“Fell Heavily, Euthanized on Track” Today at Aqueduct

The boxscore line for Nisbet Beach in the 1st today at Aqueduct: “NISBET BEACH…chased just off the inside, was in a bit tight between foes and nudged half a mile from home, suffered an injury just outside the three-eighths pole and fell heavily at that station, then was attended to by veterinarian and euthanized on track.”

“fell heavily…euthanized on track”

Nisbet was just two years old. ‘Twas her third time under the whip.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Sounds like a typical Aqueduct horror show: The worst happens, Grening tweets it out, because if he doesn’t, it would make him look like the liar that all the other DRF reporters are. Then the horse-killing sycophants offer up their “Thoughts & Prayers!” and “RIPs,” and “Run Free in Equine Heaven, _______ (fill-in-the-blank baby horse name).” And, then…
    Okay, now that that’s done, who you got in race 2?”

      • David Grening (and ONLY Mr. Grening) just tweets out the basic information about most of the hundreds of racing deaths and van-offs each year. The other DRF “reporters” just pretend these things don’t happen, so don’t include them in their so-called coverage:
        “Here’s the results and your all-important payout info, folks, and I didn’t see that shattered, suffering, baby animal struggling to rise on twisted, mangled limbs behind all the other disposable athletes…LALALALALA.”

    • It’s nothing like Sandy Hook, which was an intentional act of violence that included use of deadly weapons. This was an accident that is unlikely to happen- the connections know what a safe sport this is.

      • I’m sorry but I believe this is done on purpose every day. We force them to race ,so it’s done intentionally. I feel the pain for those who have lost and i equally feel the pain for the innocent lives humans take for greed.

      • “Unlikely to happen”?
        You’re funny, Zach. I hope you stick around. We could use some levity around here from time to time. For some reason, those in racing are usually too ashamed of their own Animal Abuse Addiction to speak out on HW more than once.
        But, we know you’re all still lurking. So tell us another one, please. Maybe this time, do the one about all those happily-ever-after, lifelong homes provided for your “retired” athletes:)

      • Connections know how safe horseracing is? – sure they do – is that why they state things like…

        “It’s tough being a racehorse…you have a lot of concussion, a lot of pounding, and being in a horse race can be very hard experience physically on a horse’s body.” Barry Irwin

        “Injuries [suffered by the horses] are associated with the occupation of racing.” Sue Stover

        “Announcer Vic Stauffer…lapsed into a baffling recitation of great horses in Hollywood history midway through the race, even as the earnest dozen [racehorses] were out there PUTTING THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE.” Jay Hovdey

        “Most trainers have little or no investment in the horses they train, whether it is financial or emotional. They will run red light after red light in pushing that horse until it fails and then they will call the owner and spin him a story. Every vet will tell you that 90% of the major injuries have an existing underlying pathology that precedes the eventual failure yet those trainers will tell the owner that the horse ‘just took a bad step’ and ‘that’s horse racing.’ And what is sad is that most owners will accept it as the gospel.” Bill Casner

        Safe? – laughable. But they need to try to convince themselves (and the public) of that since their “salaries” depend on using (and ALWAYS using up) horse after horse after horse.

        • Took a bad step means only one thing.Their probably was an undiagnosed muscular dysfunction. Causing the horse to overextend himself unevenly on one of his four quadrants. Slipping past the observation of the pre-race vet and it’s trainer,who really is the one that should’ve discovered the dysfunction,considering it’s the trainer that spends most of the time observing the horse. This is where the pre-race exam is doing the inspection ass backwards.The exam should come immediately after the horses last race or if a first time starter,after its last breeze. Just a thought,on maybe just looking into a change for the better.That won’t happen because it would be an admission that the experts that they are and nobody knows their business better than they do.Maybe someone on the outside may know something that they don’t know.

          • Sophie, I think all these people using baby horses as a job….rather than working to get a real job,are just lazy. You do not use living breathing sentient beings,against their will,as a gambling chip. The whole creepy,sleazy, thing, is just WRONG on so many levels. People need to quit being lazy,pick themselves up by the bootstraps and quit being parasites.

          • Sophie,
            “Took a bad step” is a euphemism for a catastrophic or fatal breakdown that was caused by the deliberate forcing of horses to run fast while carrying the weight (approx. 120 pounds or so) of saddle and sadistic, whip-weilding jockey. Racing forces young horses to exert their underdeveloped bodies to perform beyond what their bodies are capable of. Racing horses is a cruel brutality for barbaric sociopaths. Horseracing needs to be ended.

