Kills in Back-To-Back Races at Charles Town; Video of One Shows Horse Being Whipped Right Till His End

Last night at Charles Town…

In the 6th, “Lanesborough suffered a fatal injury past the half mile pole and had to be euthanized on the track.” Lanesborough was four years old, and this was her 11th time under the whip. Oh, and she was also sold – for the price of a cheap used car ($5,000) – by her loving owner (James Wolf) immediately prior to dying.

Next race, about a half hour later, “Nicaloe suffered a fatal injury mid-stretch and had to be euthanized on the track.” Nicaloe was also four and under the whip for the 11th time. As the video shows, he was being beaten right up till the moment he broke. After, as the “winning” horse is being sauntered over for celebratory pics, we see Nicaloe down in the dirt – breathing his last breaths; then the “van” comes…

These are dead racehorses numbers 6 and 7 at Charles Town in 2021. And that, folks, is just raceday – surely there have been more in morning training and back in the stalls. (Which, of course, I will unearth through FOIA.)

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  1. Oh dear God. This bullshit industry is nothing but pure evil torture. End it NOW. We can all go on and live without it. Go bet on a REAL sport,if your that much of a DEGENERATE.

    • Bonnie, Nicanor (Barbaro full brother the sire of Nicoloe
      Did I not just say every day without fail??

  2. Hey, Charles Town racing creeps:
    You know you’re a bunch of degenerate horse-killing monsters when every OTHER track’s supporters are wagging their fingers at you and screaming, “You crossed the line! Too many kills…Oh, but thanks for taking attention away from ours. Carry on, buddies.”

    • Kelly, when I saw the van, reminded me of your description of the “van” horse hearse. How true is that??

      • There’s so much predictable horror involved in last night’s Charles Town Carnage Extravaganza: track conditions changed from “muddy” to “good” instantly, right before Lanesborough — ridden by our favorite dead-horse beater, Christian Hiraldo — broke down. Plus, the mystery van (which I’d thought didn’t even exist, EXCEPT as a Horse Hearse, judging by all their recent on-track kills) wasn’t used for its public purpose. And worst of all: THEY WENT AHEAD AND RAN THEIR EIGHTH RACE, even as the other horse-killers were bagging on them. What does that say about the loving connections of all of these doomed animals? “Eh, might as well close out the card. After all, our filly MIGHT survive.” Monsters.

  3. I’ve got to be honest with you Patrick, Nicole, all followers and/or supporters of this site.
    In fact, if I didn’t have this forum to vent my emotions I don’t know what I would do.
    Sure I could open up my own site and go-off, but at least here there are people who actually know about horses, what happens to them and how horrific it truly is.
    Again, Charles Town would not have their killing track open if it weren’t for the billions in casino profits it gets upon approval from our politicians.
    Their stupid job claims are delusional and if our politicians cared about their constituents and the communities whom they are supposed to serve they would be giving them the billions in profits instead of horse racing.
    Nobody needs horse racing to give our communities anything because all they do is kill racehorses.
    This business has done just about everything to hide their horror show including editing out the segments that show how horrific the situation actually is.
    Well not anymore horse racing and if you think you’re going to continue to get away with this – think again.
    Your all on borrowed time and all it’s going to take is an HONEST politician who doesn’t accept political “contributions” in exchange for protecting this killing business.
    Once we shut down your billions in casino profits the shuttering of doors will be heard all over this country.
    It’s a matter of time.

    • Gina, we all feel the same way you do and get so discouraged and heartbroken over this horrendous sport. However, you are so knowledgeable and such an advocate and a force to be reckoned with.
      I do not have the courage you possess and you have no fear to call out the lousy humans associated with so much grief. The reward will be great eventually.

      • Nancy I respect you and I’m grateful for your support, but please don’t refer to horse racing as a “sport!” That term is used by apologists and I know that you are not one. This is NOT a “sport.” It’s a unnecessary gambling racket that exploits and kills racehorses.

    • It could be done Jonathan. Put it to an up or down NATIONAL vote…”poof”,gone. People thanks to Animal Planet, and Education, are more into animals than ever.

  4. When this inevitably goes under,like greyhound racing and such,there must be a law in the constitution…never again. In other words,it would be a felony to abuse animals for the purpose of gambling.

  5. Santa Anita race 5 horse #6 fell after the finish line. Mario Gutierrez taken on stretcher to hospital. Horse was vanned off. Of course no updates on horse. Sorry to relay this news.

    • Thank you, Nancy! It’s been updated now, and of course it’s bad news. I’m so thankful to you and Bonnie for watching and reporting. And, I wholeheartedly agree with Gina: what would we do without this site?

      • Kelly, for some reason today I feel like Gina I’m gonna blow a gasket. I could not hate these shallow evil scumbag people more. They are the fat face (like Caton Bredar) of pure sloth and lazy greed. Have any of these lazy scum in this industry EVER EVER EVER worked a day in their life? NO. May they rot. They are PARASITES “hosting” off the victims.

  6. I can only wonder how many so-called veterinarians who work for the owners and trainers of the horses (private vets) and how many so-called veterinarians who work for the racetrack and casino (track vets) knew the condition of these two horses that broke down before they broke down and just took the FILTHY money to keep their mouths SHUT. It has to take a SPECIAL KIND OF SPINELESS WONDER TO WATCH HORSES SUFFER AND BREAKDOWN FOR A PAYCHECK!!!!
    All of horseracing is corrupt!!!! It must be ended!!!!

  7. Monday at parx an 11 yr old mare still racing came in last monday race before last she made enough money she should be enjoying retirement hope its your last race congressionalstorm give her a break dont run her til she breaks down

    • Barbara, thank you,I caught her too,when I went through the entries today. God bless her,and get her a home. Meanwhile SCUMBAG,sack of shit operations (Spendthrift) are suing so there’s no limits on their breeding,in other words create a bigger problem of more innocent horses who will never get a forever home. Please EVERYONE call scumbag Spendthrift Farm and tell them NO F’n way. Do not add to the problem of too many horses who can’t find forever homes. PLEASE,I beg of all of you,let that breeder know. I beg of you. The INNOCENT Horses lives depend on it. PLEASE 😢. Spendthrift farm is ALL about EVIL GREED. Too many unwanted HORSES need the FOREVER home they NEED. Don’t add more innocent ANGELS (horses) to the problem.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how farms like Spendthrift spend hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring attorneys to fight for their right to exploit racehorses.
        Yet, you never see them fighting to get mandatory financial contributions to racehorse aftercare.
        They spend their time and money creating the unwanted racehorse mess, but are nowhere to be found when the horse they breed is standing at a kill auction.
        Horse racing is about profit over the well-being of the racehorse and no reforms will change this fundamental operating procedure(s).

        • Gina, I read about Todd Pletcher winning a RAM Truck and donating the cost of it to Aftercare. His words sound so hollow considering the Millions of DOLLARS they make from exploiting horses to death. Maybe the pickup truck was worth over $30,000 but he is part of the problem. It is a case of “Too little, too late.”

          • Sometimes I think that it’s just a publicity stunt organized by horse racing.
            I wouldn’t put it past these slime balls.

        • Gina, they don’t CARE about the LIVES that are already HERE. Unless they find homes for all the horses being dumped!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ADD to the already out of control problem Mr. old man B.Wayne Hughes. Greediness is NOT a good look.

  8. Horse owners who race their horses must stop whipping them to the end and putting them in situations that kill them. I love horses and other animals. This is painful for me to see such humans who are so cruel to animals and have no conscience.

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