Video of Smart Warrior Breaking Down at Tampa

In the 9th at Tampa yesterday afternoon, Smart Warrior, says the chartwriter, “fell to the course when suffering an apparent catastrophic injury.” While I don’t have a firm confirmation yet, I’m quite sure the 4-year-old is dead. Here is the video. While watching, note the announcer’s “reporting”: “Smart Warrior has unseated his rider and [is] out of the race…and the rider is down with the horse in the clubhouse turn.” Then back to the action: “They continue their journey up the backstretch!”


  1. Usually this announcer, upon seeing a horse and jockey fall, will say something to the effect of “please pray for our riders”.
    While prayers are good, I have a hard time spending it on people who make their living and get their kicks with being involved in the death and destruction of sentient beings in what is an extreme, abusive industry.
    My thought is we wouldn’t have to pray for them if they weren’t doing stupid crap.
    And – how about prayers instead for that horse that was just killed for human “sport”?

    • Thank you, Marie! I agree that these people involved in horseracing are not “loving” their horses!!! They are abusing the horses to the point of injuries that the horses do not recover from. Abusing horses to the point of injuries and to the point that death is inevitable is egregious abuse, brutality and cruelty. It is STUPID AS HELL!!!!! This INHUMANE TREATMENT OF HORSES needs to be treated as the CRIMINAL ACTIVITY THAT IT IS!!!! STOP THE GOVERNMENT APPROVAL TO THIS ATROCIOUS ABUSE OF HORSES!!!!!!

  2. *God, all mighty, as I watched this video of SMART WARRIOR, he was giving his all, looks like he broke both his front legs, then his neck!!!!!! All you evil humans are responsible for this beautiful horse’s tragic and horrible injuries, which we all are sure his death, too..

  3. I love hearing the background of the horses and their history. It makes it more important to save the ones we can from these jackmasters whose hands they fall into. Bonnie, please do not look at this video as you will be upset for the rest of your day.

    • It’s upsetting enough without the video. The video is visible proof. We know Patrick DOES NOT MAKE THIS **** UP!!!

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