      • I had to read your post twice to actually figure out you were being serious. In the first place, this is not a sport, it is systemic, calculated animal abuse and exploitation defended by people like you who walk around with their heads planted firmly up their rumps. In the second place, broken shoulders, snapped necks and backs, shattered legs, pulmonary hemorrhaging, and those ever-suspicious “sudden deaths” are not the hallmarks of a safe anything. What other venue – human or equine – has participants snapping limbs OFF THEIR BODIES on a regular basis? Horses cart wheeling into each other and the rail at break neck speed, ripping tails off in the starting gate, breaking legs with such force that bits of bone are found scattered in the dirt, and literally snapping necks and spines really sound SAFE to you, huh? If thousands of shattered, mangle, and dead horses really impress you as the hallmark of a safety record, I shudder to think of what you would consider dangerous for horses.

  2. I guess I was in a delusional state of mind earlier today in thinking that no horses would be killed today. I hoped no horse would be killed today. So much for hoping and delusional thinking. The killing of horses in horseracing never takes a day off.

    • There weren’t any deaths for four days before this. They aren’t a daily or regular occurrence.

      • No deaths for four whole days?!? – well then by all means, keep killing these fully sentient beings (just) every four days so folks can be entertained.

        GREAT comment from an enabler of the crippling and killing of “family members” – kill one off only every four days! – no biggie, right?

      • That’s at THAT track, MAYBE. But what about the other tracks around the country in the last 4 days? I know of one at mahoning 2 days ago. Not so rare, after all. Unfortunately. Nice try though, Shannon. High five to you for being ok with killing horses for “sport”.

      • No death in four whole days, WOW!!
        However, Shannon, that is not the point. Why on earth are horses being put to the whip in NY in the dead of winter??? Aqueduct is a sewer of a track at the best of times and in winter it is even worse
        So no death in 4 whole days is somewhat of a minor miracle. It won’t last Shannon, and that is the very sad reality for the poor abused horses.
        PS Shannon, you may remember the wholesale killing that triggered a big “investigation” at that very track several years ago….?

      • Four entire days? Well, spank me! This just PROVES how safe horse racing is. Of course, we’ll never know how many horses died in their prisons, oh, excuse me, stalls of colic, laminitis, pneumonia, head injuries, “barn accidents” and those pesky little “sudden deaths” that keep popping up.

    • Given the fact that these corrupt politicians will never stop this money making activity,one alternative would be to limit the amount of horses under the care of one trainer.If this were the case maybe many of these unsound horses would not slip through the cracks. Do you think it would be easier to keep an eye on fifteen horses or fifty horses or two hundred? Obviously the answer is,it’s easier to keep a closer eye on fifteen horses than two hundred.The root cause of all of this is greed,incompetence and the life line and the reason most politicians devote their time to public service. “CASH MONEY” corruption!

    • Yes Wanda,I know what they mean when “THEY”say took a bad step. The “Bad Step” is not the initial cause for falling.What causes the bad step is more than likely fatigue due to Undiagnosed Muscular Dysfunction which creates an unbalanced horse,thus the bad step.If the hoof doesn’t land properly you get breakdowns.

      • The bad step is ultimately caused by the abuse inflicted on the horse. Forcing horses to run in a race as a gambling chip is selfish, greedy, disgusting, despicable, demented, depraved, vile and unnecessary.

    • Yes Nancy, another horse screaming out “I’m in pain,and not sound”, his last race….dead last by miles.

      • He fell and then the horse behind looked like he could not get out in time (stepped on him).in the SLOP at that track.

