How Do They Sleep at Night?

While the official replay of Nisbet Beach breaking down at Aqueduct yesterday was whitewashed from the NYRA website, I was able to secure a copy. While watching, consider this from the Gaming Commission’s notification: “Jockey uninjured and continued to ride rest of mounts.” Thank heavens for that, huh apologists?


  1. Now I see what a flying somersault looks like when a racehorse goes down and does the flying somersault. That is horrible and does Zach Schwartz still think horseracing is “safe” for the horses???

  2. Multiple racehorse killer “Trainer” LINDA RICE is directly responsible for the horrific breakdown and subsequent death of baby filly NISBET BEACH.
    The rest of the apologists are enablers and supporters of Linda Rice and any other Trainers whose racehorse dies under their custody.
    She can count on the NY Racing commission to carry on with zippo repercussions that would otherwise land her with Felony Animal Cruelty charges and/or jail time in any other setting.
    Patrick, you pose the question: “How do these people sleep at night?”
    Well not only does Linda Rice sleep, but she’s been doing this for YEARS – killing racehorses.
    It’s regular, routine operating procedures and you can bet that she injects them to the rafters, pumps them full of dope and sends them out and if they die?
    Well who cares?
    Another regular modus operandi for this pathetic demented parasite is that she claims older geldings with high earnings who’ve paid their dues, and dies running for their life.
    She’s a true parasite who sucks the life and blood out them with not even another thought.
    Plus, she’s being investigated by the NY Racing Commission for “corrupt and improper acts in relation to racing.”
    This particular charge alleges that she acted improperly by receiving access to information on horses entered in races at New York Racing Association tracks where she was also looking to run her horses in those same races before those races were drawn.
    So for those of you outsiders I will try to put this in common terms that hopefully can clear the murky waters.
    When a Trainer has access to racehorses that have entered a race then they have “inside information” and know exactly what racehorse is entered.
    Not only does this stack the deck in her favor, but it also has other serious implications.
    Contrary to popular belief the stable area is NOT heavily guarded and the racehorses are sitting ducks in their stalls and people can’t always be around 24 hours per day.
    I can’t emphasis how vulnerable your racehorse is if they want to get to it.
    There are people, mainly males, that have free access to the stable area and they are called “agents.”
    I’ve often seen agents creeping around stalls where they shouldn’t be.
    Agents are usually ex-jockeys or ex-racehorse commissioners and they would have every opportunity to inject something into a racehorse if they had knowledge that the horse was entered to race the next day.
    So if she’s doing this, and I think she is, she would probably have at least 1 other person assisting her with this or perhaps an entire gang working in tandem to fix races and the outcome of wagering profits.
    It’s important to note that despite the inexpensive high quality tech available today, such as closed circuit digital cameras the multibillion dollar horse racing industry has little to nothing in their stable areas on most tracks.
    The loopholes and possibilities to dope up a racehorse are endless and the drug testing process on most tracks are laughable – a joke that is pathetic.
    Myself, along with others, repeatedly requested all tracks to have minimum standards of security to protect the racehorses and would also protect the integrity of wagering.
    We were met with fierce opposition mainly from the top trainers and their respective connections.
    It’s also important to note that the very people who are conducting the investigation seem to be the very people that were allegedly giving her inside information – go figure.
    It doesn’t surprise me that they’ve been postponing her hearings for about 1 year and they just postponed it again until March with very little transparency as to why.
    True to industry form, by the time she actually makes it to her hearing most people would have forgotten about it and she will get off with a slap on the wrist, but it could also be to protect the very people whom she’s in collusion with which is most likely the reason.
    This type of information that she’s allegedly involved with is the same as “insider trading” on the stock market and look what happened to celebrity chef Martha Stewart, but this is horse racing where corruption runs rampant and there’s no parameters when it comes to the deep, ugly truth about this vile business.

