NYRA’s “Best Proven Safety Practices”? 11 Dead Already This Year

Hyperactive Chris is dead after breaking down training at Belmont Wednesday. He was two and coming off his debut. For the New York Racing Association, they of the “best proven safety practices,” this is dead horse 11 in ’21 – this, after 83 killed last year.

New York is a racino state, meaning that 80% of horseracing – all seven harness tracks and Aqueduct and Finger Lakes – would disappear virtually overnight without the corporate welfare gushing in from slot machines – money that should be going back to the state for education. Please consider contacting the below. Tell them to support schoolchildren, not animal killers.

Governor Cuomo: 518-474-8390; contact form; twitter
Senate Majority Leader Cousins: 518-455-2715; email; twitter
Senate Minority Leader Ortt: 518-455-2024; email
Assembly Speaker Heastie: 518-455-3791; email; twitter
Assembly Minority Leader Barclay: 518-455-3751; email; twitter
Find Your NYS Senator
Find Your NYS AssemblyMember


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  1. It’s sickening that horses are exploited this way!!!!! Horseracing is EVIL!!!!! True horsemen do not force yearlings and two-year-olds to run carrying weight while being whipped and shocked. True horsemen do not shock horses with electricity. True horsemen do not demand that babies perform as though they were adults. There are so many things wrong with racing!!!!!! All of the bogus safety “reforms” will not stop the abuse and killing of horses. All of the people engaged in abusing horses should be charged with animal cruelty! They should NOT be supported by government subsidies of any kind. #ENDHORSERACING
    End the bloodthirsty killing of horses.

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