  3. For Zach Schwartz and comments similar to his.
    Horse racing’s daily abusive business practices, intentionally and maliciously, perpetrated on their voiceless victims it is an act of violence.
    In many cases, the outcome is dying as they continue to do the same things that lead up to their deaths.
    This is no accident.
    Have you ever heard the saying that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insane? – well that’s horse racing in a nutshell.
    LINDA RICE is a multiple doping violator who has killed racehorses under her care for years and it’s racehorses like NISBET BEACH who paid the price under this monster.
    Now you could argue that she doesn’t kill them intentionally, but she sure as hell knows that she’s sending them out to play Russian Roulette.
    This is a lady who has a long history of claiming racehorses and killing them.
    Like a true parasite she hunts for her next victim in the claiming ranks where she found her most recent host on February 9, 2021 Race 5, Aqueduct called EXPRESS CAPACITY (EC)
    EC earned over $200,000 and that’s still not enough for him to get a safe retirement especially when parasites like Linda Rice are lurking around.
    Keep in mind that these racehorse killers like Linda Rice get zippo repercussions or neutral scrutiny because horse racing doesn’t care and, in fact, condones this conduct by offering claiming races to begin with.
    They facilitate the massive pain, suffering, dumping and killing of racehorses – that’s what they do best.
    Another notable parasite is Python Pat (Patricia Farro) who is back claiming racehorses yet again to either finish them off (kill them), cripple and/or dump them – standard operating procedures.
    Don’t believe me?
    On 2/10/2021 Python Pat claimed a racehorse called RUNS FOR LUCK who finished last by lengths.
    Her claiming owner, Vaccaro Racing Stable is another parasite who doubles down with Python Pat and together they’ve killed plenty of racehorses that they’ve claimed.
    RUNS FOR LUCK is a 10 year old gelding that has paid his dues making over $500,000.
    He’s earned this money the HARD WAY being claimed so many times that it would take me an entire page to list it, but the abuse in this business knows no bounds.
    These parasites claim them as their host, to feed off of them and to exploit them to the max.
    Grassy paddocks and safe landings aren’t part of their equation or mentality – just sucking the life out of them.
    Nobody in this business has ever claimed this gelding to be kind to him, to do the right thing and give him a good home, instead, they suck the life and blood out of him until he can give no more.
    This is no accident, this is deliberate, malicious abuse and violence conducted by sadistic, demented people.

  4. Both of you, Zach Schwartz and Shannon M, need to get a clue about the everyday abuse of horses in horseracing, if you believe the twisted things you said here. Otherwise, if you don’t believe the twisted things you said here, you know you are lying.
    While not all race horses are killed by being shot with a gun, they are forced into confinement for 23 hours a day and forced to run fast and faster on racetracks. They are whipped with whips. That is a form of violence. Some horses are shocked with hand-held devices with who-knows-how-many volts of electricity. That is a form of violence. The horses are abused in various ways. Do you think that being abused is a pleasant experience????
    Horses are sold into the slaughter pipeline. They are killed in slaughterhouses. The majority of racehorses are killed. Some of them may never even live long enough to run at a racetrack and have bets placed on them. This so-called “Sport of Kings” is a violent so-called “game” to the victims. The victims are the horses.

    • Wanda,Wanda,Wanda, Stop being so dramatic,it’s the same repetitive whining over and over.Get a different angle,it’s getting monotonous. Maybe you should back off for a while,we get it,everybody gets it. If this “GAME” was going to disapear it would have long ago. It’s not going anywhere. There is so much cash going through the windows and just like the mob,everyone gets their share in their pecking order by kicking money up IMO. IMO these people in this”GAME” are a conglomerate of corrupt politicians,mob types,all working in unison to play and rob the public and most owners of their money. Every level of this “game is predicated on taking advantage of naive owners with money,who have “The Dream”.Also IMO manipulating odds and most races,as to who is going to win a particular race.IMO everyone involved in this “GAME” is either being cheated or cheating someone else. From the mouth of a HOF jockey “I Don’t Like Any Game I Can’t Cheat At”. Wanda,here is a homework assignment for you.Google and research Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s report on The New York Racing Association around 2004.This may open your eyes somewhat,as to what is really going on here. This is all about people not horses.

      • Classic: a racing “reformist” now drops in to try to convince us all how wrong we all are, and how the business of animal abuse is Too Big to Fail. Tell us another one, Sophie, like how that worked out for the Ringling Bros., or Sea World’s captive whale tormentors, or the greyhound racer creeps…
        No, on second thought, don’t tell us. You’re just here to plug your Save Racing by Reforming Racing message. It ain’t gonna fly, and thanks largely to this site (which you only think you’ve cleverly infiltrated), it will meet the exact same ends as all of the above.

      • Sophie, Sophie, Sophie, you say IMO a lot and then you say stuff that is a no-brainer reality that has been discussed on this blog several times. (It is a no-brainer reality, not just your opinion, that there is a lot of cheating going on.) Take the cheating by Bob Baffert and JUSTIFY, for example. Google that if you have not done so already.
        As far as the CORRUPTION IN NEW YORK STATE HORSE RACING and the comptroller goes, you brought that up several months ago. I Googled it already several months ago, okay?! I still believe in the ending of horseracing because it WILL NEVER BE HUMANE TO THE HORSES no matter what your opinions are, see. HORSE RACING WILL NEVER STOP BEING CORRUPT AND INHUMANE TO THE HORSES, so forget about trying to “reform” the abuses, please. We don’t want to knowingly and willfully watch horses being abused and killed because of some sick, sadistic, corrupt blankety-blanks that want to suck the public of Millions or Billions of tax money or casino money allocated to keep racing afloat. The scale of breeding, racing and killing innocent horses would be diminished significantly without public funds. You say horseracing is all about people and not horses. That could not be further from the truth. Horseracing is everything about the HORSES THAT ARE USED AND ABUSED BY GREEDY, sadistic heathens that should never be allowed to be near horses. Your comptroller should be in jail right along with the rest of the liars, cheaters, gamblers that suck the life out of horses and that suck public funds into the races to have more wagering opportunities and therefore more Millions of dollars in WAGERING HANDLE.