    • Linda Rice paid money in envelopes to certain people in exchange for the inside information she wanted, according to the article I read about her case. The article mentioned that there was one person that refused to take any money from Linda Rice. I’m not sure if that person gave Ms. Rice any information or not. You know horseracing has to be an extremely corrupt business to allow this corruption to carry on and at the same time allow this corrupt person to keep her license active and to continue actively racing and KILLING innocent horses. Linda Rice should be in jail right now awaiting trial.
      She also helped to fill races as I understand it and not just with the horses “trained” by her. There are so many other people directly involved in this corruption called “horseracing” and it sounds like a no-brainer that Ms. Rice will get no real punishment.

  3. You know what I always think the god awful torturous searing pain the horses must be in before the legs snap in two, and they go down into the frozen dirt and mud. This is a totally unnecessary activity!!!!!!! End the suffering.

  4. How do they sleep at night? The same way every other animal abuser in the world does. I’m sure murders have the same restful sleep, too. It’s too bad the lack of a conscience or soul doesn’t cause insomnia. At least they won’t be snoozing much in the next life. 🥵🔥

  5. When I really think about it to ask these racehorse killers “how do they sleep at night?” is equivalent to asking Ted Bundy how did he go home to his wife and act like nothing was wrong after murdering an innocent young female victim for the 20th time?
    Serial killers are sociopaths – they have 2 faces – the social one and the evil one just like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
    The traits of a sociopath — evil, self-indulgent, and utterly uncaring to anyone but themselves.
    Serial killers are not limited to people, but can also include animals as repeat offenders are common.
    Most all kills are under the custody of “trainers” who have a litany of dead racehorses under their belt like Linda Rice, Bob Baffert, Python Pat, Todd Pletcher, Mike Maker etc. etc.
    Yet, they are relicensed every year and condoned to continue killing racehorses.
    They just keep handing the drunk driver the keys to kill all over again when you get right down to it.
    These repeat offenders self indulge at everybody else’s expense only in this case it’s the racehorses that are their voiceless victims – so sad.

  6. The fact that this happened at Aqueduct,brings back my worst PTSD experience of horse racing. 2018 , Aqueduct was the killer of the handsomest chestnut with a giant white blaze, that ever was created. He was also SO accomplished,and total CLASS. He shouldn’t have even been running anymore with just shy of 700,000 in earnings. He should have been enjoying life in a pasture. I will never forgive the parasites of this truly evil torture shit show. He was eight years old, and had MORE than earned his life to be one of spoiling and lovin. And oh yeah, we’ll never see a face like his again. EVER.

      • Wanda, I would not like to say on an open forum. I don’t trust the people who are in this industry. I don’t know what they might be capable of doing,as far as retribution. I will gladly tell you, Patrick has my permission to give you my email, as I am not on any social media. I’m sure you understand my concerns about not wanting anything to be taken out on other family members of this horse’s bloodline. Thank you all for “fighting” for these majestic souls.

    • Yes we would like to know his name as well. Chestnut horse we have several on our farm. They seem to have good temperaments as well as spirit! This video of Pat`s we appreciate him having been able to find & post here. Every racing participant should have to see all these horrible , tragic unneeded deaths! There should be no screens or other means of hiding the truth from the public!

      • As long as this horrific abuse of animals, especially horses, is just morally wrong on every level AND the public is paying for it or funding it one way or another, I believe it is only fitting that the public has a right to know the consequences of allowing these EGREGIOUS ABUSES to carry on as though it were acceptable. These serial horse-killing animal abusers should never have the right to hide their criminal activities from the public.

        • The fact that their horses can have a limb literally snap off while being nationally televised and in front of crowds of hundreds of people prove they aren’t trying to hide anything. Look at the way the jockeys beat horses on a daily basis, the way the gate stewards punch horses in the head, kick them in the belly, and twist their tails over their backs, and it isn’t in the shadows of the barn. It’s right out in the open without a modicum of shame.

          • If everyone got a firsthand look at the abuses, we would not need to have this platform, would we?

  7. Heart and soul shattering. This poor, poor baby girl.
    These heart wrenching, harrowing videos should be looped on the huge screens in Times Square for New Yorkers to see what their tax money supports. How many will continue going to the “races” or betting on innocent lives, I wonder…

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