Another Training Kill (“Sudden Death”) in California

Rustic Canyon, five, died today while training at San Luis Rey Downs in California. According to the CHRB, it was “sudden death.” Again, he was just five years old.

This is horseracing.

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  1. “Sudden death” has to be the most convenient excuse ever concocted by the racing industry. They make it sound like such a natural occurrence, like horses drop dead for absolutely no reason all the time.

      • I love when they use the story “well I know of a 32-year-old who had a heart attack out in the field” as if that is somehow the same thing because there was a horse involved.

  2. The FEDS supposedly investigated NY because of that 2012 year, I believe. You will NEVER have more DEATHS than NY,and Ca. Those two are the most egregious offenders. Do you GET that?, the WORST. Take NY,and Ca. out ….and this death machine is DONE. NADA,NOTHING..poof gone. Do you get me?, those are the two lynchpins. You take them out and it’s OVER. Can you get that? They are the two biggest, and MOST DEATHS. Other states barely operate compared to NY,and Ca.

    • I think I understand your rage, Bonnie. At the same time Florida, Kentucky and every other state that has racing also has a lot of dead horses and they are still killing. I would not want to diminish the significance of each and every horse that is maliciously harmed by any horseracing participant in any other state by overemphasizing the massive numbers in California and New York horseracing. Just sayin’… Every horse’s life matters regardless of what state (or country) they are/were raced or killed in!!!! I would be happy to see all of this EVIL & DEADLY EXPLOITATION of horses be done in every place that it exists!!!!

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