      • Sophie, I think your underestimating how much people love animals.There are more of US, than there are the evil scum who “work” in this barbaric torture industry. Plus the intensity of animal lovers love for their animals. There is not the slightest doubt in my mind that if it was put to a nation wide up or down vote…stupid ass horse torture would be gone-“POOF”….gone! 😆

      • No, you’re absolutely right, it’s not about the thousands of sentient creatures being exploited, abused, shattered, and killed. Why even bring THEM into this?

  5. An article from a mainstream NBC Bay area affiliate in California reads: “Filly Dies at Golden Gate Fields, Second Horse to Die in 2021.”
    So the facts, as previously stated herein, MUNNY and STAREDOWN died at Golden Gate fields in the bay area, but the exposure of the iron clad relationship between politicians and the industry is laid to bare.
    Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin when asked DID NOT RESPOND. They refused to comment.
    City Council Vice President Lori Droste did not respond to a request for comment either.
    Albany Mayor Ge’Neil Gary was asked whether someone needs to investigate the deaths at the track and she said this: The California Horse Racing Board has exclusive authority to regulate the operations of horse racing facilities and we encourage any concerns to be directly raised with the board.”
    Well here’s the problem with that.
    It gives the impression that the public can actually change things for the betterment of the racehorses by going through the CHRB which we know to be untrue and here’s why.
    The CHRB are ELECTED officials which is precisely why horse racing continues to stack the board with 100% horse racing apologists (most recent example Dr. Jeff Blea) who will continue to uphold the very daily, abusive business practices that lead to the deaths of racehorses.
    Almira Tanner, lead organizer of the Berkeley-based animal rights group in the article shuts down the reform approach by stating the truth: “The entire horse racing industry puts profit above the lives of the animals and worker.”
    She made such a good point because horse racing not only exploits the horses, but the workers too.
    I can’t think of any other business in this country that gets away with such egregious business practices that regularly kills their product, that generates their profits, while breaking just about every labor law.
    Another full blown example of how our politicians are in bed with horse racing is the fact that this business was permitted to carry on – a NON ESSENTIAL business – during this pandemic.
    While all other businesses in this country, more essential than horse racing, was forced to close horse racing was given the green light by politicians to continue.
    Furthermore, communities across America pay a high price via taxpayers money and/or casino profits to support this killing business by diverting billions to support horse racing instead of education and essential services.
    There are no other conclusions that any civilized community member or neutral politician should conclude other than this: horse racing needs to be shut down.

    • “The California Horse Racing Board has exclusive authority to regulate the operation of horse racing facilities” !!!
      There in lies a huge problem and we see that problem played out daily in terms of horrible abuse and death for countless horses day after day, year after year.
      Trainers et al have soo much in common with politicians. They lie cheat and pass the buck.

      • Absolutely Rose.
        The racing commissions in every state are mere public wallpaper, a tranquilizer for the public if you will, there to appear like they care all the while protecting profits at the detriment of the racehorses as Kill List after Kill List proves.
        Furthermore, the comments and deliberate avoidance of the issue by politicians clearly show that they are not neutral, have no intentions of doing what’s right and continue to uphold a system that they are probably financially benefitting from.
        They are going against the will of the people who elected them into office and who pay for their salaries.
        Under this quid pro quo partnership the racehorses have always paid the price and, sadly will continue to do so.

  6. Patrick, I hope you can show the video of yesterday’s two yr old filly losing her life during race one at Aqueduct. People need to see how horrific her spill was.

    • They started the replay video AFTER the accident happened. Whaaaat what accident??? We didn’t see anything did you?

      • I’m glad someone cares about the person who was beating the horse right up until the moment of her death. Of course no mention of the sentient being who died after two horrific years of exploitation and abuse just so parasites could make some easy money and the ignorant masses could throw a couple bucks on her head.

