Two More Equine Babes Abused, Killed in Kentucky

Two more confirmations from the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission:

Running in the 4th at Ellis August 8, 2-year-old Endowment suffered a “[broken] right forelimb,” was loaded onto the ambulance, and euthanized back in the barn. Of note, the then 1-year-old had undergone surgery last February to remove chips from that same leg. Also, at some point in the 60 days prior to dying, “[she] had had both carpi injected with hyaluronic acid and a corticosteroid.”

Running in the 1st at Churchill November 27, 3-year-old Night Candy suffered a “fracture, severe disruption of the soft tissue, and subluxation of the fetlock”; again, hauled away for out-of-sight euthanasia. He, too, had a history: His trainer attested to a “splint bone injury as a 2-year-old.” Furthermore, he had been vet listed for shockwave treatment in May. These poor, poor animals. This vile, vile industry.

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  1. The abhorrently cruel deaths of these innocent horses continues on and those who have the power to intervene continue to do NOTHING!???

  2. This is abuse that constitutes torture. It is absolutely egregious. It must be recognized as the criminal activity that it is!!!! These perverted people do not love their horses!

  3. It’s not bad enough these horses are exploited and then shattered on the track, but these parasites can’t even show them the mercy of immediate euthanasia. All just to affect their kill numbers so they look better. I need to stop asking if they can get any more vile – they seem to be taking it as a challenge.
    Those poor little babies. They were as good as dead from the moment they were born into this disgusting, archaic death machine.

  4. This torture chamber..called horse racing is depressing beyond belief. As a person who spent a big chunk of my life rescuing dogs and finding them homes…hearing about this horse abuse just makes my heart break. The people in this industry are just as vile as people who force dogs to fight to the death, and also bull fighting. These sub-human losers of life,need to go crawl back into the hole they crawled out. They are sickos pure and simple,they couldn’t make it working at a REAL job.

    • Yes, that’s what it will take!!! People need to know that their voices count for something and that their persistence is paramount!!!! This egregious abuse of horses needs to be recognized for what it is: egregious abuse of horses.
      It is NOT OKAY for horse breeders to continually breed Thoroughbreds to be used, abused and killed. Stop breeding disposable horses just so someone can kill them!!!!!!!

  5. It is so sad that those babies who love and trust their owners are betrayed by them this way. Horse racing must be stopped!

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