Monticello Harness: 4 Dead Horses Already This Year

Melanie’s Filly was killed in the 3rd at Monticello Monday – “bad step,” pastern fracture. She was six years old. She is the 4th dead racehorse at Monticello this year, which for a harness track is nothing less than shocking.

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    • Joy, USING animals for gambling….was a HORRIBLE idea from the word “go”. What makes horse racing the worst, is because horses have long lives….it’s like well,what the hell do you do with them the next 30 some years? God damn simpletons. Didn’t think that one out did they?!!

      • Gambling on horses was really just something that owners or noblemen started in the early days of European racing (1600s) with their horses, Greeks didn’t gamble on chariot races. You had a horse, and you said, “I think my horse is this much better than yours,” and the two people involved (these were typically match races) would decide on fair odds. According to Brittanica, racing also began as a competition to showcase the horses’ capability to potential buyers. So it was thought out, in that the horses would go on to have a second career, racing was not intended to be their only endeavor. And to this day it is wonderful to see the OTTB programs host competitions, as thoroughbreds, quarter horses, and standardbreds are extremely versatile athletes. We need many more of these programs.

        • And why is it Skipper….the horses today seem to have shorter “careers” than ever. Most lately don’t last past their two year old season?????!!!!! Shut this pure evil mf’r DOWN, and save these horses. I could not hate the lazy scumbags in this torture industry more. No one would shed a tear for the people in this industry.

        • The past history of racing does nothing to explain away the brazen exploitation and abuse going on at racetracks today. And while there are programs to give Thoroughbreds a chance at a second career, the disgusting fact of the matter is that so many of these horses are so physically destroyed after only a couple years on the track that they have no chance at a second anything. There is no moral or ethical reason that sentient beings should be abused and exploited the way they are on the racetrack, and then not even be able to lead a semblance of a normal equine life because their bodies are so worn down. But maybe that’s part of the plan: built in obsolescence. By destroying so many horses so young, it prevents the owners and trainers from having to take responsibility for these horses for more than a year or two, and they can happily move on to the next batch of victims.

        • Your historical recap makes it clear that horse racing should be a thing of the past.
          Horse racing will soon be history once their funding is shut down because they can’t survive without it.
          You stated another important point “We need many more of these programs.”
          Isn’t it funny how the multibillion dollar horse racing industry, that has been yanking in these obscene amounts of money, still doesn’t have any mandatory funding in place for racehorse aftercare or for programs like these?
          Indeed they don’t and they fight it every step of the way which is precisely why these programs are far and few between and so is funding for aftercare, so are grassy paddocks for their profit slaves who generate their billions yet find themselves standing in a kill pen – physically, mentally and emotionally broken.
          Essentially, you’re saying dope, beat, and kill racehorses so that we can have OTTB competitions because in order to get to that point they have to go through a living hell.
          Well, unlike you, I will skip all of the utterly revolting scenes of racehorses snapping their legs-off going down in the dirt and prefer to put every single aspect of racing from their egregious cruelty, abuse, inhumane treatment, and killing them into an abyss to be gone forever.

  1. I just went over the entries for today at Parx…..Our Claire Bear is entered,some of you might remember me bringing attention to this girl,she finished 11th last two times out. She has also been vet scratched several times. I think it’s obvious Our Claire Bear doesn’t want to race!

    • Can someone please explain why the owner would race a horse that consistently does not place? Do they still earn revenue?

      • It depends. If the horse is raced at a racino, they get a payout regardless of the order of finish. There has been a lot of discussion on this blog about trainers sending their horses out to die on the racetrack. The racetracks just want the horse to be in the race as a gambling chip for the wagering handle. Look up MONGOLIAN GROOM and the Breeders Cup Races. He was a gelding. He had micro fractures. It is in the report by a racing industry veterinarian named Dr. Lawrence (Larry) BRAMLAGE.

        • So they need horses to fill the lanes, regardless of horse condition. They just want four legs with a pulse. Thus, nobody cares when a horse “breaks down,” because they have already factored this into the profit & loss.

  2. Think about the Korean horseracing industry. If the horse does not measure up to whatever they want in racing, the Korean slaughterhouse is the next “program” for the horse. The horse’s meat is processed, packaged and sold in Korean grocery stores. What a program??? Disgusting!!!!! They don’t try to hide it in Korea. They seem to be proud of it. Disgusting!!!!!!! In Korea, it is definitely all planned out. It is NOT OKAY to exploit horses this way; not in Korea, not in any country!

    • Unfortunately this is the same with most of the racehorses worldwide. There’s not many racehorses, even famous ones, that are euthanized and cremated or buried. They’re sent to the slaughterhouse so even in their brutal death, the so-called owners can squeeze a little bit more money from them!!!

  3. One of the two dozen-plus racing industry members has been sentenced for his part in a massive racehorse doping scheme – a Scott Robinson (link below).

    But in reading through several articles about the FBI indictments and the damage control the industry is scrambling to do in light of the racing trainer and jockey sitting on dead racehorses in two separate incidents, I came across this (in an article from racing mouthpiece Natalie Vos) and was horrified…“A story that has always struck me in a powerful way is Scott’s description of a practice in horse racing called bleaching which, to the best of my knowledge, is when a horse is injected intravenously with bleach in order to improve physical performance for a short time but at an obvious cost to the horse’s health.”


    • I just hope these people get the maximum sentence! The article you shared said the maximum sentence for their criminal charges is five years in prison, but it’s up to the judge. Actually, I think they should get 5 years in prison for each horse they caused horrendous pain, suffering and damage to with the illegal doping. That is probably not how it works, but it should be!!!!

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