Aquaphobia Killed at Gulfstream

In the 4th at Gulfstream yesterday, Aquaphobia finished last (“never prominent,” said the chartwriter), was apparently injured after the wire, and eventually “vanned off.” In fact, according to multiple sources, the 8-year-old is dead. All’s not lost for the “connections,” however, for in simply finishing, Aquaphobia “earned” $2,000.

This is horseracing.


  1. Horseracing is disgusting abuse and neglect of horses by psychopathic egotistical sociopaths who love the money they get from causing pain, suffering and death to horses.
    This demented brutality against horses by liars, cheats and horse-killers must not be funded in any way, shape or form. It must be ended!!!!

    • Bonnie , how sad sad sad. I swear I’ve seen him or heard the name mentioned previously. Everyday there is some kind of issue. They were running races at Oaklawn yesterday in the lousy weather.

  2. Lets give the trainer all the credit he so richly deserves. Because this could have been prevented if Mike Maker had paid attention to his horse’s downhill trajectory. And by the way, this is the second “kill” in 2 months for Mike Maker’s client Skychai Racing. He killed a beautiful and talented 2 year old filly out of Tapit mare Marilyn Monroan just a few months ago. Mike Maker, you are losing it. Pretty soon you will be like all the cheap claiming race trainers that are so disgusting and prevalent in horseracing.

    • He raved about Aquaphobia being an “OLD, class horse”.
      And he’s no different from those “cheap claiming trainers”, Marybaggaly, he just has wealthier owners.

  3. Multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” Mike Maker is a true parasite.
    Aquaphobia made over $735,000, and that still isn’t enough for this rotten, dirty, corrupt killing business to take care of horses like him.
    His former connections knowingly sold him into a life of abuse after he took good care of them.
    They knowingly sold him to Mike Maker which is the same as sending him to the grim reaper.
    While all of this is going on every single apologist is to blame for the demise of a racehorse who made over $735,000 never to see a grassy paddock again.
    You horse racing apologists are parasitic slime balls – every single one of you.

    • You mentioned the racing apologists, Gina…and of course I agree. And in that vein, maybe someone who tweets can tell a Kelly (@knovs293) that IF Aquaphobia had been “retired” he would (hopefully) still be alive. This Kelly tweeted a “Congratulations!” to a jockey on Aquaphobia after a win – she continued, verbatim; “And Aquaphobia is SEVEN years old…stop retiring horses so early, people!”

      • That is so demented and creepy that anyone would say to not retire a horse at 7-years-old anyway, let alone the fact that Aquaphobia was 8-years-old and DEAD from being raced to death. Creepy creepy creepy creepy!!!!!!!!!!!

      • In other equine venues, seven years old would be just coming into heavy training. In racing, horses are worn down and made old way before their time, so a horse at seven years old on the racetrack would be like a twenty year old still competing, if you were to compare the degeneration of their joints and the wear and tear on their bodies, to say nothing of all the drugs and other stews forced into their veins on a daily basis.

        • Rebecca, I understand your point, but I honestly don’t believe that most 20-year-old horses outside of horseracing would have degenerative joint diseases, arthritis in both knees, or metal nuts, bolts, screws in their legs to repair a broken leg as some racehorses are known to have had before they turned 7-years-old. There is no doubt that racehorses are made to suffer at very young ages!!!!

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