  7. Bonnie, I don’t think I am underestimating all of our love for the animals. This is not a Hollywood movie. Good dosen’t always win out over evil and it’s the things you love the most will always break your heart.

    • But Sophie, the majority of the horses in this CORRUPT gambling racket are NOT treated well on any level. These majestic beautiful horses were not put on this earth for this stupidity and pure evil bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly is right…it’s gonna end.

    • Sophie D, please take a hard look at your “sport”.
      How can you defend what goes on. Every time horses are lead into the starting gates they are at risk of dying. It is a game of Russian roulette. And those that sustain “career” ending injures are at risk of a trip to a slaughter house.
      And please explain how all these people can constantly repair their “broken hearts” in this business. Of course that is ridiculous because if someone loves an animal they will not put him in danger or risk losing him to a claim.
      You know very well, the horse is nothing more than a disposable commodity to be exploited for money even to the extreme of the slaughter price or being shipped in horrifying conditions aboard freight liners to be subjected to exploitation in the extreme.
      And sad to say, all this is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.
      People defending this business are not being honest with themselves or anybody else.

      • Rose,
        You are so right about that!!! Why would anyone with genuine empathy and compassion for the horses ever think to throw their moral compass away, so to speak, and become a horse-killing zombie?!?!? It is ridiculous.

      • Hey Rose,I don’t think I’ve ever said that I’m defending this game. I’m just saying, I don’t think there is anyway in hell this game will be closed down. Realistically speaking it won’t be shut down,these people that run this game have gotten away with alleged criminality forever,one thing after another. Even if their is a smoking gun,the “MONEY” wins out. It always will.Like I said previously there are many changes that can be made to make this game safer,I know no one on this site wants to hear that but until you can figure out a way to end the mistreatment of the horses,some change can and would save many horses lives.I would rather see that than to have things continue as is,because the way things are now is total ignorance. I’m telling you the ignorance and corruption in this game is epidemic from top to bottom. For this to change,the Feds have to make these changes but they would have to learn this game to fully understand the changes that need to be made to get the best results.Unfortunately the state will not release control easily.But I resent the ignorant statements that interpret my comments as defending this abusive game.

        • Sophie, you are making mixed statements that make it sound like you would rather defend racing to allow the CORRUPTION to continue. Or, maybe you are defending the CORRUPTION to allow racing to continue.
          I would rather see the funding to any horseracing operation from all government sources be terminated. PERIOD.

          • She attacks you and tells you to stop “whining” and being “repetitive” and “monotonous,” then claims to RESENT the suggestions that she’s really a racing advocate/reformist?
            Sorry, Sophie. You check all the boxes. You sure you wouldn’t be more comfortable aligning yourself with, say, PETA, or the HSUS, or the Animal Wellness Whatever, all of whom think like you do? Maybe you can drop back in again next year, tell us all how “safe” you’ve made racing for racehorses through the hilariously-titled HISA. Meantime, though, we’re good. We love Wanda and are happy to have her on our side:)

          • Kelly, thank you! I love you, too! I can tell when you are being sarcastic. There is never a doubt in my mind that you are against any kind of support of this killing and torture show called horseracing.
            Several months ago, Sophie got on my nerves so bad that I reacted to some comments that sounded arrogant and delusional. I did not detect sarcasm from Sophie, but Sophie defended his/her comments as being sarcastic and me of being ignorant. Same s***, different day. Lol!

        • Sophie, here’s what tells me you are wrong…have you noticed for the past several years even the so called wealthy have to have so Many globing on to their corny partnerships. You see Very few that just own singularly. Now days it’s all these “partnerships”, not many Gary Barber’s in the world. So many are globed on to say like sf racing who is just George Soros, who should F’n know better than to be involved in this evil. People are finally catching on Sophie, and not being so dumb. Money is drying up,and it will be getting worse.

        • Sophie D, the Feds are not going to “fix” anything in racing.
          The truth is, racing cannot be “fixed” by the Feds or anybody else because the fundamentals of the business are totally geared to exploitation of the horse. The survival of racing depends on that truth.
          Improvements for horses would have to include the following:
          Prevention/ treatment off of ulcers; stop giving all the “performance enhancing” drugs; stop racing them at 2yrs old; stop the claiming game; stop overworking them; stop the whipping; stop the slaughter; stop the overbreeding; take responsibility for aftercare; purge the cheaters and abusers and more…
          How long would racing last if even a few of those measures were mandated? And that does not include ending tax write offs for owners along with an end to the subsidies from racinos.

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