A Kill That Could Have Been Seen 8 Furlongs Away

I have confirmed that Just Like Richie, a “bad step, vanned off” in the 2nd at Mahoning Wednesday, is indeed dead. This fact is, to anyone paying attention – or should I say, to all who should have been paying attention: stewards, racing secretaries, vets, et al. – this death should come as no surprise. Here are JLR’s final nine completed races:

Churchill 9/13/19: last, 55.75 lengths back
Turfway 2/28/20: last, 16.5 lengths back (“done early”)
Churchill 5/28/20: last, 18.25 lengths back
Churchill 6/12/20: last, 35.75 lengths back (“failed to respond”)
Belterra 7/3/20: 12.75 lengths back
Churchill 9/1/20: 10th, 25.25 lengths back (“was never involved”)
Churchill 9/26/20: last, 28.5 lengths back
Churchill 11/11/20: last, 38 lengths back (“was through early”)
Turfway 12/4/20: last, 10.5 lengths back (“gave way suddenly”)

In short, this is a kill that could have been seen 8 furlongs away. The abuser for all of the above right through Just Like Richie’s death was owner/trainer Sal Guerrero.


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  2. What do these sadistic people get out of running a horse that has no chance of winning anyway? These heartless heathens would kill and have killed horses that win as well. It all comes down to the fact that these EVIL people are going to kill their horses one way or another and sooner or later. It is demented!!! These creeps belong in prison.

  3. Looks very close to the 8 race track record of my ex-racing Arabian. Came in dead last in every race. One comment was “showed no interest in running”. Yet he is the most amazing, albeit goofiest, guy in the world. Takes 3-4 naps every day. To the racing industry he was worthless. To me, he is priceless.

  4. Racing “officials” and, of course, the track vets. stand by and watch as the animal abusers masquerading as trainers send defenseless horses to their deaths. It is all up to the trainer whether he wants to breakdown an obviously struggling horse or not!!!!
    Racing could not care less. And the bettors as well as the politicians who are responsible for ensuring subsidies are the enablers.
    Actually, society in general bears responsibility for this cruel, out of control enterprise.

    • You are ABSOLUTELY correct Rose. Nobody is around the horse,and knows all the injuries and maladies of a horse more than the trainers.The barn hands might spend more time with the horses,BUT, no one KNOWS what really is wrong with the horses, except the trainers. Therefore they know when they are most likely sending an innocent soul to certain DEATH.

  5. I question how can any decent person send an innocent and trusting horse to their death. These people who are responsible for this horror are monsters!

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