Golden Gate: Three Training Kills in Four Days

And another. Yesterday, Okoye was killed – “accident,” says the CHRB – training at Golden Gate, that track’s third death in four days. Okoye was three and had been put to the whip five times.

This is horseracing. Every. Single. Day.

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  1. No state government should be approving this carnage of horses exploited for racing and gambling!!!!!
    Horses need protection from the daily abuses, brutalities, cruelties and killings that these racing participants are guilty of inflicting on each and every horse that they get their filthy, greedy hands on. If they don’t kill their horses at the tracks in training, racing and/or stall incidents, these killers of horses will sell them to someone who will kill them one way or another.

  2. And, where is NBC “Sports” in all this? They published nationally on their Horse-Killing Home Page when Golden Gate’s SECOND kill on the year was announced. As usual, they only cover CALIFORNIA racehorse deaths; the rest of the country’s tracks are free to continue their non-stop killing sprees, and mum’s the word as far as NBC executives are concerned.

    Sooooo, now that there’s been THREE MORE KILLS IN FOUR DAYS, and this week’s major Death Track is still in Cali, why’d you bury this AP story away, NBC Blood Sport Dinosaur Racing Advocates? Suddenly not as “newsworthy” anymore? Or, do your “fans” get angry at you for death accounts, so you gotta lay low on the killing news to appease them? (Don’t let all your dirty little secrets out at once, NBC So-Called Sports.)

      • They’re ALL on a crazy killing spree, all the time. NY is really the only state that actually reports them as they happen. Cali used to, but has found a clever way to exclude most of its kills from the public list. Oh, and I see poor Okoye was her “trainer’s” FIFTH (reported) KILL in just over a year.
        Wonder if the CHRB is gonna do anything about good old Isidro Tamayo? He sure didn’t have her long before he killed her off, did he? Nah. They’ll probably just make him train at Los Al for a while;(

        • You got that right Kelly….whenever a horse is injured,or not feeling or doing well….send them to Los al. That’s an old trick, Santa Anita has been doing that bullshit for ages. I know all of them kill,my point was NY, and Ca., seem particularly bad this new year.

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