Training Kill at Los Al This Morning

The CHRB has disclosed the training death of One Famous Prize this morning at Los Alamitos. He had just turned two – an equine babe – and was being prepped for his first race. He is the 3rd dead horse at Los Al this year, 15th (that we know about) at all California tracks. They can’t stop the killing, folks. It’s built into the system.


  1. With a heavy heart i am at a loss for words, Lets break this system. Here we are in the middle of a pandemic and still find time to degrade and kill the most beautiful animals in the world.

  2. Innocent creatures who have harmed no one. Broken no laws. Bred and raised and enslaved and tortured and murdered. Sixty billion every year. Creatures who wished to live every bit as strongly as do you or I. Creatures who had families. Creatures who had emotions, feelings, who were afraid to die, who wanted to live, who experienced fear, terror, pain, suffering and death at the hands of people protected by the state.

    • They not only don’t want to die….they shouldn’t die. That’s why when I heard Spendthrift Farm is suing the rules,so they can breed more than the rules limits. They are suing to get around the RULES out of pure greed. Spendthrift doesn’t care that there are too many race horses who need FOREVER homes. Spendthrift,take care of the INNOCENT LIVES that are already here (HORSES) who need a soft landing AND a FOREVER home. Do you understand me Spendthrift? Don’t create more innocent souls who will go to slaughter. Do you get me you GREEDY evil breeders who are making the problem of unwanted animals worse????????????????? These innocent Horses are BETTER than all of you bottom feeders looking to flip a buck,because you don’t work. You don’t WORK a REAL JOB. Don’t be PARASITES and suck off the victims (Horses). The Horses didn’t ask to be born into this shit show of evil abuse.

  3. Wait. They actually admitted one? Must have been a tough choice deciding which “trainer” would be sacrificed to the SoCal news media this time. I must admit, I thought they’d make a different selection. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow for another confession at Los Alamitos Horse Hell. They alone are under a direct, immediate, and very public threat of closure for their high kill numbers, yet so-called regulators at the CHRB are never going to even PAUSE their non-stop bloodbath.
    Doc Allred and the Dinosaur Board members will keep the Los Al killing show going right up until the vast majority of California voters makes them stop for good.

    • Absolutely Kelly and don’t forget the recent appointment of CHRB Equine Director Dr. Jeff Blea who is the key person with the power to enact Bill 469 – remember that long forgotten bill that was supposed to shut down horse racing when the death numbers were increasing?
      Rest assured. Dr. Jeff Blea who had a thriving vet practice in So Cal that predominantly treated racehorses and served some of the multiple doping violators who regularly kill racehorses.
      Dr. Blea will protect and defend the abuse and killing and will probably never implement Bill 469.
      He was appointed by pro-horse racing apologists, there to guard their hen house and to ensure they can carry on business as usual.
      Dr. Allred, owner of Los Al and Belinda Stronach CEO and owner of the Stronach Group who owns Santa Anita, Golden Gate Fields and San Luis Rey Training Centre in Bonsall all breathed a sigh of relief when they appointed Dr. Blea knowing that they could continue their killing business with his full support and little to no neutral scrutiny.
      Incidentally, to those who don’t know, Dr. Blea’s salary is paid for by California taxpayers who have no say in who gets this position or onto the CHRB.

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