement and denial of companionship? The use of chains, whips, tongue ties? The administration of questionable and downright dangerous substances in an attempt to increase performance? The psychological and physical detriment of changing owners after every race in the claiming ranks? The severed spines, broken shoulders and necks, shattered legs, internal hemorrhaging, pulmonary failure, 98% gastric ulcer rate, laminitis, exceptionally high colic cases, and “sudden deaths”? Or the thousands of race horses enjoying retirement in the slaughterhouses because they were of no more monetary use to the owners and trainers who claim to “love them like children”?
        Don’t come here and try to play Devil’s Advocate when you work for the Devil himself.

      • What you should be doing fans is going and spending your time at the many kill auctions full of your dumped racehorses.
        Go to your multibillion dollar sales companies and CEO’s of tracks to make racehorse aftercare mandatory.
        Call up Joy Aten and go volunteer to clean up some racehorse manure or donate some money to the many dumped racehorses that her and her rescue team is taking care of out of their own pocket.
        There are plenty of people, who’ve never exploited racehorses, that have racehorses needing attention.
        Go help there instead of spewing a bunch of crap on here.

        • Gina, FOHR doesn’t have time for your suggestions – she’s too busy complaining on all of the forums and sites that speak for the animals of a “single cause” – because she doesn’t like that. Single causes, you know – you gotta do it all or do nothing (bet the animals would disagree). Hmm, how would she know those advocates for that particular cause don’t advocate for other animal-welfare issues as well? – not that it’s any of her business. Obviously, she doesn’t know. Much.

  40. Ramon Vasquez is a complete jerk. Anyone that promotes this sick behavior & pretends like it’s okay to beat any living creature is mentally unstable. Thank you for slowing it down & showing exactly how horrific this is.

  41. Words fail don’t they? The problem is that the “average” person in the street sincerely believes that these beautiful, fit and groomed horses can’t possibly be ill treated, brutalised and finally murdered. They ‘must’ be well cared for and pampered because they are worth so much to their owners, and the jockeys and trainers can’t possibly allow cruelty to them.

    It is education that will win the day in the end.

    My wife is working from home like many at the moment here in the UK and during a conversation with colleagues and clients today, one asked me if I was passing the time watching sport on TV. I told her I was watching Zimbabwe versus Afghanistan on a sport channel and she added ‘And there’s racing too of course’. We replied firmly but politely that we don’t support horse or dog racing as thousands of these horses and dogs are killed every year and most who survive are badly injured in their racing life. When she expressed her doubts I asked her to bear with me while I read out some examples of HRW cases. You can always tell from people’s reactions that they don’t want to hear anymore and we ended by saying the this is the way of things in horse racing the world over and we wouldn’t be a party to the deliberate injury and death of so many beautiful horses in the name of “fun” and “sport.”

    • It’s sad and ultimately infuriating, but I have told friends who religiously watch the Kentucky Derby and other big races about what goes on and the abuses the horses suffer, and their reply is, “ I know, but…..” or they just tell me they don’t want to hear about it. One lady I worked with bought two off the track Thoroughbred mares, then bred one back to a Thoroughbred stallion because “her dream was to raise a horse that wins the Kentucky Derby”. And she KNEW about the ugly backside of the track because she worked on one for years, yet she was still willing to stay in that industry.
      It’s not just ignorance we have to fight against – it’s also willful apathy.

  42. Beat any other animal, and it would be taken away and the abuser would be brought up on charges. But beating a horse during a race is tolerated, condoned, even encouraged if they believe it will make the horse run faster.

    We can complain and voice our opinions all day long here and on social media, but it accomplishes nothing. We have to actually take action if we truly want to stop this abuse. We must contact and keep contacting our state and federal legislators and urge them to ban the use of the whip.

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