“Catastrophic Injury, Euthanized” at Laurel

Gravity’s Rainbow in the 7th at Laurel yesterday: “GRAVITY’S RAINBOW chased the early pace, unseated her rider when sustaining a catastrophic injury entering the backstretch and was euthanized.” Pity the connections (Stuart Grant, Brittany Russell), for Gravity, three, appeared to have a fine “career” brewing, having won her debut – and almost $30,000 – just last month. Oh well, next horse up.

(Curious thing about Maryland: As the FOIA documents become more transparent and detailed, the official “MarylandRacing” YouTube channel continues, almost without fail, to whitewash any video ugliness.)


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  1. GR conveniently disappeared from the video replay, however, the announcer made sure to give blow by blow on the status of the jockey.

  2. I assume the racetrack is hoping GRAVITY’S RAINBOW will be more easily forgotten by anyone who hears or reads about this, if they don’t see the video of her catastrophic injury/ breakdown. Business as usual for racing.

  3. Every breakdown should be viewable by all! The betters & the public needs to see what happens to these horses used for their “crooked ,crummy, gamboling game” as was told us in 1986 by a well trained English jockey who we used to gallop horses with on our now redeveloped 5/8 state capitol fairgrounds track.

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